Mad Men

Season 4 Episode 3

The Good News

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 08, 2010 on AMC

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  • Don sees Anna Draper again, Joan and Pryce clash, and Don and Pryce have a night on the town.

    I gave this episode a seven out of ten, it was good but not great Mad Men. It was more of a character study episode and servicing some characters that needed fleshing out.

    First was Joan and her husband Greg. Greg was reviled by Mad Men viewers and was seen as a boob and a rapist. The writers gave him some much needed depth this episode as he was finally seen as a real person. He is a good doctor, maybe not surgein material, but we see he is good at doctoring when Joan cuts her hand. She wanted to go to the hospital, but he had none of it and fixed her himself. They needed to make this character deeper as too many people just wanted him gone from the show. Since this obviously isn't happening, they needed to make him more sympathetic and less of a cartoon.

    Also in need of some depth was Lane Pryce, and he got it in this episode. Like Greg, we didn't know alot about him and he seemed like a square peg and a bad fit with his American partners. However, now that he is divorced, this gives Don someone to go out with and a new friend in the office. (it looks like Roger is retired by marriage and health problems) Don refuses to give him advice, remembering what his advice did to Roger's marriage. He also quotes the theme of the show to Lane, "are you doing what you want or what is expected?" The researcher stated this to Don last episode and he requotes it here. Don has always battled wants v. expectations.

    Finally, the episode starts off with Don visiting Anna Draper, whom is like the mother he never had. Its rather odd, since they are around the same age. He acts more like a platonic husband to her. He is open, speeks freely and does things around her house without her asking. He is like the perfect husband, except he is still chasing yourth and beauty as Anna practically throughs her neice to him.

    She shoots him down and brings him down with the revelation Anna is dying. The only person whom he ever could be himself around is going to be lost to him. I think it would have been more interesting for Don to consider what has chasing youth and beauty in women got him? He might have been happier with Anna.

    Best comic bits are Anna's sister, who is scandalized by Don's appearance and boxer wearing, Lane and Don discussing what percent of moviegoers are getting hand jobs, and Peggy (in her only scene) having to remind Joan of her boyfriend that noboby but her is taking seriously.