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  • Well MAD isn't the worst thing we've seen from Cartoon Network, but it certainly isn't the best.

    MAD is an animated sketch comedy series produced by Warner Brothers and distributed and shown on Cartoon Network.

    Now your experience of MAD may change depending on the episode you watch. The show has 2 main sketches and several minor sketches. The main sketches: Some of can be a guilty's pleasure at times or they can be just plain cheesy. MAD can sometimes have good minor sketches like Spy Vs. Spy but you can also get ones with a lot of potty humor. An example would be a guy popping a pimple and a load of puss would come out. Fart jokes, etc. They're occasional, yet they can be are really annoying. There is also celebrity humor some people may like it some people may not, but I don't like MAD's tendency to use the same humor about the same celebrities. I know one time they used the same joke about Lady Gaga wearing funny clothes. I don't know if they'd done done this more times. Another thing is the spoof ideas.. Sure there are some a really liked, but some just look like the writers had a bunch of cards and chose two things to put together. They just made a word pun for the title and continued on and combined the two movies/shows/books and kept adding references similar to the subject. I know they could have done better at certain points introducing and executing the humor rather than going overboard.

    MAD can be fun to watch at times but other times it seems like they keep shoveling out spoof ideas without a sense of wittiness or cleverness. The show can also be a little less obnoxious. The writers may need to get a bit more organized and be able to separate the good ideas from the bad ideas. 6/10
  • Meh...

    Some jokes can force a chuckle out of me. The Cliffordfield skit was really funny. Lol. But the humor is overall pretty bad. Just a bunch of fart jokes, video game references, and pop culture rolled up into a 15 minute segment.
  • Is this supposed to entertain?

    Do I really need to go in depth on this? The writing is so lame that even toddlers won't find this funny. Just take two existing franchises, somehow make a pun title, and force in a scenario that doesn't make any sense. The jokes themselves are infantile. Absurdity may work for some jokes but this is a major example on how it can be executed poorly. As much as I love seeing celebrities undeserving of their fame to be taunted to death, I think this only ended up flattering them instead. If you want to watch a show that parodies iconic shows and celebrities and you don't mind some crude humor, stay up and watch "Robot Chicken". Trust me, the laughs are more genuine.
  • boooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnng!!!!

    just dumb and boring,none of the jokes are funny and when is hear the title music i wanna joke someone.cartoon network has officially killed themselves by canceling the good shows.
  • Lamest show ever.

    Parodying is one thing but making fun of our faves is drawing the line into hating it. Cartoon Network better cancel that show as the ratings turn from lame to worst.
  • A wast of time and space on my TV

    the only thing i watch on that show is the 10 seconds of Spy vs Spy

    other than that its nothing but celebrities throwing up of being mocked Cartoons r suppose to make you laugh, not sick, annoyed, or want to insert knives into your ears and eyes.

    If MAD made a show purely of Spy vs Spy i would actually watch it

    but since it isn't, I would rather bite down on a cactus

  • Its not that bad

    I mean yeah some of the jokes are corny and/or played out but at the end of the day who doesnt like making fun of celebs especially when they're the ones you dont like. lol
  • this show is terrible

    No joke this show is soooo bad. It relies on pop culture references to seem like it is funny such as making fun of twilight, justin bieber, and etc. Seriously if you're gonna make fun of something that has already been made fun of a million times. They probably look up jokes about a pop culture reference from the internet and put it on the show because the writers themselves are just terrible. Most of the kids watching this show probably don't even understand most of the references. The kids are just gonna use the references in coversation and not even understand what it means. The references are just plain rude and sometimes just don't even make sense or just really explains the obvious reasons or facts about the person which iI guess are trying to made into comedy. They try to hard to make this show "hip" with people my age. People my age don't even find this funny. They also combine two things that don't even relate to each other in the slightest way and try so hard. Seriously this show is not even remotely funny, it's about as exciting as a wet pickle. This show was made for kids who have no sense of humor and still make fun of Justin Bieber and other things that girls like. So immature... I wish I can say more about this show but my utter hate for this show can't even be expressed in this review.
  • It was Mediocre at first, but now it's just appalling.

