Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 10

The Color Blue

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2009 on AMC

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  • Betty Draper 1 - Don Draper 0

    I hate to admit, I did not get most of the stuff in this episode. But the overall theme that was very evident was anger. Which brings me to the question, what does the title signify? What does the Color Blue signify here? The long standing conflict between Don and Betty takes an all new level here. Betty has always been on the sidelines as she has never been able to convert the sadness in their relationship into rebellion against morals. Don doesn't really have any problem doing that. Now that Betty knows about Dick Whitman, which is probably the biggest and life changing deception that Don has ever delivered, it would be interesting how Don reacts to that.

    Roger Sterling is an angry man. He rants before Bert Cooper reasoning Don Drapers meteoric rise is because of him. And now he has to deliver a speech commending his accomplishments at SC 40th anniversary. Pryce is also angry - his seemingly peaceful life in New York is on a slippery slope for the second time. Kinsey has a hard time accepting Peggy is better than him, very evidently from Aqua-something and Western Union pitches.

    Decent episode, but not TV worthy.
  • Previously on Mad Men...

    Anybody notice that when the announcer says "Previously, on Mad Men..." he says it in a very angry voice? No? Maybe it's just me.

    Anyway, this was another solid episode, but things are moving just a bit too slowly for me. With only three installments left until Summer 2010, I want something a bit more exciting to happen. Don making boring chit chat with his son's teacher/his girlfriend is not the most provocative television. And since when should we care about Paul? Never, according to my notes.

    Good, but not great, by a long shot. Try harder next time Mad Men.
  • reality intrudes into perception for Paul, Betty, Don and Sterling Cooper as some other shoes drop finally in this episode.

    As a show with "long fuse" storylines (ones that are rare in TV as they can take seasons to play out) one finally exploded when Betty finally gets into Don's desk. She has been eyeing and trying without being obvious about it for the entire series, and they built up the reveal throughout the episode. (keys jangled in a robe and a washing machine before Betty notices) What she sees is not the evdence of affairs that she thought, but evidence on Don's other self and a divorce decree from Ana Draper. That reveal probably rocked her as much as if there was evidence of an affair. Betty's blinders have finally been ripped off and the last scene with her at the dinner with a "if looks could kill" gaze at her smiling husband at the podium was great. Roger's intro for Don said all the things Don is perceived to be but isn't. He has no friends, is a cheating husband, absent father and although talented, Sterling and Cooper resent him or see him as a necessary evil now. Perception vs. reality, one person's blue isn't the same for each indeed.

    Poor Paul also had reality puncture his fantasy about Peggy being nothing but hack and pet of Don were also shattered. He saw in the Western Union ad that Peggy is really good at her job. Even worse, might be better than him.

    Sterling Cooper had a 40 anniversary dinner, and it was a fantasy as Pryce learned (but did not tell) the firm will be sold and Cooper and Sterling did not want to go. They are irrelevant in the firm they once owned but go along with the pretense. Pryce is becoming one of the few sympathetic characters on the show as he really likes it in New York. He is a nice, if silently suffering, man. His wife does not see he does not want to go to England. As he says "no one has yet asked me where I went to school here". His bosses are cold and corporate and he wants to be as far away from them as possible (but not in Bombay) reality crowded into Don's fantasy affair with Suzanne as her brother showed up and his pathetic tale reminded him of how shabbily he treated his brother. He helps him out but we got foreshadowing that this may be a big mistake. Also, Suzanne is becoming possessive and stalker-y which is not good for a married man.

    Betty wanted a confrontation, but Don was a no-show and she seemed to temporarily accept defeat although next episode says she is taking a trip..california to see one Ms. Ana Draper perhaps?

    Very good episode, well acted, particularly by January Jones.