Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 9

Six Month Leave

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 28, 2008 on AMC

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  • This was terrifying, like a walk along a ledge on the 16th floor.

    First off, I thought Freddy was having a damn' stroke. And I thought Pete was such a child about making sure everyone in the office knew, and I thought all of their reactions (except Don's and Peggy's) were truly immature.

    Jane was presumptuous, talking about stuff she doesn't know and buying Don shirts. Jane has now gotten fired twice, once by Joan and now by Don. I wonder if they'll actually have to throw her from a window.

    I loved the Jimmy scene. Don's cheating on his wife, and with another man's wife, yes, bad, awful. But Jimmy's suspicions and his big mouth disrupted the illusion and poisoned Don's marriage, and hurt his family. Now Betty's even trying to break into his desk. My G-d, the lives of housewives in this show. Don and Betty were just hissing acid.

    I had an image of Betty taking over as Don's secretary. Fireworks, no? It could set Sterling-Cooper ablaze.

    Mostly I felt like that whole midlife crisis thing was a bizarre excuse Sterling dropped on Don's shoulders, and Maureen (?) blaming him for Sterling's latest bombshell was just blaming the window for the sunshine.

    The relationships in this show are so delicately developed it's insane!
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