Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 3

My Old Kentucky Home

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2009 on AMC

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  • Quit yer hating... This episode owns!

    Too many users here are complaining that this episode didn't advance enough plot points or that not enough took place at the agency. To complain about these things is to entirely miss the point of this episode. At this point in the series any real fan should be very familiar with all the important characters. This episode just lets them exist within the context of the show and puts them in unique situations a bit outside of our comfort zone with them. While much of what happens will not impact the series down the road it is one of the most enjoyable episodes. I found myself laughing with (and at) creative getting high in their office, sympathizing with both Don and Sterling during their tiff, and wishing I was out there on the dance floor with Trudy and Peter. The moments between the moments are just as important here and everything is paced with much tact. I will agree that the episode isn't plot oriented, but deeming it irrelevant because of this is foolish. Too often producers have the notion that the only way to maintain an audience's interest is to constantly increase suspense. This is rarely the case and often ruins shows. Viewers should be grateful that the writers for Mad Men are confident enough in their characters to make an episode so shamelessly about just that.
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