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  • It's a classic

    Couldn't recommend this show more, one of AMC's greatest dramas.
  • Its a good show!

    I asked my friend that is a girl if she was upset with Don Draper for cheating so much, because I was.

    She said that she relates to Don more then any character and that he needed to. I loved it. Watched every episode. I for sure recommend it!
  • Ivanski

    why doesn't someone teach BettyDraper to act. Her timing was consistently off, as if she were having to look up to the Teleprompter before she delivered her fake lines she's a terrible actress
  • The best show ever

    Everything about this show was great. The only slight negative was Weiner insisting on inserting his creepy son in the show yet again. Up until the end, I thought we were being set up for a Don Draper suicide - remember he wrote his ex a $1M check, sold his apt, walked out on his job, gave away his beloved Cadillac, and let himself go. Psych! I like that Pete and Trudie got back together and that Peggy found something more important in life than - love. They kept the feminist agenda alive by having Joan reject a marriage to a handsome multimillionaire so she can keep her precious independence.

    I don't think this is the end. Like 24 Live Another Day, I bet we see a followup Mad Men season in a few years taking place in 1980.
  • Don's marriage ruined the show

    Mad Men was great for 4 seasons, then he in-explicably marries his secretary on a never related, he treated her like garbage, now matter how much she tried to please him, Instead of being Don at work at Don with the women, he went crazy, took it all out on his wife (15 years his junior), didnt want her to have a career,. So seasons 5,6 were a waste. Finally they split just in time for a better season 7. It could have been really interesting if Don stayed involved with the smart, cute PhD pyschologist.
  • Bert was great summing up what can only be described as the morality play of Mad Men

    As a 56 year old man who grew up with "How to Succeed in Business without really Trying" The song and dance number showed off the utterly charming gleam in Robert Morse eyes, totally evoking his irascible J Pierpont Finch character. And it was a a keystone moment in what is now the morality tale of "Mad Men",. the best things in life are free, Don, mentoring Peggy, the loyalty of Cooper, the friendship of Sterling and Don, the sense of the meaning of work that Don has learned, great great ending !!!!
  • More ad campaigns ... please

    As As a a soap opera, "Mad Men" has been fine, superb in parts. When Episode 6 devoted considerable time to strategizing an actual ad campaign -- which was common in seasons 1-5 -- it was brilliant. Let's hope for at least a little more attention to the ad business, as a way of shedding light on the characters and their times. And for a complete guide to Sterling Cooper's ad strategies in seasons 1-6, check out "Mad Men's Guide to Persuasion" . Also see this post on Don and Peggy's work on the Burger Chef campaign 1kjCuc9).
  • I'm about to take the plunge and watch the whole thing from e1s1.

    Love the concept, love the actors, love Joan's backside! Now its coming to an end and I can watch the whole thing in one go I'm one re-watch of breaking bad away from watching this in it entirety. It can be a slow burner and the 5 star rating is simply because I have yet to watch all episodes so that will change.
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  • An instant Classic

    i decided to check out this series after the hoopla and hype it received by critics and couldnt connect with it due to the slow pacing of the show but i was glad i stick to it . its one of the best dramas out there with elegant production details capturing the 50's superbly with the costumes, behaviors and complete setting. The acting is top notch from the main characters with superb conflict on family drama not witnessed since The Sopranos. A must watch for all in need of quality .
  • With relevant morals and ideas, fascinating characters and superb writing, "Mad Men" easily takes its place among the finest shows on television

    I have to admit that I have a harder and harder time finding anything good on television nowadays. I feel that either the quality of the shows are slowly diminishing and/or the shows that I do watch keep getting more and more repetitive as I keep on watching them. Because of this, I keep getting more underwhelmed by this form of entertainment and get sick of watching television more and more.