    The be honest with you, I liked it at first, it needed improvement, but it still got a few giggles out of me. I especially liked the Jersey Shore parody. By the time it was season 2, I gave up on this show. Before it had a few gross jokes here and there (I always HATED how it did that) but it would still have pretty funny jokes. Now it seems to think that it was the crude jokes that gave it success to begin with. Wrong. That was the worst part. I find it especially annoying how the random characters seem to throw up in EVERY DAM EPISODE. Like, hahaha that sooo funny! It makes me sick, literally. Anyway, to top it off. It never got the improvement it needed, and in fact got worst. Also, what is it with the mixed animations? Like, they'll show a celebrity head on a drawn body, what? I also hate how they put so many freaking parodies in one sketch (like someone else said on here..)! Another thing to add, why are they making fun of shows on it's OWN NETWORK. They even made fun of Regular Show, REGULAR SHOW. IT'S OLDER TWIN. No, I'm not one of those sensitive morons who get offended because someone made fun of their favorite shows, I just hate how it makes fun of shows on the same network. Yeah, that's gonna bring success CN.

    All and all. I hate this show with a passion now, and I hope that it ends soon. Sorry fans!
  • One of my guilty pleasures

    I don't know if I've said this earlier, but I love sketch shows. From Saturday Night Live, to In Living Color, sketch shows can be entertaining, creative, and funny. However, I don't think there's been an animated sketch show, so when I heard about MAD, I got intrigued. So I saw a bunch of episodes and...

    The show is basically making fun of anything popular nowadays, from Paranormal Activity and Pirates of the Caribbean, to Justin Bieber and Dora the Explorer. In fact, the main hook of the show is taking two popular culture icons, and combine them into one story, whether it makes sense to, or not. And for the most part, not. But we'll get to that in a second. There's also other sketches, such as Spy vs. Spy, where two spies continuously try to outsmart one another in killing one another, Celebrities without their Makeup, Mad News, which is a parody of news broadcasts, and fake commercials.

    What are the good things about this show? First off, the character design is very creative. While the backgrounds, and animation is just ok, and even the designs aren't that great. But the thing is that it's all unique; from traditional animation, to computers, to photoshopping actors, and animating them, while looking like paper, it's different for every episode, and gives it an extra charm. Also, I'm a fan of the shorts in-between the main ones, especially Spy vs. Spy. Highlights also include the fake commercials, Ask your Celebrity, and Rejected Characters.

    However, there are some problems with this show. My main issue is the main two segments. Now, they aren't horrible, but they combine two items into a confusing, cluttered mess. For example, one segment had Shrek and Law and Order together. That's confusing. Sometimes, it works, like Peter Pan meets Pirates of the Caribbean, but the majority give some clutterness, though again, it isn't horrible, as it can be funny, and gives a touch of creativity, but it's distracting, as you're thinking, "How can two different genres combine into one?" Also, there's a lot of toilet humor, including farting, and BARFING! How is vomit be ok for a kids show?

    Overall, Mad is an good show; It's not the best of CN, and I don't even think there's that many good stuff about it, but it is entertaining. Watch it, and see if it's good for you.
  • This show makes fun of other shows

    I wonder if the shows that they make fun of will sue them for spitting on their name. And it is not just that the jokes are horrible. its just not funny.

    And they are constantly making fun of twilight. What do they have against twilight.

    I know this is short but their isnt really much to talk about.

    0 out of 10
  • mad is terrible Cartoon Network show

    mad is terrible Cartoon Network show

    My dad used to get MAD magazines, and as a kid,I wasn't allowed to look at the magazine because Mom thought it too raunchy but now that I'm into the show it's almost like the magazine.The show has that same essence of the magazine, the parodies are in the same likeness of the Mad of old just more modern with todays stars being the topic. I like it alot!
  • I love MAD magazine and its satires and parodies, and while this show may give me a laugh here and there I have to admit this show could have been done better

    MAD magazine, one of my all time favorite magazines of all time, is no stranger to TV shows. MAD first had a TV show on Comedy Central that ended in 2009 and that show was really funny. So when I heard that CN was doing a MAD cartoon, I was excited and hyped to see it. So after seeing three episodes of MAD, I was left rather disappointed as to what happened. While the show does do the good old satires and parodies, there seemed to be something off. I wasn't laughing as much and while they did get a few laughs from me, I just wasn't laughing as much. With the exception of the iCarly parody this show did, THAT was funny and the best satire I have seen. The humor in this show stays true to the MAD format of crude humor, but I noticed that the show relies a little too much on toilet humor and I don't really mind it, but when the show uses toilet humor 70% of the time, it ruins it. The Spy vs. Spy segments though were very enjoyable and were the only parts of the show that got plenty of laughs from me. The animation is nice and smooth and the artwork is just like the ones seen in the MAD comics. I was just disappointed overall in this show. It may get a few laughs from me every now and then, but that's only because of the concepts I am familiar with in MAD Magazine and the MADtv show. Other than that, the show is just not that funny, and I do apologize to the fans of this show. I say stick to the MADtv show than this.
  • Meh, this show's alright...

