Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 3

Marriage of Figaro

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 02, 2007 on AMC

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  • Don's daughter has a birthday party and Pete returns from his honeymoon

    Another slow episode of Mad Men here, but yet another example of how well Matthew Weiner and crew are at taking these characters and making them completely interesting. We're just three episodes in, but the focus on character over plot is making it possible for us to care about these characters even if it's not moving at the same pace as we're used to.

    In this episode, there were quite a few things going on with multiple characters that helped define them a little bit more. Don Draper continues to be an interesting and mysterious person, and this episode just adds layer upon layer onto that claim. The first scene where a former Army man approaches him and refers to him under a different name was strange and it should be interesting to see if that comes back up again. We also see Don deal with inferior workers in his department and forming more of a connection to Rachel Melkin (I may have gotten the spelling wrong). Draper also seems to be a man who cares little for his family.. in fact, that makes it a little difficult to figure out exactly what he cares for. The scene at the end where he sits near the traintracks instead of returning to his daughter's birthday party was subtle but strange at the same time. What is Don's problem? What kind of a person is he?

    Hopefully we'll learn these things over time. It appears that besides Don and his wife, the rest of the focus is on Peggy Olsen and Pete Campbell. Peggy is a strange woman as well, hard to figure out, and I think that might be what makes her so much different than the rest of the women there. It should be good to see how we're shown more about her and Campbell as well.
  • The Lady and the Tiger

    This episode was a little slow, but we did see a little character development regarding Don. A little I said. We find out Don has seemingly no feelings. He's there drinking a bit too much, wanting a piece of the Jewish department store owner, practically ignoring his wife, leaving his birthday kid cakeless. It's how we see a lot of today's dramas, how self centered many characters can be.

    Meanwhile Pete, the young account executive returns from his honeymoon and he suddenly (hopefully not temporarily) finds he's enjoying married life and is perhaps on the road to a straighter life. He apologizes to Peggy for the one night of lust. Perhpas this is damage control too. We'll see.

    The Tiger I refer to can be looked at two ways. The department store exec, although she is more vulnerable than we're initially led to believe. The other tiger is the divorcee that just moved in up the street from Don and his wife. Right now she's the suspected tiger.
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