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Mad Men to end after Season 6?

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    [1]Apr 19, 2010
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    Matt Weiner is reported as saying that the show, or more specifically, he, would not go for longer than 6 seasons.

    The statement can be found here

    A response can be found here

    What do you think?

    Personally, I don't believe that Mad Men has shown any signs of wearing out its welcome. I believe it should/could most certainly continue for another 3 seasons. However, in my experience, the cracks in most long-running shows start to appear around the season 4/5 mark. So I guess time will tell if Mad Men goes past season 6.

    Also, I hope that AMC doesn't decide to continue Mad Men without Weiner in control. I remember that it took them a while to hammer out a contract for him to come back for season 3 (or was it season 2?) and I was holding my breath through that.

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    [2]Apr 19, 2010
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    Three more years sounds about right to me. That would take them to 1966. I'd be happy with that.

    In few more years we'd have "That 70s show". The thing I like about this show is the faithfulness of the props and life portrayed of this era. Things took a radical change after this year. The Vietnam war took a televised turn to the real ugly. Drug use became widely popularized. Star Trek premiered. The culture is on the cusp of a major change and it's 3 years away from Woodstock and the Kent State shootings. (Yes, the civil rights movement was a major upheaval in itself. It just wasn't taken seriously by whites till a lot later.)

    This show seems to me to be about life in this insulated era. Not about the massive upheaval that happens just a bit later. Plus, I think the era covered after 1966 has been done before (over and over). 1960 to 1966 hasn't. It's one of the things that make this show terribly interesting.

    Also, I think the cracks have shown up in season 3. I have them all on DVD and the first two seasons are still something I can watch repeatedly. I can't place my finger on it, but season 3 doesn't have quite that quality. With the exception of the last episode....

    (Ahem! Yes, I love Star Trek TOS...)

    Mr BO.

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    It's a good thing for any show to set an end date. It gives the writers/creators the chance to develop a story that can have a meaningful conclusion, and not just go on and on without an end (or point) in sight. Actually, if compared to book writing, for example, a mark of a good writer is first of all, if he/she can start writing, and secondly, if he/she can finish the book. But in order to have a satisfactory ending to a book (or series) you have to set boundaries, you have to know where your characters will end up in the end, and of course why they will end up there.

    Setting boundaries in the beginning allows the creator to develop the story as well as characters meaningfully.

    The previous poster was also right. 1960-1966 is a period not often (or not at all) portrayed in TV/film.

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    I just read it'll end after season 7.

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    I read somewhere, ages ago, that it was signed for 8 seasons, with season 8 being set in "today'stime" with everyone "all grown up" so to speak. I can't recall where I read that though.

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    [6]Jan 23, 2013
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    i didint hear that it would go for eight seasons just 7. with it ending when the 70s start
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    [7]Jan 30, 2013
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    They say there will be a 13 episode 6th season and then a 13 episode 7th season and that's it.

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    [8]Aug 19, 2013
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    Now that they seem to be skipping years, I predict the next season (or one after) will take place in 1972 or 3. I know they're just salivating to get in the Watergate hearings and Nixon's resignation as a backdrop to the show. Still a great show, I'm disappointed the way politics is working its way into it. In 1968 (season 6) at least 3/4 of Americans were still in favor of the war but in the show, almost everyone is against it. The few characters who prefer Nixon are reviled even though he won the '68 election handily. Finally, a whole episode is devoted to the MLK assassination but only 3 minutes to to RFK one. Finally, for a show so dripping in history, it's funny how Chappaquiddick never gets mentioned at all. Did the Kennedy family see to that or did the writers ignore it on their own?
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