    A recently animated series based on the content from "Mad Magazine." Each episode contains a collection of short-animated parodies of television shows, featured films, games, celebrities, and other media using several forms of animation. Meh, in my opinion, I think this show is alright. I use to think it was good, but then eventually I got a little tired of it. A few things that bothers is Spy vs. Spy, the crappy animation, fart humor, and references to stuffs I hate/don't care. Spy vs. Spy use to be funny and amusing imo, but then it got old and I'm sick of it. <:( The animation...OMG. It is so annoying. One of them look like El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. Not ONLY the animation, I but really hated that show as well. It is just awful. Fart humor is overused. Enough said about that. Last, the references to stuffs I never like/cared of. Such as Justin Bieber (MEH, no one cares about this guy!!), iCarly (the Ay Carly wasn't even funny...), Twilight (OK, that's enough awful parodies/references we had for this stupid movie series), and others. As for positive, I only laughed at whenever I need to. The funniest episode was Clliford (when he was invading the city) / Big Time Rushmore (it was hilarious). because I LOL'd so hard at the Goomba crying for his friend when Mario crushes him. I had a couple more favorite, but the rest of them just mediocre/okay level. Overall that will my rating: 5/10.
  • Just as good as the magazine, everything is fresh.


    This, to me, is like a new generation MAD is trying to entertain. I see that most of the people here hate this series, but the OTHER generation that has been tried was cancelled 2 years ago(or sometime during 2008/2009). So this is a new chance for MAD to be successful, give it a chance, watch it. You'll like it. :)(: :D

  • Cartoon Network's own version of Robot Chicken

    As much as I love Robot Chicken,I love this show too.It's basically spoofs of tv,movies,video games and pop culture.I just love it because it's so random with all of those sketches.But my favorite sketch so far is Pirates Of the Neverland.I give it an A.

    Comedy:FINALLY,a CN show that has humor.

    Animation:A mix between Stop motion,clay-mation and many more.

    Voices:Of course,the creators of Mad really picked great jokes and wrote great lines.

    Okay,So now you know that this is my new favorite show next to Fish Hooks.But the rest of the shows like Regular Show and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. are just retarted.
  • This show is inappropriate for kids and extremely not funny. It should really be taken off the air, that and Problem solvers, fail cartoon network, just fail. What a waste of animation.


    The show really lacks creativity, its just a bunch of people making fun of other people not even in a funny way just an "Obvious" boring way. And kids who watch this show don't really care about actors and movies that came out. Mad tv on comedy central was good but this cartoon mess is just....a shame a waste of time. As soon as it comes on I turn off the t.v. not even change the channel, I feel like T.V has completely died until that show if off. Please take this car off the air and replace it with actual good cartoons, bring something old back cause this new your worse work yet. Its been on the air so long that I couldn't believe anyone would give this show anything less then a 1. Cartoon network disappoints me with shows like these, I've been watching this network all my life and's some other crap shows, "Destry build Destry, The hole in the wall, Dude what would happen,6teen, Problem solvers, too many total drama island reruns" Annnnoyyyingg shows, horribly made and talks about nothing, I miss the 90s -_- where have the good writers gone? I mean its called cartoon network...get the rest of those crappy shows off and stop playing scooby do and star wars re-runs...and no more non-cartoon related reruns!!!!


    Cartoon Network, it's about time you made a show like this. For the first in a long time, CN has something news on it that makes me LAUGH! This show is very zany, with great humor in a lot of sketches and skits, like "Mouse M.D.", "Snot Pilgrim", or "Grey's In Anime". I also love how they still reference the MAD Magazine by using Spy vs. Spy and cartoons from Don Martin. While there is the occasional toilet humor that makes me gag, the show still makes me laugh, and I think it's Cartoon Network's best in a LONG time!
  • Good but not great

    Good but not great. Based upon Mad magazine, each episode is a collection of short animated parodies of television shows, movies, games, celebrities and other media using various types of animation. The series premiered on September 6th, 2010. MAD is a Cartoon Network American animated sketch comedy series created by Kevin Shinick & Mark Marek. Produced by Warner Bros. Animation, it can be considered a successor to the cancelled FOX series MADtv (though MAD is more faithful to the source material than MADtv was, MAD is animated while MADtv had live-action and animation, and MAD, despite its TV-PG rating on Cartoon Network, is aimed more at children than MADtv, which was rated TV-14 and was aimed at teenagers and adults to serve as a rival to NBC's Saturday Night Live).
  • Are you MAD that you wasted your time watching this? Cause I know I am.