    I bring this up since it's refreshing to know that there are programs out there that don't exist simply to repeat itself for the sake of its audience, but exist for the sake of bringing something new to the table. I like it when the purpose of a program is to explore the lives of the characters that they follow and the dilemmas that these characters undergo. This is what makes a great television series, and AMC's original drama series Mad Men is certainly a great television series. Not only does it put everything else on television to shame, but it's also probably my favorite television show on right now.

    The show is set in the 1960's and follows one of New York's most valuable advertising agencies, Sterling Cooper. While it mainly follows the shady yet talented advertising executive Don Draper (Jon Hamm), it also looks at the people in his life both in the office and at home. Among the characters we follow are Don's secretary Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) whose creative ambitions eventually make her a copywriter, young and spoiled account executive Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) who accidentally learns about Don's troubled past, Don's seemingly perfect wife Betty (January Jones), head of the secretaries Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks), and one of the agency's two senior partners Roger Sterling (John Slattery) who formerly mentored Don.

    One of the major reasons why I love Mad Men as much as I do is because of the characters. These characters are not only well developed by the screenwriters and well acted by the performers who bring them to life, these characters also feel like people that exist in real life and I am able to identify with whatever situations that they are going through. I find the character of Peggy to be particularly strong and well thought out. I love how the writers made Peggy a woman who wasn't interested in impressing her drooling male co-workers like her other female co-workers might, but instead just wants to make a name for herself in her profession. Because of the fact that she's also a very likable character, I was able to really hope for the best with Peggy.

    I also enjoyed the character of Roger Sterling since he steals every scene he is in. I liked how sharp and straight to the point he was, and I loved how calm he always seemed to be regardless of the stress he is faced with. It's as if he was subliminally not giving a crap about anything and that having a drink is part of the solution. Though he's not in most of the episodes, I enjoyed the character of Bert Cooper (Robert Morse) as well since I liked how he insists on having his employees take off their shoes whenever they're in his office and also how he walks around the agency only with his socks. Basically, I get great enjoyment off of the character's eccentricity.

    Furthermore, even though the characters of Don and Pete as well as most of the men at Sterling Cooper commit some despicable actions, the writers were wise in not making them antagonistic. While we may not look up to them in season 1, they eventually start to show glimpses of their inner good come season 2. I am absolutely thrilled whenever television shows like this play with the audience's expectations in that way since it makes the characters more three-dimensional and more real. After all, there are people out there in real life that we meet who we don't care for at first but we eventually start to respect as we get older.

    Now, let's talk about the eye candy also known as January Jones and Christina Hendricks. Along with playing smart and likable characters, Jones and Hendricks look absolutely amazing in this show. Whenever one of them is on screen, my eyes are automatically drawn to them they look that spectacular. When one of the characters said that Betty (Jones) looks very much like Grace Kelly, I said to myself, "No truer words were spoken". With their naturally pretty faces, their great physique, and their colorful dresses, I take great pleasure in seeing them every time they're on screen at any time.

    What also makes Mad Men such a special television show is that we can make our own interpretations of what the show is about and we wouldn't really be far off. For instance, I believe that the show demonstrates the importance of two simple main ideas. One is temptations becoming addictions and another is the evolution of women's roles in society. When I say temptations becoming addictions, I'm talking about people doing things they shouldn't be doing but having trouble resisting and doing it often as a result. Good examples include Don sleeping with countless other women behind his wife's back and the countless amount of smoking and drinking everyone does in this show. With the evolution of women's roles, Peggy's story serves as the ultimate example of that for obvious reasons in that she is more interested in her work that her love life.

    In my opinion, Mad Men does everything right with its acting, writing, and directing, and continues to be my favorite show on television.
  • one of the best shows of the 2010's

    i'm getting addicted to this show

    eveerything is simply perfect: the cast, the story, the acting

    historical details are terrific

    my only regret is how some characters disappear while they had a significant role during several episodes...

    and also... 13 episodes per season only :(

    why not 22-24 like other shows ????
  • Too early to unplug

    The show is top class entertainment with great ingredients: writing, directing, acting, music, fashion, history, you name it.

