Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 8


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2009 on AMC

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  • rare episode only involving two stories. Both unhappy although Pete and Betty are man and woman. Also different as the last two minutes undid the whole episode as Betty went from happy to mad once she realized Francine did the same thing.

    We never saw Betty like this! Her kiss from her government guy really got her mojo going. Its usually regain mojo, but we ner saw her like this..ever! She is the model she constantly talked about, not the housewife that got nerves when a salesman was in her house in season 1. She speaks perfect Italian and duels with two guys picking her up. She is not the little girl she was all season. A real curve ball in the season!

    Pete mirrors Betty and Sally as he is also a person unhappily married. This episode proves, like Roger and Jane, never let a Mad Men do a favor for a girl! He also seems to be revolting against his marriage, as he forces himself on a neighbor's au pair once he does a favor for her, like Sally forces herself on Francine'skid. The Au Pair complained to her boss, but he winks and nods at Pete's little trist, more concerned about her quitting than what he did.

    Betty in Italy was trying to re-connect with Don, but the fantasy was shattered by the neighbor saying she did the same thing with her husband (sex in a vacation setting after a kid) Betty was mad at her for pointing out the ordinariness of her Italian adventure, she is just another housewife going away with her husband having sex after a kid. She hated her for ruining it for her, as it pointed out the fact nothing changed, after all Fancine's husband still cheated after their little vacation. Her demeanor changed right after Francine telling her about her and her husband's getaway. Betty tells Don she hates it there, which Don incorrectly thinks is about her lack of travel, but is really about Francine also having a cheating husband and its throwing it in her face, although Francine doesn't mean it.

    Finally, we see poor Joan as she knows tongues will be wagging at the office as Pete will blab (he always does). She never thought she would be caught so soon, what are the odds Pete would be in the women's department at a store.

    It was a good episode as the mood was shattered in the last two minutes as Betty's good time with Don was ruined as she realizes nothing changed with their little italian vacation. For once, poor Don was really in the dark as he thought everything was great
  • Entertaining.

    Mad Men may not be great, but lately the episodes have really been some solid television and have not gotten lost in the shuffle of the crowded Sunday TV lineup (Family Guy, Desperate Housewives, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Dexter among others).

    This episode was a bit low on action, but some storylines are progressing. I don't know if I like this new Pete storyline with him becoming a sympathetic, helping, but cheating guy, but Vincent Kartheiser deserves more airtime than he had been getting recently so anything is okay by me. January Jones has also stepped up her acting recently after I called her out on it a few weeks back. She must be reading my reviews.
  • Pete and Betty: Character Development...

    I guess this might be the first episode, where very little was shot inside Sterling Cooper, and a vast majority of the cast was not used. That being said, this episode dealt with the lives of Betty Draper and Pete Campbell. Pete's story kicks off when he realizes that his secretary has a better social life than him. He returns home for the weekend only to find himself watching cartoons, drinking whiskey, and sleeping on the couch. That evening he stumbles upon a German nanny, who tries to dispose off the wedding dress of her master after spilling wine on it. Pete in an attempt to put an end to his boredom and to get into her pants gets a replacement dress for her. His infidelity returns to haunt him, when Trudy comes back home. Nothing really happens, except that Pete accepts his weakness, and Trudy really can't do anything about it.

    Betty wins the reservoir case with Henry's help. And to put an end to their unresolved sexual tension, Henry makes the move and kisses her. This along with the sweet taste of victory throws Betty into an ocean of euphoria. She agrees to go to Rome with Don, and literally brings the men over there including Connie Hilton to her knees with her ravishing beauty. Betty feels young, sexy, and important again. She finally finds an adrenaline rush to her life, after her recent travails. Back in New York, things return back to normal dealing with Carla and the kids, and their problems. She also learns from Francine that the reservoir project stoppage had been overturned by the board. Betty is unable to deal with the surge of bad news and overwhelming realization of the ordinariness in her life. She sinks into a depression and not even Don's pricey gift can make her smile.

    Nice filler episode. But, I do like it when the story actually moves somewhere.
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