    Seriously, when I first watched the previews for this, it looked terrible. So when I first watched this show it was a tad better than I expected, but it was still pretty terrible. So basically, MAD is about parodies of other shows, video games, brands, etc. So the plot does seem decent enough, but I still have many problems with this show. The first problem I encountered was the double-crossing parodies. I don't mind it at all, but when there are three or parodies into one single parody clip, then that's when I get annoyed. Another problem I have is the artwork. God, how hideous it is. It's just a bunch of crummy bodies with human heads. The animation is just as terrible, for comes off as horrific and choppy. The lip syncs are off as well, and the voices are very poor compared to most shows CN currently airs. Now lets talk about the humor itself. Some parodies are good, but most of them come off as weak and rather terrible. The Spy vs. Spy bits though were very good, enjoyable, and laughable. So basically, the humor comes off as very poor. I haven't read the MAD magazines or watched the MADtv, though people have said they were better. So overall, while there are some good parodies, MAD is a very poor show that only adds to CN's poor reputation. Due to the fact that show suffers from terrible animation and artwork, poor parodies, and weak humor, this show is best left to the die-hard MAD fans.

    Presentation 5/10 Plot is decent, but the parodies are very weak when they come to storylines.

    Animation: 2/10 Artwork is ugly and beyond hideous, and the animation is very choppy and bad as well.

    Voice: 3/10 Lip Syncs are off cue, and many of the voices used are very poor and lifeless.

    Entertainment: 5/10 Some parodies are good, and the Spy vs. Spy bits are enjoyable but most parodies fail when it comes to humor.

    Lasting Appeal: 3/10 The plot may attract some people out there, but the fact that it's overshadowed by messy animation and poor parodies, you will have a hard time watching MAD.

    FINAL SCORE: 4.5/10 Letdown
  • Here's how this show is written

    In the writer's room:
    Guy 1: Alright guys. what puns you got for me today?
    Guy 2: How about Ay Carly?
    Guy 1: Perfect! Write a sketch about it!
    Guy 3: Ok. Um, "Hulked" on Phonics?
    Guy 1: Type it up!
    Guy 4: Those puns don't even make sense.
    Guy 1: Johnson! We talked about this. As long as it appropriate for kids It doesn't matter. Kids are idiots, they'll eat it up.
    Guy 4: I hate this show.
    Guy 1: We all do Johnson. We all do...
  • Hate this show with every fiber of my being.


    Let me start off by saying that this has got to be one of the worst shows ever aired on CN.

    The puns are lame, the humor is lame, and it's just overall unfunny. I feel like I'm losing brain cells when I watch it. I've given it alot of chances, and with every chance my hopes are crushed. It tries SO hard to be funny, that it's annoying. It's completely un-origional, and I personally think that the audience it's aiming for are probably drooling two year olds.

    "Okay, so the guy starts using a can-opener, and then his wife comes in and tells him that he's using a can opener on a SANDWHICH! HAHAHAHAHA HOW CREATIVE!!!!1111!!1!one111!"

    They make references to celebrities CONSTANTLY. That gets old, I hear a, "Justin Beiber is a girl." crack online almost every day. I'm pretty shocked that they havn't done a rebecca black parody yet.

    If they did, I'm pretty sure that it would be about Rebecca black singing 'friday' nasally in her car, then realizing her car is actually a transformer, who converses with her about her bad singing, rebecca becomes terrified and crashes into a tree, the tree then comes to life, and makes a 'wizard of oz' pun. End parody. (this is what all mad sketches are like)

    Also, I hate how CN advertizes it's own shows with it by trying (I use the term 'trying' losely.) to parody it in some un-funny mannor. It's like they're trying to get more publicity through it, which I can't stand.

    They try to be like Robot Chicken, but fail miserably. It has great potential, but the writes wouldn't understand humor if it smacked them in the face. This show is blasphemy, and once everyone sees how awful of a show it is, and it gets canceled, may it be buried deep into the ground,and never be allowed to surface the earth again. Amen.

    No offense to immature preteen fans or anything, and I don't care how many thumbs down I get, this show deserves to burn in cartoon hell.

