Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 5

The Fog

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 13, 2009 on AMC

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  • Betty gives birth to her third kid. Peggy and Pete meet Duck. A lot of subtle references and symbolism thrown around.

    AMC's original series is getting really hard to follow. I do on an occasional basis like to read between the lines; introspect, analyze, compare and contrast. Right now, this is pure overkill.

    We get it, our lives are complicated. So is the ones of Don Draper, Betty, and every cast member. And using Betty's acid like trip to explain her life's mistakes and her strained marriage, just gets a wee bit insane. Also, I would be deeply disappointed if Don goes and sticks it Sally's teacher. It's like a form of blackmail. You don't generally expect the pivotal character to do unacceptable things, and at the same time you ought to accept the character flaw just because he/she is the protagonist.

    Possibly the best turnaround of events is the return of the trouble maker -Mark Moses as Duck Phillips. We loved to hate him in Desperate Housewives, and we find him just as despicable here. So we had two contrasting situations connected to the Duck Phillips story. One- Peggy who has the appreciation of her superiors contemplates on leaving Sterling Cooper to head to Duck's company. And on the contrasting side, we have Pete who gets treated like scum for his good initiatives clearly refuse Duck's offer. With that said. The Admiral product was a good start to what could be very thought-provoking plot on race issues. Its a delicate issue, and I wonder how they'll tackle it.