Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2007 on AMC

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  • Don't Shoot!

    Maybe this is a cheap shot (Ba-da-DAH) at a thoughtful insight, but Betty shooting at the pigeons, to me, represents her resentment for not being able to "fly away" and escape from her humdrum housewife life. She never hits and kills any of them, which is an interesting symbolism of how she never really hits the mark, so to speak, of getting what she wants.

    When I first saw Mad Men, when it came out, I really didn't think January Jones was a very good actress. Maybe it had something to do with her one major credit prior to MM being an American Pie sequel and her dating Ashton Kutcher. And after seeing her guest host SNL, I stand by my opinion, but after more analysis of Betty Draper, I'm seeing January Jones come more into the role. Betty is a shallow person, so of course you hire a shallow person/actor to play her. But at Betty's deeper moments, I can't help but picture how a more credible actress might portray her better. And, come one, I know Grace Kelly, and she is no Grace Kelly.
  • Black Betty

    I love the character of Betty in this show and particularly in this episode. She gets the modeling job only because the company wants Don to come work for them. Too bad Don is such an egoistic man that he doesn't let her do the thing she loves. He has said before that sometimes she's just like a little girl, but he is the one who treats her that way. The second storyline about Peggy was interesting as well. She's getting 'too fat' for the boys before someone could get her. Typical for the way they talk about girls and I sometimes really have to get past that for me to keep enjoying the show. Just have to keep reminding that it's a very different time and the men actually did talk that way. Though it was still very well written and I loved the scene were Don and Sterling just went on their business with the boys fighting in the background. And of course Betty getting all psycho mom at the end!
  • DOn is wooed!

    DOn is given a bonus by the eccentric owner. We find out that Don is being wooed by a big-time Ad agency that is global in breadth. Big staff, big money, status! Additionally, the head of the rival agency tries to use Betty as a chip to pry him away. She is offered the chance at a modeling gig by this big-shot (January Jones is pretty) and Betty has done modeling before.

    Of course when Don weighs the pros and cons he decides to stay. He likes the way Sterling does business. Of course this puts Betty's modeling rebirth at an end.

    What a business. But Don and his wife will stay the happy (well for appearences) couple with a house in the burbs and a couple of kids.