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  • Interesting but Flawed

    Mad Men is a mixed bag for me. Overall, Mad Men has a few great moments, but is mired down by so many negative elements that it makes it difficult for me to endorse. There are good things about the show that helped keep my attention. I thought the dialog was solid, the set pieces interesting, the acting was great, and the overall story had its moments (add agency and the people who worked there attempting to succeed). The downside for me was all the cheating and just nasty moral demeanor of the core host of characters. I recently watched each season back to back and was stuck by how immoral the show attempts to be. In the beginning I was rooting for Draper's wife (which was barely the only likable character), then the show just lost me near completely. As the seasons continued, I discovered I was watching the show more to ensure each character was going to get punished rather than actually enjoying the show.