Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 11

The Gypsy and the Hobo

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2009 on AMC

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  • Don Draper breaks down...

    AMC certainly looks bent on letting Matt Weiner use its air waves as his creative outlet. Though this wasn't the usual fast moving, entertaining episode that draws more viewers or keep people glued to their seats, it sure was nice story seeing characters develop and do extraordinary things.

    Don Drapers greatest secret finally surfaces after Betty demands answers after seeing Dick Whitman's photos last week. There were a couple of interesting unexpected events here. Betty after learning that the real Mrs. Draper had a house gifted to her by Don, decides to file for a divorce. This comes at the time when her brother and she are fighting over Papa Gene's property. Her lawyer however advices her to prove Don's infidelity in court. But Betty's intentions are much more than Don's infidelity, she wants him to go down because of the lie he has been living with her. Don's infidelity is something she has accepted and it's something that doesn't bother her anymore. Don Draper's sham of a life also comes out, very evidently from what Suzanne tells him - that he will still be unhappy with or without her. And for this Don replies that he is happy right there right then, clearly defining the nature of relationship he want's with his women. The episode title simply put it all - he wants to be the hobo and his women the gypsy; no expectations from the future and no introspection of the past. John Slattery has had one heck of a storyline this time. For the first time he refuses to cheat on his wife with an ex flame of his. This storyline along with the dog food product one, provides a contrary perspective to the well known saying 'whats in a name'. The client Mathis refuses to relabel her product despite Don telling her that the name is tainted, which in a way tells us why Don changed his name, and never went back to Dick Whitman - because it was tainted. The other focus was on Joan's character. She has had enough of dealing with her loser of a husband, and her constant need to reassure him of his potential capabilities. The outlet was finally there when she smashes a vase on his head. Her woes are still not over yet, Harris makes an sudden decision to enlist in the Army. There is also a subtle hint that Sterling might still have a soft spot for Joan, despite the fact that he willing to play the loyal game with Jane.

    Nice episode, 2 more to go.
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