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  • Mystery mad men

    Mystery mad men.
    Finally an episode which makes me want to watch more. The mystery around Don/Dick is a fresh impulse to the series which I was missing before. It might explain why he is the man he is today and that makes him much more interesting than just another advertisement guy. The scene with Adam in his apartment was so sad and very well played by the actors. The story about Peter switched him right back from being kind of sorry last episode, to being a full blown idiot once more. Trying to sell his wife just to get a story published showed his 'real' face again.
    That's probably the theme of this episode; almost all of the men are double faced.
  • Show about advertising execs and creative people. Focuses on the lives of ad men of the 1960s.

    One of the best TV shows I've seen. Smart, funny, educational (kinda). Some people think it's a little slow but I think it is just right. Great acting. Great stories - especially if you like the 1960s. I especially enjoy seeing how historical events of the 60s played out - the Freedom Rides, Cuban Missile Crisis, death of Marilyn Monroe, etc.. I also enjoy how they depict females in the 60s. I don't understand why people are not more into this show. I couldn't stop watching it after I started season 1 episode 1. It gets you hooked because you want to know what is going to happen. The story moves slowly - which kills me but makes me want to watch it more!
  • Great show about the advertising profession in the 60's. It focuses on the lives of the staff while dealing with topical and the culture of the 60's.

    Clever and incredibly well written and researched. The set and scripts are scarily accurate. Drinking at work out of the same tumblers my Mum still has from the 60's. Any one who doesn't like reality television as it is not based in reality but wants something historically real will love this. If you are too young to appreciate the accuracies refer your Mum, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie or any who may remember the 60's and watch it with them. For any professional women or girls who forget that women couldn't always have everything watch this and see the struggles of our Mother's and Grandmother's in the workforce. Shocking....

    For those of us who missed out on the days of working where drinking was acceptable and harassment wasn't in the dictionary of the Human Resources (or maybe there wasn't Human Resources) with horror and delight!
  • Nostalgic perfection

    In the same way that trying on an outfit from a different decade is curiously fun, the same is true for watching the the slim-suit wearing, multi-addicted cast of Mad Men. The lynchpin in of seemingly sleeper hit, that hides more nefarious undertones than first thought, is Don Draper. Or Dick Whitman, depending who you ask. His sordid and equally mysterious past is but one of the many dramatic storylines that presents itself. Although this drama is mostly casted by previous unknown, the deepness of the stories and high caliber of acting soon makes these virtual unknowns seem all too familiar.
  • Brilliant Show

    Mad Men is the best drama to come on to television since The Sopranos. No surprise since the show's creator, Matthew Weiner, was also an Emmy Award winning writer & producer for the latter. The show initially draws you in with its incredibly detailed recreation of life in 1960. The sets, the clothes and props are all faithfully authentic. But if that were the only thing that the show had to offer, one would lose interest very quickly. The rich, deep and well-crafted storylines draw you into the complex world of the show's protagonist Don Draper (Jon Hamm), his family and co-workers at Sterling Cooper advertising agency. Very rarely are shows this sophisticated, smart, well written and show such attention to detail.
  • Smoking, Sex, Whiskey and a whole lot of advertising, there aren't enough good things that I can say about Mad Men.

    Set in the 1960's Mad Men takes us back to when things seemed a lot more simpler but really were just as complicated if not more so. Mad Men follows the life of Don Draper a higher up in the Sterling Cooper Advertising world. Where smoking is practically a way of life, drinking on the job seemes to be required and cheating on your wife is an excellent hobby. This show makes me want to live in the 1960's. granted I want to live in the tv version of it of course, though the writers do an excellent job of getting every detail right. Everything down to the cigarette brand is looked at. Period shows are one of my most favortie generes of tv and I was sad when American Dreams was cancelled, but here came Mad Men and my 1960's world was yet again revibed in what I can only say as one of the best tv shows to date.
  • The show does a soap opera right.

    After watching this episode as always I read the forums and reviews. I find that people are often split between being bored and being intrigued. It made me think why do I like this show. Sometimes it is a about nothing or is it? I watch a lot of television and I can smell format a mile away cliff hangers, pregnancy, cancer, and of course an affair or two. So why is Mad Men different? It moves slower and therefore does not hit all the instant buttons but is surprisingly satisfying. Secondly, crazy is allowed for no reason such as Don's identity, the exc getting his foot cut off, Peggy being in denial about the baby, on other shows they would have relied on these arcs to carry a whole season but on Mad Men sometimes an event is just an event. Conversely, the writers plant seeds to weave throughout each episode and you never know when they will sprout. I must admit that this difference reflects good writing and great acting in my opinion.
  • Great!

