Mad Men

Season 4 Episode 1

Public Relations

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 25, 2010 on AMC

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  • Don Draper feels the heat as an interview puts the new form in a bad light. Peggy and Peter pull a stunt that tunrs ugly while Betty starts her new life with Henry.

    I haven't written a review on this site for ages feeling that it would take a real great piece of TV to get me to start talking about all this again. No surprise then that it was Mad Men that got me writing again.

    I have always been a fan of this show but it never really lived up to the praise until the back end of last season that culminated into the end of Sterling Cooper and the creation of Sterling Cooper Draper Price. Thankfully I can report that this premiere of season 4 lives up to the impressive and open foundations laid at the end of season 3. This week Don sits down for an interview and it acts as an advertisement for Don's scrapping new firm. But things don't go to plan as Don is as illusive as ever with the interview and it puts the company in a bad place leading to Hi-Li jumping ship just as it was beginning to bear some unimaginable fruit. Don is now torn between what he was last year as a pure creative to now where he is also the driving force of the new business.

    Meanwhile, Peggy and Peter create a stunt involving two women fighting over a thanks giving ham as a way to get a compnay to bump up its advertising budget. Things go to plan before the two actors engaged in the fight get heated with one another and one files assault charges on the other. When Don gets wind of it he is not happy.

    In other news, Betty is having the good life with Henry as his family not at all won over by Betty as they question her as a mother as well as a person. Henry ignores his family but thats just half the trouble. Don is upset when he cant see his baby boy and he continues to pay for the house even though he doesn't live there and Betty agreed to move out months ago but has not made any plans to leave.

    This opening ep was smart, funny and very slick. There are many plotlines opening up that I can't wait to explore further. Mad Men is back and is better than ever before. Never has a show 4 seasons in seem so fresh.