Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 5

The New Girl

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2008 on AMC

Episode Recap

Don meets with Bobbie alone and sees his old love Rachel and her husband. Don drinks and drives, crashes, and is arrested with Bobbie. Peggy bails them out and stashes Bobbie for a while so her bruises can fade. Don lies to Betty, using his undisclosed high blood pressure as the cause of the accident. Flashbacks reveal that Peggy was institutionalized and medicated after the birth of her baby. She is visited by her sister and mother; her sister looks pregnant. Don also visited Peggy and tells her to tell the doctors what they want to hear so she can leave and to forget the reason why she was there. Don helped Peggy to cover her absence and keep her job.

Joan becomes engaged and shows off her ring to her coworkers. Roger laments her engagement. Joan hires a new secretary for Don and warns her about her inappropriate display of decollete.
Pete and his wife visit a fertility specialist and Pete reveals his lack of desire to have children. Bobbie makes some observations and gives Peggy some advice about women in business controlled by men. Bobbie advises her to make Don and the men treat her as an equal by not treating them as being superior. Peggy takes the first step by calling Don by his first name.
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