Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 12

The Mountain King

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on AMC

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  • Mad Men may be getting back on track here.

    I heavily criticized the first half of Season 2, but the past few episodes of Mad Men have been delivering. I still cannot get into January Jones as an actress as anything Betty Draper related is awful, but the rest of the show was pretty entertaining. Elisabeth Moss was actually acceptable here and Jon Hamm didn't look as bored with the script as he usually does.

    We had some fine comedy from Roger Sterling and we saw that he may be in love with Joan, which led to Joan's husband taking advantage of her A Streetcar Named Desire style. Vincent Kartheiser gave another great performance and has to be the frontrunner for Outstanding Supporting Actor come Emmy time next year.

    Everything was fast-moving in this episode and the show just kept me guessing what would happen at the end. I still don't like how Mad Men creates drama for the entire episode then has a boring, pointless ending like Don splashing in the ocean. I'm not asking for teen drama style cliffhangers, but at least give us something.