Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on AMC

Episode Recap

Hildy describes her weekend beach plans to a slightly jealous Pete. He's staying in while Trudy is away. That night, Betty makes calls for the reservoir campaign but she's interrupted by a call from Conrad Hilton's office. Don needs to fly to Italy on Tuesday with Connie to inspect the Rome Hilton. Betty is not pleased with this excursion so Don invites her to tag along. During Pete's weekend staying in, he meets Gudrun, his next door neighbor's, the Lawrences, au pair. She's in tears over a dress that she had borrowed from Mrs Lawrence that she had stained. Pete offers to help her find a replacement.
Monday, Sally watches as Betty gets ready for a meeting of the Tarrytown Board of Trustees. Henry shows up at the meeting in time to request a suspension of the reservoir project until the additional water quality studies are done. Henry walks Betty to her car and gives her a kiss that Betty brushes off. Betty shares the campaign's success with Don and agrees to go with him to Rome.
Tuesday, Pete drops by the department store with Mrs. Lawrence's dress and runs into Joan who has taken a supervisor position at the store. Joan approves an exchange and says she'll use discretion if she ever ran into Trudy, who Pete says is the owner of the dress.
Betty and Don arrive in Rome, where Betty's fluent Italian comes in handy at the Hilton. While Don naps, Betty calls the concierge to arrange an appointment at the beauty salon. At the Draper home, Francine asks Carla to watch her son – the Tarrytown trustees have called a sudden meeting. In Rome, Betty chats with two Italian men, without telling them that Don is her husband. Don ultimately wins her affections as the Italians retreat. Connie comes up to them and says that Don is a lucky man.
Pete brings the new dress to Gudrun and suggests that they celebrate with a cocktail but she declines his offer and tells him she has a boyfriend. Pete goes back to his apartment to pour himself a drink. Later he wakes Gudrun up and reminds her of the troubles he went through to get the dress and says that he at least deserves to see it on her and he kisses her. The next night, Ed Lawrence confronts Pete about Gudrun. He doesn't care about Pete's trysts but he doesn't want to lose the one nanny that his wife can get along with and urges Pete to leave Gudrun alone.
Don and Betty return home from Rome. Carla informs them about Sally's attack on Bobby. Betty confronts Sally about her fighting and that she needs to control her temper.
Trudy returns from her vacation and just as she and Pete get in the elevator, Gudrun and the Lawrence children enter as well. Pete is very quiet and Trudy assumes it's because seeing the Lawrence children triggered his guilt over their lack of children. Trudy asks if something happened and Pete doesn't respond.
Betty tells Sally that she shouldn't kiss boys, that boys should kiss her. She also says that her first kiss should be something special. Francine comes over to Betty's house and says that the trustees may have reversed the decision on the reservoir. When Don comes home, Betty tells him that she hates their friends and the town. Don assures her that they'll go away again soon and gives her a bracelet charm of the Colosseum.