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  • I was not a fan until...

    Season 4! I found that this show to be rather lethargic in the way it's storylines and characters were developed. Mostly in the first 2 seasons. But I began to like it more for some reason in the show's 3rd season, and season 4 has won me over most definitely. I apologize to all the people who had tried to inform me of the elegance in storytelling that this television show wields quite well. I wasn't a fan of season 1, but re-watching it, it is fantastic. Season 2 is pretty good but not amazing, season 3 is a huge step up, and season 4 is the winner. And now Season 5 is I think my second favorite! I like it quite a bit. It's near amazing. The show itself is a little depressing. After an episode, I feel a bit "detached", or gloom. I'm not sure, but it is not the kind of show I could watch a marathon of at all. One episode is enough. I must applaud the storytelling, and the the way the characters interact. Especially the women. The women are my favorite part, and not just because of the voluptuous-curvy Q that is Joan Holloway. The women are the ones that are the most interesting to watch, especially the dynamic between Joan and Peggy in the first seasons, and I hate that that has lingered of in the past few seasons, but there are things that the characters do that are fantastic.

    The men are pretty good to, but it's honestly the women are the best part in my non-important opinion. It's not my absolutely favorite show, but it is one that I like to keep up on. Oh, and the writing is "delicious". I find it to be so great! It inspires me very much. 8.5 out of 10.