Mad Men

Season 4 Episode 10

Hands and Knees

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 26, 2010 on AMC

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  • Busted!!

    We've seen the many faces of Don Draper all these 4 years, but I guess this is the first time we've seen a full blown out face showing fear. There was nothing positive in this episode for the folks at SCDP. Lucky Strike finally decides to close their business with SCDP, and Roger goes berserk. Pete brings in a new 4 million North American Aviation account only to have it thrown in the trash in an attempt to cover Don's past. Joan gets knocked up by Roger and travels to some place to get her abortion. We also get to see a glimpse of Lane's past with his abusive father who seems to control Lane's decisions.

    I really don't get what Matt Weiner wanted to convey using the last scene. Okay, Don is a cheating and manipulative liar who sleeps with every attractive woman in Madison Avenue. We get it. But please put an end to his conquests, it getting a little too overused. We see Don as a deeply troubled human being, not a child who seems to want every toy he lays his eyes on.

    Well, no Peggy, no supporting cast. Pretty good episode otherwise.
  • Changing Lanes: A Don Draper Complication

    After going deeper into a meeting with American Airlines, whom Pete has wined and dined and have a significant government contract with the Department of Defense, Betty gets interviewed by G Men asking questions about Don's loyalties or if he is who he says he is and of his political affiliations. Things crumble in Don's mind as he gets gradually more paranoid and it is excellently lived by Jon Hamm who brings the "they're out to get me" side of Don Draper to the fore front after living the name of Don Draper's shoes for so many years. Roger gets bad news from Lee Gardner Jr. about the loyalty of Lucky Strike's board of directors and Joan gets a procedure done after receiving alarming news that involved Roger. Good episode, great way to explore our favorite characters in a midseason way.
  • 410

    Yeah, Pete actually getting something meaningful on this show? No way. Mad Men continues to misuse Vincent Kartheiser, but at least we saw him juggle confrontations with both Don and Roger tonight and actually do something of relevance here.

    The show was a little more fast-paced tonight, but I do not like how it cuts away from one scene to the next with a joke recently, it almost feels like a drama on The CW with the way it does that.

    Mad Men has had some season long arcs, but they randomly bring up Don's past here tonight out of the blue? Seemed weird.
  • Bunny Deja-Vu

    On this episode I regonized that actress who was playing a Playboy Bunny. That's Naturi Naughton,the girl who played Lil Kim on the Biggie Smalls biopic 'Notorious' (hated it),and played Bow Wow's girlfriend in 'Lottery Ticket'(liked it). To let you know this wasn't the first time she played a bunny. On the NBC series "The Playboy Club" she played what else.......A Playboy Bunny! NBC had to shut down the 'Club' after a couple of episodes, but I've seen her face on the show. Talk about Deja-Vu. And Lane getting his ass kicked by his father for dealing with a black girl,fair enough.