Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 2

Flight 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2008 on AMC

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  • The writers need to take a break from 1960s time period research and do some cultural fact checks.

    I'll get to the title in a sec.

    Pete gets a bad rap for being so greasy (personality-wise, not literally), but I've always kinda felt for the guy. He didn't get genuine, unconditional love from his father, and so he's never had a positive male figure after whom to model himself. So he turns to his coworkers and superiors, especially Don. At first I was confused as to why Pete, upon learning of his father's death, would go straight to Don. Why not Harry, Ken, or even Peggy? Then I realized that Don was his father figure. As little as Pete cared about ruining Don's life with his blackmail scheme, Pete saw Don as someone he wants to become. Therefore, when Pete's real father died, he naturally turned to Don.

    So now, for what made me laugh so hard about this episode. Don and the Mohawk guy were clearly in a Japanese restaurant. Why on Earth was the waitress wearing Chinese garb?? And why has no one else pointed this out?? Everyone praises the writers for such accuracy at portraying the 1960s. How about we learn the difference between what is Japanese and Chinese?
  • In this first eposide of the new season we see all the gang. Betty is riding, Peggy is back all thin and Peter thinks she went to a fat farm. Don is negatively rubbing shoulders at work. Joan is dating a doctor and expects he will pop the question soon.

    A very disappointing opening eposide. I was expecting this to continue from last season. This episdoe was so dry and uneventful. The whole first episode was like last year never happened. What about Don's infidelities and his false identity? What about Betty's allegations to the psychiatrist that Don is cheating on her? Peggy had Peter's baby, so what about that? Did she give the baby up for adoption? Is it with her family I will watch a few more episode but if I don't get some answers soon, I will not waste my time in watching this show. End
  • Strong characters dying inside

    This was a classic Mad Men episode - no big explosions but brilliant acting and great character development;

    1. Pete loses his father and realises that he is emotionally shallow as he does not know how to react;
    2. Duck's greed comes to the fore as he attempts to use Pete's grief as a pawn to win a client;
    3. Draper stands up for Mohawk but puts his job first and eventually fires them as a client- he does feel huge guilt over this decision as he truly believed that he would make Mohawk special.
    4. Peggy's torment over the loss of her child comes to the surface albeit briefly - as common in Catholic families, the child is being raised as a sibling of her nieces and nephews. Peggy has stopped going to Mass as she realises that having to abandon her child is "wrong". She eventually caves in and goes as the pressure from her family pushes the catholic guilt buttons.
    5. Joan's casual racism is shocking and is a stark reminder of what was acceptable only a few years ago.

    This show does not need violence or explosions or special effects as witnessing harrowing emotionally bereft characters is enough. Great episode of the best show on tv.
  • Pretty dull for a Mad Men episode.

    First off let me say I really like this show. They have done a tremendous job of what life in the 50's and 60's was like. This episode however had a pretty dull drug out feel to it. The only thing that was worth learning is that Peggy's baby is living with her sister and mother. Pete's father is killed in an american airlines crash which leads to the agency having a chance to gain them as a customer. I sense a conflict coming between Don and Duck but other than nothing happened. It could be called a filler episode if you want but it was pretty dull.
  • There is a difference in opinion on a business venture.

    "Mad Men" received 16 Emmy nominations, was the winner of Best Drama at the Golden Globes, yet I continue to be less than impressed. I'm going to catch heck for this, but the show just lacks action and excitement. I'm not expecting "24" level bombs and explosions, but we need more than we are currently getting.

    From an acting standpoint, the show fails amongst the better releases in the genre. To say Jon Hamm isn't a method actor would not be fair criticism. He simply blindly stares at the other actresses/actors in the room and read his lines straight from the script. His drole performance may impress critics, but I have a feeling many casual viewers will not be excited by it. Vincent Kartheiser was also disappointing in Mad Men's latest installment. The usually spot-on and realistic actor did not grab hold of the screen and give the emotional performance such a powerful storyline should warrant. I don't know why the insufferable Elisabeth Moss continues to get all this screen time either. I expect this review to get a plethora of disagreement votes, but this needed to be said. If you take an unbiased look at AMC's first original drama you'll see that the critical praise is far less than justified.
  • Snail paced character development is taxing to loyal viewers like me who see this as a departure from last season where the words slow and boring weren't in the vocabulary.

    Are we marking time here or what? No real excitement, tension, just extremely slow (i.e., boring) character development as far as I was able to discern.

    Here's what I got out of episode two, season two...Don is more conflicted than usual at work and home. We now see him displaying less bad behavior (no infidelities, etc...) though, perhaps, less in control. Though he argues against it, he clearly capitulates to his greedy bosses orders to drop a client to whom he had given his word to in order to land. When that client, in so much, calls him a liar we know Don's inner conflicts are almost certain to escalate. On the home front, he seems equally unhappy. Last week we were given a glimpse of the fact he suddenly lacked sexual prowess with his beautiful wife and this week he pulls away from enjoying bridge with the couple's closest neighbors. Before this change he was the master of his domain: able to have it both ways, sexually speaking: his mistresses and his wife. It was power over values...Now, it's seemingly reversed.

    The problem with this, as well as season two opener is lack of anything exciting ever happening. Tension is also low when Joan's racist rant to Peter being about the most shocking thing that happened so far. I will hang in there because the first season demands this one must get better. The sets, hairstyles, and clothes are still quite visually interesting as they are "spot-on". It's going to get better...Isn't it?
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