Mad Money

CNBC Premiered Jan 01, 2006 In Season


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  • Mad Money

    Mad money is about a person by the name of Jim Cramer who lets people know what he thinks about a stock they want are all ready have. I like to watch CNBC becaue i like know what is going on Wall Street Jim Cramer makes it fun for every one when you watch a show about Wall Street most people may think it is the boring thing But not me any Jim Cramer is the right per to watch if you want to know anything about a stock of a company on wall steet so if you need advice this is who i think you should watch the end.
  • You have to love this show... B-B-BA BOOYA!

    I was flipping through the channels one day and I stumbled apon a man throwing chairs at the wall and acting crazy. The last thing I would think it would be about was stocks.. Stocks are now fun! I never knew stocks could be so fun. He really gives great advice.. He is a genious.
  • JC is the King of the Bulls on Wall Street!

    Jim Cramer has the right attitude toward investing. He does not always get it right, but he is more right than wrong. So as long as you do not accept everything he says as gospel, then you'll do fine. His Main Events are becoming too much alike. His new commercials look interesting with him going back to school. I would imagine that each of those shows will be generic educational shows for all of the different techniques he writes about in his books.
  • A great entertaining and enlightening show. I watche it every day. Check out to chat during the show.

    I really enjoy the show Jim Cramer\'s Mad money. It\'s fun to watch Cramer\'s antics. The lightning round is an entertaining watch as well. It has helped me improve my stock picking and given me greater insight into the market. Check out to chat during the show. It\'s a great time.
  • Jim Cramer gives stock advice.

    This show is so incredible. Jim Cramer made me love stocks with his great attitute. He is loud but makes a lot of sense. Don't be intimidated by him, he really helps. I don't think people who dis like stocks should watch this. That's stupid. But this guy is great, he even has animations and sounds as he bounces across the room. I recommend this to any one interested in stocks. It will really get them motivated to get into stocks and get money. You can even call him for advice.

    Bottom line? WATCH IT! It's really good. Check check check check it out.
  • Who knew stocks could be fun?

    This show is great for advice on the stock market, especially novices. Jim tries to help out the average investor while keeping it entertaining. Those people who try to put down Cramer just because he gets something wrong once in awhile need their heads examined. Even the best analysts are never 100% right in the stock market.
  • Jim Cramer isn't out to make friends, he's out to make money!

    Jim Cramer is responsible for starting a new generation of inverstors and rejuvinating the old ones. He is nothing short of a master! He knows every stock in the book, and he's constantly on top of every company. A true need for anyone with money in the market! He's actually getting people to tune in the CNBC! He should get a medal!
  • Jim has great personality to meet all types. He cares about your investments and I trust him. A genious who knows the business inside out. He deserves having his own show.

    Jim exhibits a blue/white collar personality. He can get down and dirty with you and immediately rise to level of the top brass. He is for real and cares about your investments. Can switch funny to serious instantly. I trust him. Glad he has own show. He deserves it.
  • Wonderful Show. Thanks to Jim Cramer who is a genius.

    Jim Cramer is a multi-faceted genius. He is a comic genius, with his dry sense of humor, which makes his show enjoyable on more than just one level. Also, he is an economic genius, always right on his major stock picks, which leads so many people to make Mad Money, just by following his tips.