    This is one of the best shows on today. The characters are top notch and the feel of the show is so unique and real. I love the window into history it provides, especially looking at sexism, racism, smoking and drinking, politics, it's great to get such a fresh look at that era of history like this. If you haven't seen this show then check it out because it is top notch. The American Movie Classics channel or whatever it's called has some great shows. The one with the dad from Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking something???, is also awesome, but not as good as Mad Men.
  • Mad Men is the best show to hit television in a long, long, time!

    Mad Men is by far one of the best shows to ever be in television! I look forward to each and every episode! I highly encourage people to watch, it is neat to see the way things were in the 1960's. Don Draper is charming, even though he cheats on his wife regularly, I still really love his character! He's dark and personable. January Jones, who plays Don's loyal wife Betty, has her own way about her, she looks innocent, but isn't, and she deeply loves her husband, the office staff is great, too, I promise, if you watch Mad Men once, you will be hooked. Enjoy!
  • "Mad Men" is one well-written, well-acted television offering. My favorite aspect of the show is the smart, sophisticated and sometimes dark writing and the wonderful actors who bring believable characters (with their own devils/demons) to life. Brava

    I give this show a solid 9, only because some episodes suffer from uneven writing. I've noticed that different writers and directors create episodes, and while each has his or her own viewpoint and gifts, I think sometimes the continuity of the show suffers.

    I give the sets, costumes and makeup a perfect 10. Extremely authenic attention to detail, which delights my artist's eye and my aesthetic.

    I think the actors are superb, especially of course Jon Hamm and Christina ?? (lady who plays "Joanie"). "Peggy" is full of surprises, too, and love the woman who plays her with such restraint.
  • One of the best shows on television.

    I really thought I would hate this show. When people started raving about it, I frankly thought it was a soap, but set in the 60's. When it was nominated for an emmy (shows this works for advertisement I tried it out, and I am suprised to report I am hooked. It is not a soap but is more of a slice of life drama about the advertising world of the early sixties and the lives of the people who work there.

    Like my other favorite show "Battlestar Galactica" it isn't for everybody, and I admit I like quirky shows. People may not like how slowly things develope, but the show is suprisingly well acted for a little show on AMC. (like battlestar, I believe good material elevates actors and not the other way around) Although the show has big themes (sometimes) what I love about it is the attention to detail with the little thing (not just the costumes, but the attitudes of the times are very well done). It is amusing and shocking to see how blantantly sexist men were back then and how repressed women were. The last episode with January Jones was a classic example of this. (she plays Don's wife) She went to the stables because she knew a younger guy there was interested in her, and she knew she would be alone with him, but when he hit on her, she promptly shot him down. She wanted the attention but social mores made it impossible for her do really act on it. What mkes this show so good is in the same episode, Don cheats on her like it was nothing.

    The show deserves its emmy. It is very well done and frankly blows other nominees like grey's anatomy with its melodrama out of the water.
  • A Unique Show.

    I did not start watching this show until season one was over. I went back and watched all of season 1 and I am now caught up on the entire show. I think this show portrays how life in the late 50's and early 60's were. Just about everyone on this show smokes which back then over 50% of the population smoked. Women for sure are not treated equally in this show and were not back then either. The setting of the show and wardrobe are true to the lifestyle back then and I also think the actors do a great job of how people acted back then. I really did not think I would like this show but it has really drawn me in and now look forward to it. If you are looking for action you are not going to like this show. There is really not much comedy in it. It really is a drama in the truest since of the word.
  • Really a great and awesome show!

