Mad Men

Season 5 Episode 11

The Other Woman

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 27, 2012 on AMC

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  • The highs and the lows of SCDP

    The gang is preparing to seal the Jaguar account,but Peggy's not happy with the firm.She got an offer from a rival to have her work with a higher starting salary. She decided to leave Don and move on. It's good to do something better rather than suffering from people who don't care about you. Meanwhile Joan is being pimped by Pete to sleep with a creepy Jaguar dealer to close the deal,so she was willing to stoop so low like a whore.I thought she had confidence,but I don't feel sorry for her.I felt bad she didn't have her hair down after she slept with him. It's business,right? But selling your body to be a partner is selling out. 1967 could be a crazy year with the summer of love.But what Joan had done was a winter of lust. A high for Peggy and a low for Joan
  • The Other Woman

    Well, Mad Men, a show that has had no morals in the past tried to act as if they had morals tonight when they did not want to pimp out Joan for a big client. If you could ignore that, this was a very enjoyable episode that really offered something unique from what we were accustomed to seeing. It focused on one big issue, from everyone's point of view, and could very well be the show's Emmy submission.
  • Simply...

    ...The best Mad Men episode since the creation of the series. Absolutly perfect. Just perfect.
  • Sooo Pete's a Pimp now

    This episode is well worth the watch. It is extremely well written and it's leading the characters in an interesting direction. I would suggest not skipping this episode because there are some big plot points that come. Although this episode is called The Other Woman Trudy does not find out about what Pete has been up to (darn), it has to do with the Jaguar campain and how men should see it as being the other woman in their lives. In a more figurative sense it has to do with the fact that you shouldn't look at someone in just one way. Just like how there is another side to a coin there can be another side to a person as well. This episode shows the other sides to Joan, Peggy and Megan as well. If you enjoy Joan then you should watch this episode because this episode is once again mainly about her, Peggy and Megan's stories are the B and C stories. I give this episode a 10/10 its just that interesting.

    There are two main things to watch for in this episode. (Note very spoilery)The first has to do with Joan rising in the company ranks and it all starts with Pete and Ken talking to one of the execs of Jaguar Cars. Pretty much this guy tells them that they won't get them unless he spends the night with Joan. And Pete is totally for it and spends a lot of time convincing everyone that it is a good idea (wow its getting hard to like this guy now). And of course Joan is against it and quite insulted but when Pete talks about it with the rest of the partners they are surprisingly for it. All except for Don and Lane (but mainly cuz if she gets any money out of it he'll get caught). But anyways after realising that she needs the money she accepts it as long as she becomes a partner and own 5% of SCDP. I found the scene where Joan is with the Jaguar guy extremely sad because you can see it in her face that deep down she doesn't want to go through with it. That scene is interjected with scenes of Don pitching their Ad campaign to the Jaguar execs and it is a really well executed (and you can see that his pitch could be refering to a car or to a human being). But in the end even after Don tells Joan that she doesn't have to go through with it because it is wrong, that she's better than that and that they don't need the account if this is what they are asking for Don is surprised to see that the next day Joan is a partner. I think at this point he also has to think about whether or not they got the account because of Joan or if it was because of their ideas.

    The second big thing that happens in this episode is that Peggy quits and is switching to a new ad agency! Yeah this episode shows the event where Don just stepped a little too far with treating Peggy poorly. Over the past couple of episodes we have seen that Peggy has pretty much been ignored and that all of the clients are being given to Ginsberg. Well pretty much Peggy's quick thinking and ideas stopped another client from leaving SCDP and Don doesn't give the account to her but rather Ginsberg. She protests and he chucks money in her face telling her that if she wants to travel and go place to take the money. This was defiantly the straw that broke the camel's back cause she decides to look for work elsewhere and is offered a job with a higher salary quite quickly. In the end Don doesn't believe her, because she has been threatening to leave for a while and has never meant it. After realising that she means it he kisses her hand and they say goodbye and you can see in his face that he is really upset over this. And this episode ends with her walking out and nobody noticing (cept Joan). Yes defiantly an episode worth watching. I just want to see how the next two episodes turn out. And idk what people are talking about b/c these episodes are really good.