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Favorite non-Don Draper season 5 character arc (spoilers)

Favorite Character Arc in Season 5?

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    I didn't put Lane on the list, because we won't be able to debate what's next...

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    Also enjoyed the progression of Sally Draper becoming a woman.

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    well from this list I picked Joan. Even though she wasnt really prominent throughout this season I think that her story was really interesting. I think the best thing that happened to her this season was her breaking up with Greg. He was such a horrible person and i think its great that she was able to leave him (but it wasnt really on her terms, which she didnt like). And also she ended up as one of the partners, something that i think she has deserved for the longest time, so thats good (although how she got it wasnt the best). I also found that my favorite episodes this season were the one that focused on Joan (the Christmas Waltz and The Other Woman)

    also Peggys story arc was good. kind of didnt like that fact that she wasnt really featured this season, but i guess its partly b/c she was being ignored at SCDP

    um Petes story was interesting... Im not totally sure what to think of it. I think I feel more for Beth than him, what ended up happening to her was horrible. I think my fav Pete scene this season was the one where Lane beats him up tho.

    With Megan I found that I really liked her character at the start of this season but as the season progressed i started to not like her more and more. I think it was because she became more whiney when she was trying to become an actor. I have a feeling her career wont last long
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    Megan and Roger's stories were pretty boring. I don't like the idea or Roger going to another woman right after divorcing Jane. Is Roger going to get divorce every two seasons? Megan is pretty boring.

    I'm glad Peggy and Joan are finally moving up and going somewhere. I remember Joan was promoted last season with no pay raise and Peggy has been Don's go-to person, but he doesn't treat her with any respect. Greg treat Joan the same way.

    I like that Pete has more airtime, but I hate where they took him with Beth. He should move up in SCDP. Signal 30 was my favorite episode of the series.

    I bet Ginsberg will be promoted to a series regular in season six. I wish they would have killed Harry Crane. He's the most odious character is the series.
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    Roger's LSD trips were a lot of fun. Keep in mind that both Bert and he were battling obsolescence for much of season five.
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