Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 6

Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 20, 2009 on AMC

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  • lots of amibition foiled in this episode. A new british star of PPL visits, Sally has troubles adjusting to the new baby, Joan's last day isn't what she thought. A lawnmower has a big part lol.

    This episode is kinda larky and reminds us of the first season with the partying and secretary's on the guys laps and boozing. There was dark comedy in how the brit was dispatched. The episode starts with PPL announcing that big wigs will be visiting. It turns out one of the Brits is being groomed for greatness and was to be giving a prime position in Sterling Cooper. He is a young hotshot and gives out lots of generic compliments that he only has to change the gender when speaking.

    It looks like the Americans are second banana in their own agency as poor Roger was ignored in their restructuring and even Don got a comeuppance as he thought he would be promoted and the Brits really only wanted him to train the new guy. They are cogs in a big company and no one seems to like it.

    Even Pryce seems to be just a cog too, as this episode highlights he isn't a bad guy, he is just doing what they wanted of him. His is unliked because his job is thankless and because he is a stranger in the office. His bosses attempt to assign him to Bombay saying its a promotion, but it is hard to see how India is a promotion is advertising. New York is Mecca in the ad world.

    Joan's ambitions look to be ruined as her doctor husband will not be a well to do surgeon. She tries to be supportive, but I think that marriage is on the rocks. She is too prideful to admit this at the office, and goes along with leaving and the party, although she looks like she is about to break down.

    Before she leaves, the show again highlights her competence, even with a guy who lost a foot. She is very good at her job and she was the queen bee there. How she will get by being a housewife is a big question, as her husband turned out to be a frog instead of a prince.

    The way the resolved these crises was a bit of a cheat and a dues ex michina with the lawnmower, but it was funny and jarring. The show needed a change of pace and this episode filled the bill.
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