Mad Men

Season 2 Episode 5

The New Girl

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2008 on AMC

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  • Don gets in an accident.

    I guess it looks like shows in 2008 based on 1962 can be unoriginal too. We have the generic getting into an accident story (has anyone ever driven a car on TV, ever, without crashing?) and the almost as overdone "revealing" secretary.

    This episode was boring, but not as much as the past couple of weeks. Why Peggy continues to get so much airtime will be question that will boggle my mind until next week's episode, when I will, without thought, ask it again. Vincent Kartheiser was good again this week, yet Pete is continually underutilized by the Mad Men program. Jimmy's wife is uber-annoying and her annoying presence is a constant downer on the show. I was actually considering granting this episode a higher rating, but the scene with the zipper pulling killed it.
  • An uncharacteristically uninteresting episode

    Okay, so on previous episodes, I didn't mind Bobbie too much (although she's a ho - Don is too though), but on the first 15 or so minutes of this episode - through to her in Peggy's apartment - I just didn't like seeing her at all. the whole beginning wasn't anything new & even Don looked as though he was bored. The only good thing that came of that whole event was having Peggy as Don's saviour. She has to be my favorite character on this show now. Absolutely calm, cool, & collected, it was interesting seeing her basically revert to the role of Don's secretary. I wasn't a big fan of Bobbie's lousing around Peggy's apartment either & especially of her condescending advice (although that last bit was valuable & was utilized well with Don later in the episode). I also am confused by the portrayals of Pete & his wife - are they supposed to be that fake or are the actors just over-acting? That whole scene after the discovery that Pete's semen is viable just felt too overdone & overreaching for emotion, but I did love Pete's reaction. The family scene at the end seemed to be written in almost as an afterthought - there was barely any Betty at all in this episode & I would have loved to have seen more. Also, I still love Joan & applauded her comment to "the new girl" - "your decolletage is distracting" & subsequent scolding. classic. Oh & lastly, 2 comic scenes that, in my view, totally failed: Pete in the doctor's office cut to Roger wacking the paddle-ball on the table & the bizarre zipper-Mozart. I'm only giving this episode a 7 because I do love this show & even though this was one of the show's weakest episodes in my opinion, it still is better than the majority of TV dramas.
  • don gets into an accident, peggy bails him out, there is a new hot secretary and pete and his wife go to the doctor

    This show in general is not for everybody, and things do develop slowly. I think the show is basically a reflection of the mores and attitudes of the early sixties, and is not plot driven by any stretch. The most common complaint I see about Mad Men is nothing "happens". If you want plot twists and shocking stories, this isn't the show for you. The plot exists mainly to show how the characters react and how the times it is set in affect their reactions.

    This episode is a classic example. Don's DUI and crash mainly served to showcase the 60's casual attitude about DUI's and set up peggy having to bail him out of a jam. (although the cop's comment showed how the attitude towards DUI would change in the future) Pete's sperm test also shows the time as it was almost unthinkable that anything could be "wrong" with him, and when when the test came back showing he was alright, it was almost as an afterthought since that kind of thing was seen as the wife's problem back then, not the husbands. When he orderdd his wife to sit down and she meekly did, it also showed the times they were living in.

    The secretary also once again showed the blantant sexual harrassment of the times. The fact that almost all the men there hit on her without any fear of a reprisal was again a slice of life look at the early sixties.

    Therefore, I thought the episode was good as it was consistent with the theme of the show, which is to show how the early sixties were through the eyes of this ad agency.
  • Glad to see MM back to old form!

    Finally we're getting to the good bits of season 2. I simply adored the way the writers finally recreated the whole atmosphere of the first season just by adding in some mystery and answering some of the questions raised on the show. We finally got to know about what happened immediately after Peggy gave birth and it isn't what we would expect it to be.

    I think I'm interested in this show again. The past few episodes have been such a bore I was almost going to give up on it. "The New Girl", along with the previous ep, made me change my mind.