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  • Season 1
    • 9/6/10
      Avaturd: After disguising himself as one of the Na'vi, Corporal Jake Smelly heads off to learn their ways.

      CSiCarly: The CSI: Miami group and the cast of iCarly coolaborate to try and solve the mystery.
    • 9/13/10
      Trans-Bore-Mores: The Trans-Bore-Mores are on the search for the Rock of No-Talent-Tron while they are going on vacation. Groan Wars: The Republic attempts to stop Count Poo-Poo.
    • 2012 Dalmatians: During the year 2012, Dalmation puppies of all sizes rain down from the sky and flooding the Earth. Grey's in Anime: The hospital physicians try to save their patient from dying in an anime version.
    • 9/27/10
      Star Blecch: The Star Blecch crew attempts to stop their archenemy, Captain Zero, from annihilating Schlock's homeworld. uGlee: The uGlee Club tries to prove to the musical academy that they are worthy of being students.
    • WALL-E-Nator: The WALL-E-Nator attacks people who are littering by turning them into cubes. Extreme Renovation: House Edition - Superman's Fortress of Solitude: The Extreme Renovation transforms Superman's Fortress of Solitude into a simple little house.
    • Pirates of Neverland: At Wit's End: Jack Sparrow assists Captain Hook to defeat Peter Pan. Batman Family Feud: The Batman family enters the Family Feud game show in order to catch the Riddler.
    • 10/18/10
      Cliffordfield: Clifford the Big Red Dog rampages the city of New York. Big Time Rushmore: A big-time record producer recruits George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln into becoming a rock boy band.
    • Fantastic Megan Fox: Megan Fox steals the best features off of Hollywood's three most beautiful actresses so that she'll be the most fantastic fox ever. Mad vs. Wild: Bear Grylls demonstrates the many ways of surviving in the wilderness with disastrous results.
    • I Love You, Iron Man: Iron Man is in a search for a guy friend. Ben 10 Franklin: Benjamin Franklin obtains the Omnitrix from a lightning accident during his kite flying, and uses it to morph into several different aliens.
    • Class of the Titans: The gods attend school and have a football competition. Zeke and Lex Luthor: Zeke meets Superman's archnemesis named Lex Luthor, and they compete in skateboarding together.
    • S'up / Mouse M.D.
      Episode 11
      S'up: Carl Fredricksen is visited by the celebrities from Jersey Shore. Mouse M.D.: The Mouse goes to the House M.D. and causes problems there insteading of fixing them.
    • 11/22/10
      DaGrinchy Code: Tom Hanks, Nicolas Cage, and Indiana Jones arrive in the city of Who-Town to solve the mystery of who stole Christmas. Duck: A group of spies unintentionally recruited a duck on the team in order to solve the mystery.
    • Snott Pilgrim vs. the Wonderful World of Disney: Snott Pilgrim must do battle against the seven dwarfs from the world of Disney after he started dating Snow White.

      Malcolm in the Middle Earth: While trying to get the One Ring, Malcolm has to do a science project in order to pass in Middle Earth School.moreless
    • 2/14/11
      Pokemon Park: When the gang looks into Pokemon Park, they find out why the Pocket Monsters and humans are not meant to coexist. WWER: The World Wrestling Entertainment and medical practice from ER come together.
    • So You Think You Can Train Your Dragon to Dance: Hiccup proves to others that dragons can be trained to dance. Yo Gagga Gagga: Lady Gaga's dolls Taylor Swift, T-Pain, Miley Cyrus, and Triple H turn against their giant mistress and her peculiar tenancies.
    • The Straight A-Team: The Straight A-Team comes to tutor a schoolboy from all of his failing grades. Gaming's Next Top Princess: The contest determines which of the three female video game characters will bring home the grand prize.
    • The Buzz Identity: When Buzz Lightyear suffers amnesia, he takes a few steps trying to remember who he is. Two and a Half-Man: Alan must put up with the ordeals of his brother Charley and his centaur son Jake while dealing with the characters from The Chronicles of Narnia that Jake invited to a party.moreless
    • Are You Karate Kidding Me?: Mr. Han trains Dre to compete against Po in the martial arts tournament. Fresh Prawn of Bel-Air: An alien prawn named Will is forced by the government to move in with his rich aunt, uncle, and cousin.
    • Hops / Naru-210
      Episode 19
      Hops: When E.B. runs away to Hollywood to establish a rock band, the rabbit tries to avoid the cops so that he won't be appoint the role of the new Easter bunny. Naru-210: Unable to stop his countless immature acts, Naruto is transferred to East Beverly high school in Beverly Hills, California. However, the ninja boy adjusts instantly and competes for prom king title in hopes that it will make him a Hokage.moreless
    • 5/9/11
      KoBee Movie: KoBee leaves the beehive and sets out to challenge Kobe Bryant in a game of basketball. Law and Ogre: Shrek the ogre takes the law into his own hands to solve the mystery.
    • 5/16/11
      Pooh Grit: After Tigger bounces his father, Christopher Robin enlists Winnie the Pooh as the toughest but lazy marshal to track him down.

      Not-a-Fan-a-Montana: Hannah Montana lost all her fans to Justin Bieber, and she is determined to stop the Canadian pop star at all costs.
    • The Social Netjerk: When Mark's girlfriend broke up with him, he decides to invent a social website with his friend Eduardo. Soon the site becomes a popular hit, but Mark gets sued by Eduardo, the Winklevoss Twins, Sean Parker, the real Mark Zuckerberg, and Michael Cera. Smallville: Turn Off the Clark: After Smallville ended, Clark wears his Superman suit, and Julie Taymor and Bono offer Clark to star in a musical based on his finished series.moreless
    • TwiGH School Musical: After transferring from East High School arrive at Forks High School, things get bizzare for Bella, the Cullen family, and Jacob who find their upbeat attitude and sing insufferable. Avenger Time: After recovering the cosmic cube from their archenemy, Red Skull, the Avengers are accidentally transported to the Land of Ooo.moreless
    • 6/6/11
      ArThor: ArThor gets banished to Earth by Odin, and must prove himself responsible enough wield his powers. Once on Earth, he teams up with a chameleon named Rango and a mortal girl named Jane. Big Fang Theory: Edward and Jacob begin arguing over their new neighbor Bella in the style of an animated sitcom.moreless
    • 6/13/11
      Ribbetless: When Kermit ate a butterfly, he transforms into an anthropomorphic frog with heightened intelligence. He begins to experience his new life when he learns various talents overnight, and begins to pursue his career in show biz. The Clawfice: Wolverine and the X-Men make their appearance at the Scranton branch of the Dunder Miffin paper company. But things get ugly when both different teams compete to see which group is better.moreless
    • 6/20/11
      Force Code: Colter Stevens from Source Code is sent mentally back in time many times to try and prevent the destruction of the Death Star, but couldn't get the job done right. Flammable: Katy Putty sings her new number entitled "Flammable" as a reminder to all stop motion-animated and puppet characters that they are are merely flammable and not so special.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
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