Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 13

Meditations in an Emergency

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on AMC

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  • season finale set against the cuban missle crisis. The series is excelent in showing the times and how it impacted the characters as major decisions were made.

    I was very pleasantly suprised by this episode. It cleverly used the cuban missle crisis as a catalyst for the characters decisions.

    First, Betty got even by picking up a guy in a bar. Loved the fact they didn't even leave the bar. The bartender was appalled! loved that as he thought she was classy. After that, it seems Betty has decided to take Don back (it was implied rather than stated) The missle crisis rearranged priorities and both Don and Betty made big decisions. Don rediscovered his love for Betty and I believe Betty's decision was more practical as she discovered she is pregnant again. January Jones was great as she plays icy wonderfully. Her lack of enthusiasm for the preganancy was poignant. She did consider abortion, but it looks like she decided against it and took Don back instead.

    I was also surprised by Peggy revealing the preganancy to Pete. I didn't think she would do that, but the writiers again used the missle crisis emergency to allow the characters to be unusually honest. Pete also stated he loved peggy, and it looks like there will be interesting developments next season not that he did that and also has to process the fact he is a father.

    Don also threatened to quit when it was announced Duck was taking over. It looks like the Brits don't have a great opinion of Duck. Loved the Brit dismissively saying about Duck, "he could ever hold his liquor". They were clearly taken aback by Don threatening to quit.

    All in all, a very good episode and I am looking forward to next season.
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