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    [41]Nov 26, 2011
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    Because it's better now than never

    EPISODE 09:

    X-Men: Third Class

    *Animated Mariginal: Flying Plane gets hit by Giant Fly-Swatter

    *Raining Cats & Dogs

    *Ad: The Flash's Jogging Suit! (100% wieght-loss guaranteed, 0% ability to stop)

    *Santa and the Elves stop the Grinch!

    *MAD PSA: Why 6-year-olds should not use 3D on Nintendo 3DS

    *MAD Security Camera

    *Spiderman uses web to capture flies

    *Ad: Upcoming series premiere of Medieval Family!

    Spy vs. Spy

    *Animated Mariginal: Posing as a soldier, Alfred E. Neumen unpins a grenade, only to accidentally throw the pin instead

    *Ad: Curtain Strips: A Must-Want for anybody who wants to teach those pesky cats not to climb their drapes! (Parody of Fly Strips)

    *Boys gets so mad he got an F on his test that he transforms into a robot and vaporizes his teacher

    Irregular Show

    Next Episode (I decided to let the season go on): The Lion, The Witch, and the PORTAL/TBA

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    [42]Dec 4, 2011
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    I just finished editing my LAST episode idea, and although I've only got an episode with the two main episode sketches thought up, I want to put them down now so that I don't forget them later! This will also be my season one finale for my fan-episodes of "MAD," so it is going to go out with a BANG! "Hairy Potter and the Sorcerer's Apprentice," has Samson of "Camp Lazlo" playing a HAIRY version of the title wizard, and when he goes to Camp Castle Hogwarts, he learns magic, and an evil secret held by a Sorcerer's Apprentice! "Hairy Potter On Her Majesty's Secret Service," has Samson, after completing his first year at Hogwarts, already renowned as a gifted wizard in the making. And because of this, the Queen of England has called for Samson's help in protecting her against a mysterious evil that is turning her loyal bodyguards into stone statues! Samson must realize the courage afforded to Gryffindor camp-goers/students by defeating the plague of evilness in order to save the Queen of England! / Episode Notes: This episode marks the second time that a movie and it's direct sequel have been parodied in the same episode, this episode also marks the second-time that the First Sketch and the Final Sketch have been epic five-minute affairs instead of normal one-minute sketches. / I'll finish up this episode later! Enough said, for now!

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    [43]May 4, 2012
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    Turks (Spoof on Clerks)

    Fred Frigglehorn, Angry Nintendo Nerd, Mario, Link and a boy named Luc start working as video game clerks in 1992 Video game town Nintendo City.

    American Poop Trailer

    Mad,s guide to monsters

    Scooby Doo convicted of Scooby Snack Theft

    The Blair Mitch Project

    Barney goes to toilet

    Annoying Mickey Mouse

    McDonald,s day off

    Spy VS Spy (Fritz the cat is chased by the White Spy and Black Spy in a old torn down theater hallway in Chicago. The White Spy and Black Spy go to the toilet for a break while Fritz gets 2 faulty cable wires and sticks them into the 2 toilet shocking the butts of the White Spy and Black Spy. Fritz takes over the comic and becomes Mad's cat editor after getting Hitler to chase the editors)

    Ben 10 cancelled for M TV music video

    Reservoir Frogs (Spoof on Reservoir Dogs and Frogger)

    A group of 6 criminal frogs leaded by Frogger plan to make a big heist at the Fly Bank in New Frogsvill. But it goes wrong when one of them is actually a undercover bullfrog cop and plans to steal the flies and eat the other frogs of the group one by one.

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    [44]Jul 2, 2012
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    Game of Corns (spoof on Children Of The Corn and Game OfThrones)

    The royal families of Westeros battle against King Stephen King of thechildrenof the corn who want to take over theserialfranchise of their show.


    TrueFUD (Parody of True Blood andElmerFUD)

    Munster (Parody trailer of The Munsters andBritishmovie Monster)

    Infrediuos (Parody trailer of Insidious and Fred Frigglehorn)

    Matt Damon Hits onAngelinaJolie

    Savanna Hired dogassassincommercial

    Rejectedgovernment files

    Malt (Parody on Salt and Milk)

    A female CIA agent is mistaken for being a agent to the gay couple in Modern Family.

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    [45]Jan 3, 2013
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    You know that TV show Beyblade Metal Fury, well I have had this idea for a while. Since they say let it rip a lot I was thinking fart monsters and Santa being too fat to fit down a chimney. I think mad should put wedgie ninja in some of the episodes. It's from regular show, and then they should do one flash of the news show so they can scare kids because of the paranormal activity.

    Edited on 01/03/2013 5:43pm
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    [46]Jul 1, 2015
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    inside pooh/superman why


    inside out and Winnie the pooh

    super why and superman

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