Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 11

Indian Summer

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2007 on AMC

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  • Women can feel good too

    An episode that actually shows a woman receiving pleasure rather than give it, Peggy gets to try a new "weight loss device", actually comes up with some clever ideas, even if the boys laugh and chuckle and make sexist remarks. Well this is the 60's. Oh yes, Peggy looks like she might be getting pregnant. I really wasn't expecting that.

    On other notes...Meanwhile Don will become a partner. Betty is happy for him but he becomes even more distant with her. DOn's brother has committed suicide, has sent a package to Don just prior and Campbell intercepts it. I get the feeling Campbell will use the items inside as some sort of blackmail, stay tuned.

    Good show...
  • I'm just so, so glad that this show is returning on July 17th. I just couldn't have been able to stand to wait such a long time before the MM genius continues.

    As always, this episode of Mad Men offers us a whole array of things: very rich storylines, witty dialogue, much mystery and some scenes involving great "quirks" of the sixties. This time the latter concerned the "invention" of the vibrator... I loved it that Peggy first had to test-drive a women's weight loss belt to then discover that it had a wholly different effect. The conversations between her and the staff thereafter were hilarious. On a side note: Peggy really looks pregnant, but we haven't even seen her throw up yet. If she IS, she probably isn't all that aware of it. Creepy! It's funny that Betty's shrink and even Don himself are mistaking horniness for weakness (or hysteria). Geez, she just wants some, can't they see? Don's past continues to intrigue, it has become a really substantial part of the show. This time his half-brother Adam sends him a package and hangs himself. And Pete is the one who picks up the item from Don's desk and takes it with him...