    This is a great and awesome show. As I think that it is one of the best cable shows on tv. As it shows the world of advertising and how people will go to get to the top. Meaning, that they would step on each other's toes in order to climb their way to the top. They act like they are real people. Because sometimes, that is the way that people play when they want what they really want. The boss is the boss from you know where. As those under him want to really bring the guy down. He is the guy you love to hate. Great acting, great writing!
  • One of the best shows on TV

    Mad Men is a near perfect show and one of the best shows of the decade. It shows the how shockingly diffrent our country was not very long ago. This show realisticly and beautifuly depicts an America where pregnant women smoked,drinking on the job was a requirement, and something on the side with a secretary wasn't harrasment. The performances are all stunning,led by Jon Hamm's dark determined Don Draper, this is one of the best ensembles in years. What I love best about this show though is how it makes the debauchery of the 60's workplace seem almost elegant, and the writers make us both believe and love every minute we spend in the chain smoking,scotch soaked,secretary screwing world of 1960's Madison Avenue.
  • The show you can't stop watching. You think you'll only watch one episode... just to see. 6 hours later, you'll still glued to the TV

    I first found this show when AMC was doing a marathon. I sat down and started watching it for the historical factor. The research and focus they have put into it is mind blowing. This is your parent's /grandparent's time. There are set pieces that I have seen in my Grandmother's house... The thing that draws you in is the realism. These God Ole Days are not always better than ours. As a child of the revolutions and women's lib, a child of a mother who always worked, not because she had to, but because she wanted to; this show is kind of like watching a train wreck. You don't want to watch, it kind of makes you sick to watch, but you can't turn away. And then somewhere a long the way, you being to really listen, you stop being amazed at the smoking and drinking (even by pregnant women, I'm waiting for the 9 year old kids to light up). And when you start listening, that's when you're hooked... yeah I may still want to hit my husband just on the princible of how these men act :), but now I care about what these characters are doing and why.

    This is simply one of the best shows on tv... nothing like it has ever been done, it's a walking breathing history lesson. Now we have to decide what the lessons mean.
  • Great show! Portrays the "before legal rights" clubby sexist "harassment" business offices. It also portrays life before PC's and carbon paper versus copy machines. In the late 60's there was a "copy girl" who was the only one to use the "new" machines.

    Too bad the summer sets did not use those dapper straw hats for the men. There was actually a day designated to start wearing straw hats and a follow up personnel policy for returning to felt hats.

    Show does not show how women had to leave when a certain month pregnant & lost "time" benefits if they returned to work-all married women lied about what month they were so they could work longer. All in all the show does show life in that time period. It was different. The office parties and picnics were wild "free for alls" and the next day people went back to work and didn't talk about who was with who. Everybody was drunk and "shagging" someone- some couldn't remember who.

    The depiction of the "big boss" is excellent. I worked for one that thought he was saving the company a fortune. Whenever he left his office he would pick up paper clips that were on the floor and return them to the supply cabinet. We used to purposefully drop them on the floor when we saw him coming by.
  • The New Dallas?

    For over twenty years I have wondered if there'd be another show whose central character entertained me with bad behavior the way J.R. Ewing did. The wait is over for me. It's Don Draper. Like J.R., Don does some abysmal things, yet you still like him, a lot in fact. Unlike J.R., Don Draper is a sympathetic character-even though he is a powerful man he is also sympathetic because you sense he is broken due to mysterious events which have caused him to create this facade of pure masculine bravura which is "Don Draper".

    Draper's not alone in being the sole entertainment. Sterling Cooper, like any large metropolitan office, has a cast of varied characters who are almost equally entertaining, but to a lesser extent. They serve to frame Don Draper and his mystery well providing more dimensions as their pitfalls unfold.

    Another equally important character is the 1960's itself. A time seemingly far removed from today, yet many viewers remember it well, especially those of us for whom it defined our formative years. I marvel at how everthing from Draper's dining set, which was almost a carbon copy of the one in my house when I was growing up, to the way the produce section of a typical grocery store was depicted. They got these "spot-on" right. I can find some small things they missed, or even actually got wrong..but, these have little or nothing to do with the story so they simply are excused. For a visual time capsule of sixties style this show delivers. The "over-the-top" mannerisms of excessive drinking and smoking seem hilarious...until you actually talk to someone who was there in the city at the time and they set you straight: What seems like exaggerated bad habits were dipicted correctly for the most part. Hard to believe business was openly ever like this!

    I believe this is the new, much evolved, "Dallas" for the 2010's. Funny, to match a show about 70's excess wealth and bad behavior TV producers had to go back further to 60's excess wealth and bad behavior. What's next a show about the early twenties and those evil business magnates that begat all this other mess? Bring that on too!
  • A well-crafted and compelling drama with engaging leads and a fully realized supporting cast.

