Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 3

My Old Kentucky Home

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2009 on AMC

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  • a let your hair down, how the characters react socially episode. Both Joan and Roger hosts parties, where class is highlighted. The cracks in Don's marriage come through at a party. Peggy and the creatives get high.

    I almost gave this a worse number review than 5.5 but they seem to be setting something up ith Peggy, so I did not want to break the streak of non-positive reviews, although this one made it just barely.

    This episode was a surprising one as it showed the mad men work force "off hours" even if technically at work. Roger hosts a party where the main office workers feel compelled to come, where he is showing off the new wife. Joan hosts a party for her husband doctor friends, obviously much less down the food chain from Roger's. Peggy and the creative team have to work, and spend the day instead smoking Did the dealer look like Tom Cruise's kid or was I dreaming.

    The things I didn't like was the talent portions of the show. its great that one of the creative team can sing, Pete and his wife does a mean charleston and Joan plays the accordion (?!) Its amost a throwback to the 70's TV with Laverne and Shirley..Look what the cast can do! I still remember an episode where Carmine danced because..well I don't know other than them shouting look how talented he is!

    Also, the Don's daughter stealing from gramps is lost on me. How this advanced the story is a mystery. She reads to him the decline and fall of the roman empire..the significance of this too is beyond me.

    Don and Roger used to be friends, and their friendship is strained with his new wife where the truth about what Don thought surfaces. Betty gets hit on while pregnant (eww!) Seems to like it. The episode finally sort of addresses last year, as we can see obvious window dressing to their marriage, as Roger's wife knows of their problems and blurts it out while drunk. You can see they are trying, but the love they once had is strained. We get some more background on Don's life with a party goer from a wedding at the place where they both swap stories about lower class guys that made good.

    Peggy seems to be on a private revolt as she gets high with the guys, but shoots down their advances. She seems to be the repressed type that may get really into the 60's when they hit. This ties into last episode where she seems to want to push her boundaries.

    The product is Barcardi's rum, and the episode seems to tie into the drugs and alcohol flowing in the episode. Class is also highlighted as Roger's wife is clearly ahead of Joan on the rich scale, and Joan catches a glimpse of what she could have had if she was as mercenary as the young wife of Roger. The young wife is living the life she felt she could have had as Roger obviously wanted her, but shot him down. The meager party Joan has is clearly meant to contrast with the glamor Roger throws with his wife.