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Not one likable character?

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    Who here doesn't like the show?
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    Thanks for your comments BMSARTRE. I think you've gotten to the heart of Don's persona. I find him to be the most interesting character by far. Peeling off the layers of his personality keeps me hooked. Whatever happened to the character of Rachel, the Jewish businesswoman he falls for in season 1? I especially didn't like him when he was ready to leave his wife and kids for her. She really saw into him at the end though. I found her to be one of the more redeeming characters on the show. It's true that there aren't many redeeming qualities to most of the characters, but that doesn't affect the excellence of the show. It's interesting from a psychological viewpoint. All the characters have dual personalities--their inner and outer selves. They're more tragic than despicable. Betty Draper is very interesting in that she's supposed to be a perfect wife and mother but isn't. She longs for more and is usually impatient with her children. It was especially cruel of Don to take away her chance to work as a spokesmodel on tv. But Don's insecurities prevent him from treating Betty as an equal; he wants to keep her in a childlike role, which prevents her from truly being satisfied. The scenes with Betty going to psychoanalysis were hard to watch, knowing that her husband was paying for the sessions and that the psychiatrist was reporting back to him--truly a 'man's world.' I think it's harder to watch this program if you're female as it's tough watching the cruelty and sexism in the office and in the home. Peggy is someone to root for, yet it will be tough for her to truly be an individual in the male environment. She is hard to like though because she seemingly ignores her child, allowing her sister to raise him. Joan is Peggy's counterpart, she's the office sexpot yet is respected by the women as she's helpful to them. She has brains, as was demonstrated by her helping Harry with his tv writing. Of course, being in a sexist workplace and era prevents her from moving from a sex object to a fully realized human being--she can't be both beautiful and brainy. Roger realized she was smart but mostly wanted her for her body. She would have been a good match for him instead of the insipid secretary he left his wife for. Roger chose a very young 20ish woman instead of Joan--he's a very flawed character. This show is full of flawed characters, some more interesting than others, but it's never boring and usually provides insights into people's personalities.
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    Let the fun begin!! Tonight 10pm est.
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