    I don't have enough nice things to say about this show. There are very few opportunities these days where sitting down in front of the television is more than a mere distraction, but instead an engrossing and edifying experience. With the Sopranos gone and The Wire wrapped up, this might be the only drama left on television that can provide a similar experience, and on AMC no less. It should be noted that this is not popcorn fare, and that those with short attention spans, or who prefer gun play to word play, will likely be disappointed. However, those interested in period dramas that examine both the human condition and modern issues through clever story lines and satisfying character development should be very happy.
  • This is my new favourite show. Although there is a disgraceful amount of...

    Although there is a disgraceful amount of racism and the men are 100% misogynistic, it is nothing to be upset about since it is in the 60´s, and this makes the viewer a bit unease to the idea that it wasn't THAT long ago when women were treated as monkey pets and black people as well as Indians and people from the orient were treated as third class citizens (if not worse). Through the brutal use of the N word and the sad picture of the woman-object it indirectly plants the seed of how wrong it all is and how everything was going down the drain. Although they all smoke ALL the time, even when in a visit to a physician, or in bed or even pregnant women, they do not glorify smoking or make it look cool, because after a long smoking party night they always wake up looking terrible and coughing their lungs out as if they suffer from the worst disease. Same messages go through after they say something racist or misogynistic. Without being preachy or prudent and without ANY religious boring clichés, Mad men show you the down side of the 60's as never before shown. But there is also a pretty side. The beginning of something big, the smell of a big change and beauty of certain things. Most of all is very well written and the actors are a joy to watch. I particularly have a small crush on the character of Christina Hendricks (Joan). I really hope she gets more lines and her caracter gets bigger next season. This woman is so vibrant, so beautiful, so full of life and so talented, she is an absolute pleasure to watch, an angel straight from the Heavens.
    Give Mad Men a try. The episodes are long and enjoyable like short movies.
    I give it a hard 10!
  • Awesome Show!!!!!

    Wow i had heard so much about this being like the best new show since "the wire" and it was on top of many critics lists and stuff and i just watched the 1st episode last week on amc and man its really amazing. Its definately my new favorite show and i can't wait to watch the rest of the season. I really hope season 2 starts soon also because I am just loving this show. The look and feel of it is so cool. I can't believe I just found out about it! It seems like all the good shows are on cable lol.
  • Booze, sex and let's get some copy.

    Who here doesn't wish they could smoke at their desk, pull a bottle of booze from the desk drawer, pour a drink, light a cigarette and talk with the boys(or girls) about the hotties in the office?

    Welcome to an ad agency in the 60's courtesy of "Mad Men". (I've had the first season on my DVR and now i'm finally watching it a few months later.) Mad Men is centered around an advertising exec, Don Draper. He has idiots for bosses, he's surrounded by lecherous men and the secrateries all think they have to sleep their way to a husband. Don outwardly remains proffessional, yet he has a couple of mistresses while he has a beautiful wife at home. The wife has problems too. There is plenty of conflict going on.

    More than anything Mad Men is a great period piece. From the office and it's culture to the ad copy and ad-artwork, it is a perfect view of the 60's.
  • Mad Men is a real winner!

    I hope Mad Men lasts for years! Every episode makes me wait anxiously by the TV. All the characters are well developed and true to form. Their conversations are real, and their circumstances have so much depth and feeling, it seems like I am there with them. Jon Hamm is just to die for, and Christina Hendricks perfectly exemplifies an "office hottie" of the period. From the clothes and the furnishings to the attitudes of the characters, it is obvious that the writers totally understand what it was like back then. As I watch I am catapulted back 40+ years. Brilliant!
  • Set in 1960 in the world of Advertising, Mad Men is a great look at the emerging "mod culture" started in this decade. Wonderful characters, mystery and no lack of "hip" fun, Mad Men is a unique take on the Great American Dream.

    One of the only shows my husband and I can't miss each week. I absolutely love the stories, the cast and the great '60's vibe! Set in the advertising world, we get to see how wonderful it must have been to drink the "3 martini lunch" and hang out with the office clan. Of course, it also takes the female point of view--men are sexist and after one thing. This should be a MUST SEE for those that like quirky, dramas with a bite. I really hope that AMC keeps this show on for a long time. It's destined to become a cult fave and if more people find it, the ratings will improve. Long live DON DRAPER!!
  • A very intelligent show

    It's been a while since I watched a show so well written and so not afraid of showing the truth. When did you see everybody in a show smoking a cigarette? , or showing men making inappropriate remarks on women, treating them as airheads dolls while sipping bourbon. On the other hand, it's not so simple, the men on the show are so insecure that you feel pity for them. They have to fold in a behavior the society dictated. I love the episode when the women from the office are trying the lipsticks and the men are making horrible comments while watching them from a room with a one-way mirror.
  • Please don't stop making this show!

