Mad Men

Season 3 Episode 11

The Gypsy and the Hobo

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 25, 2009 on AMC

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  • A series climax, for sure.

    There seems to be nowhere to go for this show but up. It started on a high, got better, kept getting better and is still getting better with every episode. There really is no other show like it, and this episode is a prime example of that.

    Betty's obviously distraught at revealing Don's secret of mammoth proportions. The bedroom scene where Don spills his life story - and is finally forced to feel the emotions he's been supressing for most of his life - is pivotal for the entire series.

    Not only does it let us see Don as a multi-layered character (the Shrek quote "I'm like an onion" springs unwantedly to mind), but if you pay attention you'll see that Betty is growing a backbone of pure steel.

    Now, it's difficult for a woman not to fall for Don. I know I certainly have. Chauvinism aside, we love him for his savvy, his charm, his primal sex appeal and for how he wears those suits. When Don was kicked out of the house (rightly so) a while back, we all nodded in approval - while at the same time thinking "But he's hot! Take him back!". But Betty is coming into her own, showing her strength as the strong and independant woman we know she really is beneath that high-gloss veneer of a 60s housewife. Now, all of a sudden, I find myself wondering if it wouldn't be more interesting than anything to see Betty break free of the shackles of marriage to Don.

    ... if for nothing else than to see Don let his bachelor behaviour have free reign...
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