Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 31, 2008 on AMC

Episode Recap

What an interesting episode. Don's continues to reveal his layers...standing for acknowledgment during a Memorial Day honorariam at a stuffy country club (anybody notice the cruciform shape behind his head? Nice touch!) tying Mrs. Obnoxious Comedian's wife up. Two mirrors, indeed.

Cute opener, with the various women donning their various undergarments. I love reading ad books and have seen the actual old Maidenform ads ("I dreamed I was a cowgirl in my Maidenform bra...")

Poor Duck did NOT have a good episode. Imagine being told by your kids that your soon-to-be ex is tying the knot. Ouch.

In keeping with the duality message of this episode, we see how Joan and Peggy continue to survive in No Woman's Land, albeit each in their own way. Loved when Peggy got all dolled up and went to the Tom Tom Club! Attagirl, Peg!