    Mad Men has been a pleasure to watch. The acting is first rate, the characters are cool & interesting, and are becoming increasingly more full with each episode. The female characters are especially compelling and I can look at Christina Hendricks (Joan) all day long. Sally Draper and Peggy Olson are studies of women of their time, quietly tragic in their way, but going in opposite directions. Don's the man, and some of the lines that come out of his mouth are brilliant. Truly quality shows have a cadre of ancillary characters that are well drawn in their own right. Again, the acting is first rate with John Slattery and Vincent Kartheiser, who has refined the glassy look of a barely contained sociopath. Everyone looks like a million bucks in this show and just the polished look of the show itself compliments the high attention to prop detail. This show finds subtle ways to underscore the fundamental difference between the way people thought and lived in 1960 compared to today. It's amazing to think 1960 is almost half a century away, and there's always at least one part of each episode where I think to myself, "That wouldn't have been a bad era to experience life." Rock on, Mad Men. Please.
  • A look at advertising in america, but so much more

    This show is amazing, and keeps getting better. There is real thought in this show and a true artistic vision. It has succeded in creating it's own world, with a truly orgional aesthetic. The style is something all of its own and unlike anything on tv today. The characters all have a sense of msytery and depth about them, it takes on large issues with metaphor and humour. If only all tv were half as good as this show. I congratulate the opel who make it and hope that it goes on to ahve the success it deserves. This kind of show makes you want to watch more tv
  • like smooth gin

    The things I like about this show outweigh the things I don't. Love the theme song ("A Beautiful Mine"). Love the 1960s look to everything. Don't really like the overdone cliches. Some references are subtle, but most are very obviously set out to remind the viewer that it was a very different time culturally then. The indifferent callousness of the men towards the women gets to me - it seems over the top, too - but maybe I'm young enough to not realize that it was actually like that. Overall, it's a show to watch - maybe more for style than substance, though.
  • Savage salesman in a sedated state of psychosis...

    Accomplishment and smiling faces all around stand in for the misery that is life in this world of Mad Men. The structured facade of accomplishment is so fragile under the stress of the stable illusion these characters try to maintain. The simplest crack in this hollow suit of armor cannot be mended by a shot of booze. It remains, choking on the fumes of cigarettes and how do you do's. These characters walk on in their daily lives trying to maintain some semblance of sanity. What we see is that the innocence of this time in our history was not innocent at all, merely more adept at keeping the demons from creeping into the light, misery buried & depression sedated. The human condition, whether in ancient, medieval, or modern times, struggles to understand itself, struggles to gather some meaning behind it all, behind our jobs, our family, our existence. Who am I? Just a pandering ad man trying to sell shaving cream in order to pay the bills? Or am I more? Those stares off into the distance we see these characters so often indulge in, is a hand reaching out for meaning, an attempt to make some sense of it all. Can they find it? Can anybody?
  • Amazing Show, new idea, informative and interesting. Infotainment.

    Mad Men is one of the best new shows i have watched out of America since heroes this time last year. I couldn't believe that someone had taken the risk initially, of making a show based around advertisers in the 1950's. Doesn't sound much like a seller to me. But I watched it and the way they writers describe 1950s life in America is interesting and wildly different to anything I have watched. As a 19 year old from the UK, i have never experienced American life or life in the 1950's so the way they capture the spirit of America along with the prejudices and the morals of the 1950 society is truly fascinating. As well as a punchy storyline to each episode (so far) and characters you care about, but only in the context of the decade. Watching the way the characters interact because of the time period is almost more enthralling than the main story, which isn't hard to watch at all. A very good new show, I hope it breaks into the mainstream and delivers throughout the first season.
  • This show rock my world!!!

    I couldn't said more! I'm very speechless after I watched this show and I realised that I couldn't getting enough of this!

    I like storylines and I never expects this show to be that bored or bloody terrible, but I was wrong! It is really great and I hope this show will getting second season later on!

    I hope AMC renews this show!!!
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