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A new animated series based on the content from "Mad Magazine." Each episode contains a collection of short-animated parodies of television shows, featured films, games, celebrities, and other media using several forms of animation.

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  • BAD is more like it!

    Thank god that this trash has ended. It was not even funny to begin with.

    First off, it's a rip off of Robot Chicken with less creativity and potty humor. The only skit I liked from this show was "My Little Pwny" and Dora throwing up. At least they were funny, while all the other skits were unfunny. What makes it a big disgrace is that it is called MAD. Why call it MAD, it gives MAD TV a bad name.

  • It's MAD funny... Sometimes....

    MAD is just one of those tv shows when there is nothing good on for me. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it's just boring. Some of the jokes are repetative and all they can come up with is using their old jokes. I do like the MAD news reporter guy in the first few seasons. But then he turned into stuff you have missed. I really prefer the news reporter. Gonna talk about the skits. The only good parts are the mini skits and the commercials. The longer skits feel the same. The voices all sound the same in every episode, but I can't complain they got a few voice actors. I usually like the skits that have other cartoons in it. I just like seeing different styles of animation of the character. Overall, MAD is a good show but needs to pump up some more jokes and stop being repetative with them.moreless
  • i hate mad

    hi mad,

    i hate you
  • Humor over quality.

    I'm very mixed about MAD. On the positive side, it's a very funny show that made me laugh on more than one occasion and I like it when it shows characters from other cartoons like Pokemon and MLP:FIM. On the negative side, however, it has poor quality animation, a non-existing plot, and barely any music. This is what happens if a show focuses more on humor than quality. If this show adds a bit more quality, it would be nearly perfect.moreless
  • Why did CN green light this?

    I hate this show. It ruins the real shows and movies that this show parodies and it is also overboard on some gross jokes. I really hope Cartoon Network does`nt renew this "quality show" for anouther season, because it really smears culture and makes litiure and film look very bad. Please please please please please please please please please please pretty pretty please cancel this CN. PLEASE!!!!!!!

    Comic-Con 2012: The First Panel Announcements Include Fringe, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries

    Plus: Preview Night includes screenings of Arrow and Revolution, and Fringe heads to Hall H.

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    cultural phenomenon, pop culture references, pop culture observations, sight gags galore, topical humor