Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 2

Love Among the Ruins

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 23, 2009 on AMC

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  • difficult episode to review. Peggy confronts lonliness and the norms at the time. Betty's father visits. Roger plans a wedding. The British are not adjusting well.

    Unlike last weeks episode, the theme of dislocation is hard to see and I had to watch it twice to see it. All three stories deal with being an outsider.

    Roger is a social pariah after leaving his wife for the young secretary (who is now only referred to off camera) Joan wont speak to him and his daughter tells him not to nvite her to the wedding. Although almost all the men on this show cheat, he broke a big social norm by not only mixing business and pleasure at the office, but divorced his wife as well. This episode highlighted the price he paid.

    The British dislocation is cultural and corporate. Pryce, the new boss, frets over landing Madison Square Garden, and even sends Don to get the account after Pete's team blows it. However, Don gets his legs cut out when London suddenly changes their mind. Don is incensed and asks "why did you buy us" to which the Brit can onlu reply "I don't know". This seems genuine as he is wondering the same thing himself. He has dinner with his wife and don and Betty and his wife is clearly unhappy with the move and the conversation at the table is stiff and awkward.

    Peggy gets the main story as her dislocation is more personal. She is an odd duck in this world as she puts her career first and does not understand what men want (or does but doesn't like it) She complains about a pepsi idea for an ad featuring Ann Margaret singing "bye bye birdie" she thinks its stupid and does not understand why men like it as Margaret is childish and virginal in the song. She brings it up to Don and she is dissapointed as even he likes the idea (he usually agrees with her) She also sees Joan easily flirt with three customers and you can see Peggy's repressed jealousy in the scene.

    It culminates in her going to a bar (rare for her) and picks up a guy for a one night stand (even rarer) Her characer reminds me of Chopin's "the awakening" she is clearly ahead of her time in her sensibilities for the 60's and doesn't like the societal norms for hw a woman needs to behave to attract a man.

    The themes are more undertsated in this episode and is one where people may not get it. I liked it but it also seems to be setting up future storylines.