    I love how every season brings me equal anticipation. I fear skipping a minute because I know I will miss a great line or some little detail about some fictitious character that for some strange reason is of great importance to me. It takes a great deal of genius to stretch fiction this far within one's own immigration. This is suddenly the time and place you badly long for although you are not from the Mad Men generation neither you lived in New York City.

    I enjoyed seeing how the characters grew in their roles, some to the most unexpected demeanours. I make a special mention of how a new Pete Campbell emerges from the sleaze that he wore flawlessly to this likeable character with this occasional outburst of morality and social intelligence. I admire how the writers and cast are playing with our sense of judgement and it is very difficult to have a favourite character in this show.

    It would be impossible to say praises to the cast in few words but I can say that the choice of actors is masterful. Jon Ham has certainly fulfilled his mission on earth by bringing to life the legacy of a Don Draper. That this pure power. The list goes on and on: Peggy Olson, Betty Draper, Joan Harris, Roger Sterling, Lane Pryce, Megan Draper, Lane Pryce, Trudy Campbell, Ted Chaough, Bert Cooper, Ken Cosgrove, Harry Crane, and a very long list of unforgettable characters

    The urge to write this review is predominantly to say that it is too early to close the curtain on this show. It still has a great deal of steam and because it will leave an obvious void in the TV landscape.

    This is what I call "Bravo TV"
  • This is the Dynasty and Dallas of today??

    I get that as times change, so do tv shows in terms of drama or comedy) in how they are I can't help but think that Mad Men is a bit overrated and Matt W is not that creative or a good story teller as he's touted. After watching the premier of season one, I could only stomach the first few minutes of no, I didn't watch the rest. I think J Hamm and Slattery/Elizabeth Moss are talented as with most other actors on the guess so.... (Slattery seems more quality than he should have been Draper?) but the scenes seem crappy (bad editing?) and the story lines can be flimsy. Mad Men basically reminds me of the mediocrity people call show business. :(
  • The Flood - how pretentious can it get!

    I became very uncomfortable (more than usual, that is!) while watching this particular episode of Mad Men. I agree with the reviewer about the self-conscious, and (to me) hypocritical reaction of the white characters to the assassination. I well remember that day and how the reaction of the so-called mainstream (translate: white people) was not so much shock and sadness that a prominent black leader had been killed but rather fear that it would result in race riots - which it did. I'm not looking forward to another episode dramatizing the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

    Re Don - like other viewers I'm actually impatient (and will be relieved) when Megan finds out about Don's latest sexual escapade. Hope she throws him out. Have to confess that I don't like her - not sure whether it's my reaction to the actress playing her or the character herself (as she written) - maybe a bit of both.

    BTW,Did anyone other than me notice the latest anachronism in the show? Don using a remote, for heaven's sake, to turn off the TV? TV remotes were invented or at least in general use until the 80s - but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! (I was around in the 60s and to turn off the TV you had to go make the "inhuman" effort of reaching over or getting to your feet to turn off the TV (boob tube)!

    While on the subject of Don D and his attitude towards his children (and children in particular) - I suspect that Matthew Weiner is struggling to come up with interesting new and dramatic "insights" into Don's character. Up to now he's been presented as a concerned, caring, if mostly absent father. I didn't believe for a minute his confession to Megan that he didn't caring for his children - how they made him feel "hollow" inside. Balderdash!
  • Last Two Hour Episode

    Just finished and thought it amusing (or terrible) that sophisticated ad men didn't know basic English.

    One character said, "a retreat for my wife and I" (a retreat for I???) Surely someone on staff, writer, cast, crew members could correct these things.

    But don't worry, they are in good company. Hillary Clinton, speaking of the Obamas, said, "I met HE and his
  • we love it!

    we wrote an article about the premiere, the cast, and the elements of the show. Will Don immediately sleep with the girl at the bar on the season finale last year??? the review is right at the top of

  • Cool! ))

    - 5 - , , ) !
  • Interestingly Dull!!