  • When it's good it's hilarious when it's bad it's dreadfull


    I have only watched a few episodes and started watching it today. Some of it I found really funny an some of it I just turned off. It reminds me of Robot Chicken but Robot Chicken is alot better. I think the animation is good for some gags and terrible for others, the voice actors are a bit bad but I guess there ment to take the mickey outta the shows. Overall I think the show is good in some ways and bad in others it is not my favourite show but I will watch it every now and then!

  • Absolutely great. No word to explain it but this show is awesome.

    I'm going to break it down it into segments and review them.

    Avaturds: I really like avatar so I wasn't sure I wanted them making fun of it, but it was really funny and the animation was weird but awesome. Favorite part was when it had the smurf. Ha!

    Bieber bowl: This was probably the best part of the show. Just keep spinning

    Spy vs. Spy: Just as funny as in the magazine, really funny

    Rejected transformers: How do they come up with this kind of stuff!

    Celebrity birthdays: This was the only thing i didn't really like, just wasn't that funny.

    Where's Lady Gaga: I love it when the make fun of celebrities.

    CSicarly: Just one word AWESOME!!!!!!
  • I remember a time when Cartoon Network was my favorite channel of them all... But Now... we have shows like this.


    Cartoon Network used to have some of the best shows on Television. Now, we have lame shows, such as (People who like Cartoon Network, skip this) Adventure Time, Chowder, Flapjack, Re-Animated, The Amazing World of GumBall, and other lame "Real" shows. And Most recently, this excuse for a show.

    I like to critique things in a certain way, so here goes.

    The Humor: The humor in this is sub-par, and the par is zero. Bland humor runs rampant throughout this show.

    Animation: Two Words: Crap-py.

    Parodies: Some of my favorite things and people have been torn to shreds on this show, in it's strive for what it likes to call "Humor".

    Overall, I think this and the other shows listed above need to be taken out back and put out of their misery.

    1/10= Gag!

    That's all for now.

  • I tuned in to Cartoon Network for the first time in ages. Boy, have cartoons gone down hill!

    I give Chowder credit for being a cute, likable though slightly annoying kid show. Adventure Time has the sort of corny, lame humor that draws youngins in.

    I didn't know what I was watching at first. Tigger from the beloved Winnie the Pooh series attacked a man, and then the man's son vowed to find him. It ended with Tigger dead, made into a fur rug.

    I was mortified. Roadkill was funny, but not childhood idols dead.

    And who is the audience? I can't really figure it out. Is it the 90s kids, who grew up with the technology, cartoons and celebrities that I did? I don't think they'd like it very much. It's like a toned down version of Robot Chicken, with the endless satire skits, crude humor and violence.

    I wouldn't want to go near the magezine this show is based off of...
  • good

    Mad is one of those shows where occasionally it is funny- and, let me say, when it is funny, it IS funny. But, the rest of the time, it is boring. It parodies a wide range of movies, TV shows, and misc. things, and some of it is funny, but the rest of the time it is pretty boring and not very entertaining. I recommend anyone watch an episode and see if you like it. If you see one episode and don't like it, chances are you won't like any of the other ones.
  • Terribly unfunny

    A show about Mad? Oh sweet, I remember reading this and watching MadTv... oh wait a minute, this version sucks badly! The parodies are really stupid, the animation is truly repulsive, and it's just not funny. I think I laughed once at the true stupidity of it all, but not at the actual parodies or jokes. Some of them are so bad that I feel like the creators haven't even watched whatever their paroding, as it can be SO OFF and SO BAD, I just question it. If you want to watch a good show on CN, watch Regular Show, not this. 0/10 F-
  • MAD Magazine Has Gone Television!!

    Like any other sketch comedy series such as MADtv, Robot Chicken, All That, In Living Color and Saturday Night Live, "MAD" brings out some of the most hilarious segments based on anything the writers see in the media. Whatever we see on television, in magazines, move theaters, and in public will appear in MAD. Justin Bieber seems to be the most frequent target for this animated sketch comedy show, and I don't really like that guy from Canada to be honest with you. I actually praise this series for being produced by Warner Bros. Animation. At least it isn't another one of those mega-lame animated Disney shows. I just hope that as long as there is so many different TV series, movies, sitcoms, novels, celebrities, and whatnot around, MAD will probably have more than 100 episodes. Watching this new animated sketch comedy series makes me miss MADtv ever since it started in October 14, 1995 and ended in May 16, 2009.
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