Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 3

My Old Kentucky Home

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2009 on AMC

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  • Painfully slow episode..

    I guess Mr. Weiner clearly had something on his mind before creating this 45 minute drama. For one, we know for sure it didn't connect to past, and nor did it look like building a groundwork for future installments. Probably, he wanted us to put our thinking hats and draw our own analysis of the plot and characters. We had 4 distinct plots here. One, the creatives - Peggy, Kinsey, and Smitty are stuck in office trying to come up with a pitch for Bacardi rum. Kinsey brings his drug dealer friend from Princeton into his office to buy some pot for inspiration. The two sans Peggy get high, and in comes Peggy after a while from her drunken sleep. What might be the most powerful line in Peggy Olson's career is uttered here- which goes like- "I am Peggy Olson, and I wanna smoke some marijuana". Though the time line is clearly well before the hippie culture that struck America in the 70's, I suppose the writers couldn't wait any longer to link drugs and creative thought. Story#2, Joan Holloway hosts a party for her husband's friends. Over a few conversations between the group, we realize her perfect surgeon husband and her perfectly happy marriage may not be perfect after all.

    Story#3 deal with Roger's wedding party, where a rich and powerful man hits on a pregnant Betty. And she is attracted to him. A drunk Jane blurts out to Betty and admits knowledge of her strained marriage to Don. In the meanwhile, she starts to grope Don in her stupor and Roger witnesses it all. I am not sure if Roger suspects anything, but he sure is affected when Don remarks he should be foolish to marry Jane. This story in many ways reflects Roger's vanity when it comes to women, and probably the fact that he realizes it finally.

    Story#4 is probably the integration of existential theory and television drama. Sally Draper steals 5 dollars from Grandpa Gene, and goes through the trials and tribulations of holding on to her loot, while at the same time witnessing Gene going crazy over the lost money. The story was simple, devoid of any drama and it exactly reflects the way life is. It also in many ways goes on to show Gene may still be in his senses despite his old age and his son's mistreatment.

    Fine episode, if you are ready to read between the lines. I can turn to literature for intellectual stimulation, not a primetime TV show. So this one will figure out as one of my least favorites.
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