Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 12

The Mountain King

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 19, 2008 on AMC

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  • Everyone thought this was the season finale, but it looks like there is one more episode left. Don sees an old friend who knows his secret. Sterling Cooper is sold. Betty comes to terms with Don not being there. Joan's chioce in men is suspect.

    Looks like there is one more episode even though I thought this would be the last one. The big developement for next week is what Don will decide, to stay in LA or go back to NY? Realistically, one would think he would go back to NY since I can't see anyone wanting to watch Dick the auto mechanic in LA. lol But you never know.

    Don clearly wants to stay in LA, but his scenes with his friend (Don Draper's real wife) were important as she knows about his kids and in flashbacks, Don told her about Betty and you could finally see that Don was in love at one time.She reminded him of his children, and this might be enough to get him back to LA.

    Joan's character got the most sympethetic portrayal yet as her fiancee practically raped her in her office as he picked up on the fact that sterling and joan were an item. To say she is settling to be married is an understatement. I liked the understanded way sterling said, "I thought you didn't like french food" and the fact that the fiancee picked up on that to mean what it was supposed to mean. Again this is challenging writing as everything was said without it being spelled out for viewers. One of the reasons I like this show is that a look or a casual remark means a much as grand getsures.

    Sterling Cooper was sold and Betty got some screen time as she tells her daughter Don and her are fighting. We got to meet Ms. Cooper and they certainly have a strange relationship. I was also suprised when he said he had to take care of sterling, which is a surprise since everyone assumes it was the other way around since he is so eccentric. Also liked Petes casual remark to peggy about how Don may not be coming back because he knows some things about him.

    Good episode as it had some back story about Don's life but it set up next weeks decision.
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