Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 7

Red in the Face

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 30, 2007 on AMC

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  • Roger hits on Don's wife, and it's used as an excuse to remind us once again that it's 1960. Pete is ridiculed for returning a wedding gift and Helen whines about her future serial killer son.

    This episode is the second in the first season to burn itself playing with its genre. Roger hitting on Don's wife goes nowhere, for the entire episode, and just manages to make Don look like idiot and an a-hole. And frankly, this ain't The Simpsons, so it doesn't fly.

    What was worse was that this whole bit was the show's A plot. So most of the episode was just slow nonsense. Pete looked a little more interesting this episode, although the scene at the department store was as poorly written as anything I've ever seen on TV. Just sloppy, unthought-out, and really trying too hard. I like how we are made to feel Pete's pain about his wife; in this era of pure maleness and domesticated women, his girl's a bigger spoiled snob than most men would want even today.

    And poor Betty got tossed around the whole episode. First she's abused for being friendly to a dinner guest, because that's the action of a whore (WE'RE IN 1960 PEOPLE! GET IT! And we'll sacrifice good plotting and realistic character actions just to get this point across!). Then Helen yells at her for giving her creepy son a lock of hair. Which apparently is just insane behavior (BECAUSE IT'S 1960!), and like most TV conversations this one between Helen and Betty at the supermarket is handled in 1/10th the time necessary for it to actually be discussed on an intelligent level for the characters involved. Really, just uninspired, tired writing on half of the scenes here.

    Good wideshot vomit effects there at the end though. Don't see that enough on TV. Don's circuituous plan to make Roger vomit is not unrealistic in it's ingenuity or execution, but in real life how would you know the guy's gonna get sick from eating too much and then walking up stairs.

    Anyways to sum up, not a good episode, the writer should feel shame.
  • Roger puts himself in an uncomfortable situation when he goes to dinner at Don's. Pete offers Peggy to have a look at her work...

    And Don walks away smiling...

    That last scene was really great. I kinda felt bad for Roger even though I hated him for what he did to Betty.
    I was quite shocked that Don didn't punch Roger or something when he caught him and Betty or when he made his "At some point, we've all parked in the wrong garage" speech. But I guess that last scene was a sweet enough revenge. Well played, Don.
    I couldn't believe either Don's reaction towards Betty. She was just being polite if you ask me...

    I'm pretty sure Pete is gonna be a jerk about Peggy's work. But I'm not sure if he's gonna tell her it's crap or if he's gonna try to steal her work. Pete's hunting speech was a little weird. I don't think I fully understand what happened there.

    I don't think I understand either where they're going with the whole Helen/Betty thing but I say that every week.

    Was I the only who thought that Pete was going to shoot his wife? He seemed tempted. It was quite funny to see him bring a shotgun to work. It would create panic nowadays.

    Another great and well-written episode, once again proving that those characters have a lot to offer.
  • Martini is king.

    As my marathon continues, we see Roger invite himself to Don's and flirt heavily with Don's wife. Don figures it out and gets his revenge later. Roger really is a cad, but this show is chock full of them but it's indicitive of the office culture of the day.

    Meanwhile Peggy has done her copy work and Campbell offers to check it over. I think he wants to steal some of it and claim it as his own.

    Additionally, Campbell is trying to wear the pants in his family but makes bad choices and gets dressed down by his new bride. Dysfunction everywhere.