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  • The Flood - how pretentious can it get!

    I became very uncomfortable (more than usual, that is!) while watching this particular episode of Mad Men. I agree with the reviewer about the self-conscious, and (to me) hypocritical reaction of the white characters to the assassination. I well remember that day and how the reaction of the so-called mainstream (translate: white people) was not so much shock and sadness that a prominent black leader had been killed but rather fear that it would result in race riots - which it did. I'm not looking forward to another episode dramatizing the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

    Re Don - like other viewers I'm actually impatient (and will be relieved) when Megan finds out about Don's latest sexual escapade. Hope she throws him out. Have to confess that I don't like her - not sure whether it's my reaction to the actress playing her or the character herself (as she written) - maybe a bit of both.

    BTW,Did anyone other than me notice the latest anachronism in the show? Don using a remote, for heaven's sake, to turn off the TV? TV remotes were invented or at least in general use until the 80s - but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong! (I was around in the 60s and to turn off the TV you had to go make the "inhuman" effort of reaching over or getting to your feet to turn off the TV (boob tube)!

    While on the subject of Don D and his attitude towards his children (and children in particular) - I suspect that Matthew Weiner is struggling to come up with interesting new and dramatic "insights" into Don's character. Up to now he's been presented as a concerned, caring, if mostly absent father. I didn't believe for a minute his confession to Megan that he didn't caring for his children - how they made him feel "hollow" inside. Balderdash!