    I believe in this show, cleverly nothing happens...

    I am always eager for a complete change but even the most important events happen without any unnecessary excitement or exaggeration; picturing life for viewer as it is.

    Showing everything but not saying it literally is what other series lack to some extent; but not Mad Men, which always leads us to a mysterious personality behind Don Draper and make me follow the show with utmost attention.
  • season 4 pop art FROM THE SET for sale

    i was given one of the paintings from the set by my old boss and am looking to sell it. it's pretty large. im open for discussion on the price and will post/send pictures upon request.
  • What Happens at season 6?

  • Interesting but Flawed

    Mad Men is a mixed bag for me. Overall, Mad Men has a few great moments, but is mired down by so many negative elements that it makes it difficult for me to endorse. There are good things about the show that helped keep my attention. I thought the dialog was solid, the set pieces interesting, the acting was great, and the overall story had its moments (add agency and the people who worked there attempting to succeed). The downside for me was all the cheating and just nasty moral demeanor of the core host of characters. I recently watched each season back to back and was stuck by how immoral the show attempts to be. In the beginning I was rooting for Draper's wife (which was barely the only likable character), then the show just lost me near completely. As the seasons continued, I discovered I was watching the show more to ensure each character was going to get punished rather than actually enjoying the show.
  • This show has sucked me in.

    I love this show. The characters are well developed and the costumes are fantastic.
  • I really love this show!

    I really love this show. It is a great period drama, you automatically feel like your in the '60s when you watch it and I love that.
  • all i can say is love

    This show makes me wish i lived in the old days but in a more modern way. its so interesting i just can't stop watching it.
  • I was not a fan until...

    Season 4! I found that this show to be rather lethargic in the way it's storylines and characters were developed. Mostly in the first 2 seasons. But I began to like it more for some reason in the show's 3rd season, and season 4 has won me over most definitely. I apologize to all the people who had tried to inform me of the elegance in storytelling that this television show wields quite well. I wasn't a fan of season 1, but re-watching it, it is fantastic. Season 2 is pretty good but not amazing, season 3 is a huge step up, and season 4 is the winner. And now Season 5 is I think my second favorite! I like it quite a bit. It's near amazing. The show itself is a little depressing. After an episode, I feel a bit "detached", or gloom. I'm not sure, but it is not the kind of show I could watch a marathon of at all. One episode is enough. I must applaud the storytelling, and the the way the characters interact. Especially the women. The women are my favorite part, and not just because of the voluptuous-curvy Q that is Joan Holloway. The women are the ones that are the most interesting to watch, especially the dynamic between Joan and Peggy in the first seasons, and I hate that that has lingered of in the past few seasons, but there are things that the characters do that are fantastic.

    The men are pretty good to, but it's honestly the women are the best part in my non-important opinion. It's not my absolutely favorite show, but it is one that I like to keep up on. Oh, and the writing is "delicious". I find it to be so great! It inspires me very much. 8.5 out of 10.
  • My favourite A+

    This is the only series I own on iTunes. I am impressed by all the fine details and the story line. Every frame looks as if it could be a painting - perfect colours. I can't wait for new installments.
  • Yes. Double yes!

    My fave show of them all. Period.
  • Boring

    It seems that no matter how I phrase it, someone takes offence, so I'll try to keep it as brief as possible: this is simply the most boring show in the history of television; and I've watched hundreds and hundreds of all kinds, so should know. That's it.

  • Mad Men-Dazzle with their Brilliance

    I am more intrigued and utterly impressed with this seasons storylines and the perfection in everything to do with the fashions,music and interactions. A lot of people have done their homework on the overall re-creation of the 1960's. I think Jon Hamm has a lot to do with this. Every week I feel transported back and lovin' it!
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