Mad Men

Season 5 Episode 13

The Phantom

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 10, 2012 on AMC

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  • The Phantom

    After some great episodes along the way this year, the season finale disappoints. The over the top directing at the end was really annoying, with the five partners staring out the window, and Don walking off the darkened set, it just came off as really phony.

    It had its moments, but they have destroyed the Pete character beyond repair, and no more Ed also is disappointing. Maybe the next season will build on this somehow, but I disagreed with a lot of what was done here.
  • Changes for next season.

    The season finale of 'Mad Men' was good. I've seen Megan getting her break in a commercial,Peggy trying to take it easy on her new job,and Roger buck naked after gettting high again.What's good about it is when they played "You Only Live Twice" at the end. What we need next season is more lines,quotes,and humor to affect the late 60's. We need men and women with longer hair and less of that clean-cut stiffness. We need more black characters. And references to Black millitancy,hippies,and vietnam to be more realistic. The show is coming to that time where the boiling point will be 1968. The time where Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy where killed. Oh,we need more music from the late '60 as closing themes.
  • A bit clunky, but lots of great hints for next season

    In retrospect, Pete's arc this season was pretty ridiculous. His rapidly increasing success should be plenty to make him happy, but like Don before him, he's not. Yet he lacks the excuse of the troubled upbringing and stolen identity situation to blame for his misdeeds. He's simply a case study in awfulness.

    Still not feeling Roger on drugs. He needs to get his eye on the prize (Joan).

    Loved everything about Don and Peggy meeting in the movies, but I hope it's not Peggy's farewell. It would be fun to watch her craft the Virginia Slims campaign.

    The last shot was perfect and telling for Don's next season. Excited for new office space and I'd presume a return to power for the firm (SCDC?).
  • Didn't understand the dream sequence

    Obviously Don Draper is dreaming at some points of this episode. He sees his dead brother in an office and when he is gassed for his tooth. Before that, he strangles a woman who disappears. The last scence is fantasy like with You Only Live Twice (once in your dreams and once in reality) playing in the background and Emily and Don don't acknowledge that they know each other so I was confused.
  • Pretty Good Season Final

    So season five is now officially over. Over all this was a very interesting season and this was a pretty good season finale. You do get to see Peggy for those who are curious but the episodes revolves around Don and Pete for the most part. Compared to the other season finals this one was ok, in a way it didn't really have the feeling of a season finale it kind of felt like a regular episode for me. But yes it was very interesting to see how the different characters deal with the "phantoms" in their lives. Don is faced with the phantom of being somewhat responsible for both his brother, Adam, as well as Lane killing themselves and he actually does see the image of his brother "haunting" him throughout the episode. Megan is faced with chasing a dream that she can't get (her acting career), and what her mother says to her about her dreams was pretty much what I thought as well. And Pete has to deal with not being able to get the life that he wants (and the whole situation with what happens to Beth is really sad).

    In this episode Don once again is faced with that fact that he is constantly losing the people around him and he is that type of man who needs people to depend on him and doesn't like the feeling of being alone. Whether they literally leave him (Adam) or are able to support themselves and don't need to depend on him anymore (Peggy). This episode also marks a point in which Megan doesn't need to depend on Don as much because he helps her boost her acting career by allowing her to star in a national commercial for one of his clients. So next year her career might take off and she won't need him to support her anymore.

    My favorite scene in this episode is when Don runs into Peggy at the movie theater and they catch up. It was cool to see them sitting together as equals and not have Don act superior towards her. But I think I kind of got more excited when I heard the theme to Casino Royale ('67 spoof version) playing in the background, because the thought of them watching that movie together is kind of funny.

    The end cliff hanger for this episode was really good. It starts with Joan getting the second floor for their offices, Peggy is able to travel and work on bigger accounts (wonder how she will affect SCDP next year), Roger is chasing his LSD high (and we do get to see his naked backside which I personally did NOT want to see) and Trudy allowing Pete to get his own apartment in the city. But the BEST part was the end in which Don goes into a bar and a woman asks him if he's alone and he just turns to her and it cuts to the credits. So I have a feeling that Don is going to revert to his old ways and act the way he did when he was married to Betty so I'm excited. Overall a pretty good episode, if you're a fan of Mad Men then you'll like it.

  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I can't exactly place why, but I for some reason really loved this episode. SO glad that stupid Pete finally got what was coming for him. Can't stand him! Also glad that Megan finally got her chance to shine. I really hope that Peggy won't be off the show though! She (and Joan of course) are two of my favorite characters! I also thought that the end was interesting, how it rotated through most of the main characters (Roger standing at the window hehe) and how Don seems to be reverting back to his old ways. I'll miss my weekly trips to the '60s, and I can't wait for season 6!
  • Finale? I need another episode.

    I love Mad Men, but the season finale was a let down. I love Drunk Don and Happy Don, but this limbo Don is no fun. I hope the next season starts with a big bang.