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  • Edit to my last review...

    My last review was a 10, but I had to bring it down a bit because of the newer episodes. Season 1 was hilarious, Season 2 was really funny, Season 3 was funny, and the new season's kind of dropping in quality. The nice thing about the older seasons is that they had me consistently laughing. Now the show'll get a few laughs out of me every other skit. Maybe they're just running out of ideas, or they had to cut off on the suggestive dialogue that was primarily in Season 1 because they took note that young kids were watching it. It's just disappointing. If this gets renewed for a 5th Season, I just hope that they can get their shit together before I lose interest completely.
  • MAD!

    So yeah, there isn't mucvh I can say about this show since it doesn't have characters or sotry, it's just a bunch or sketchs that parody and refernece current franchises. There are some recurring ketches like Where's Ladt Gaga?, Aks A Celebrty, Rejected ---- and obiously, Spy vs SPy.

    But yeah, the show started out great, but then quickly became worse because the sktches became much less intersintg and more random jokes, and also there is a little overdose on fart/vomit/gross stuff jokes, which I HEAVILy dislike.

    Overall: It's a "it's there" show. It has it's moments, like the recent Pokemon Park which was spot on. 8/10.
  • Meh, this show's alright...

    A recently animated series based on the content from "Mad Magazine." Each episode contains a collection of short-animated parodies of television shows, featured films, games, celebrities, and other media using several forms of animation. Meh, in my opinion, I think this show is alright. I use to think it was good, but then eventually I got a little tired of it. A few things that bothers is Spy vs. Spy, the crappy animation, fart humor, and references to stuffs I hate/don't care. Spy vs. Spy use to be funny and amusing imo, but then it got old and I'm sick of it. <:( The animation...OMG. It is so annoying. One of them look like El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. Not ONLY the animation, I but really hated that show as well. It is just awful. Fart humor is overused. Enough said about that. Last, the references to stuffs I never like/cared of. Such as Justin Bieber (MEH, no one cares about this guy!!), iCarly (the Ay Carly wasn't even funny...), Twilight (OK, that's enough awful parodies/references we had for this stupid movie series), and others. As for positive, I only laughed at whenever I need to. The funniest episode was Clliford (when he was invading the city) / Big Time Rushmore (it was hilarious). because I LOL'd so hard at the Goomba crying for his friend when Mario crushes him. I had a couple more favorite, but the rest of them just mediocre/okay level. Overall that will my rating: 5/10.

    Cartoon Network, it's about time you made a show like this. For the first in a long time, CN has something news on it that makes me LAUGH! This show is very zany, with great humor in a lot of sketches and skits, like "Mouse M.D.", "Snot Pilgrim", or "Grey's In Anime". I also love how they still reference the MAD Magazine by using Spy vs. Spy and cartoons from Don Martin. While there is the occasional toilet humor that makes me gag, the show still makes me laugh, and I think it's Cartoon Network's best in a LONG time!

    Too funny. I love these parodys. and very random.
  • its ok

    its ok its Like cartoonetwork version of Robot Chicken
  • This show is inappropriate for kids and extremely not funny. It should really be taken off the air, that and Problem solvers, fail cartoon network, just fail. What a waste of animation.


    The show really lacks creativity, its just a bunch of people making fun of other people not even in a funny way just an "Obvious" boring way. And kids who watch this show don't really care about actors and movies that came out. Mad tv on comedy central was good but this cartoon mess is just....a shame a waste of time. As soon as it comes on I turn off the t.v. not even change the channel, I feel like T.V has completely died until that show if off. Please take this car off the air and replace it with actual good cartoons, bring something old back cause this new your worse work yet. Its been on the air so long that I couldn't believe anyone would give this show anything less then a 1. Cartoon network disappoints me with shows like these, I've been watching this network all my life and's some other crap shows, "Destry build Destry, The hole in the wall, Dude what would happen,6teen, Problem solvers, too many total drama island reruns" Annnnoyyyingg shows, horribly made and talks about nothing, I miss the 90s -_- where have the good writers gone? I mean its called cartoon network...get the rest of those crappy shows off and stop playing scooby do and star wars re-runs...and no more non-cartoon related reruns!!!!

  • Meh...

    Some jokes can force a chuckle out of me. The Cliffordfield skit was really funny. Lol. But the humor is overall pretty bad. Just a bunch of fart jokes, video game references, and pop culture rolled up into a 15 minute segment.
  • Humor over quality.

    I'm very mixed about MAD. On the positive side, it's a very funny show that made me laugh on more than one occasion and I like it when it shows characters from other cartoons like Pokemon and MLP:FIM. On the negative side, however, it has poor quality animation, a non-existing plot, and barely any music. This is what happens if a show focuses more on humor than quality. If this show adds a bit more quality, it would be nearly perfect.
  • HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • entertaning!

    like the animation .i like the parodys.
  • Cartoon Network's own version of Robot Chicken

    As much as I love Robot Chicken,I love this show too.It's basically spoofs of tv,movies,video games and pop culture.I just love it because it's so random with all of those sketches.But my favorite sketch so far is Pirates Of the Neverland.I give it an A.

    Comedy:FINALLY,a CN show that has humor.

    Animation:A mix between Stop motion,clay-mation and many more.

    Voices:Of course,the creators of Mad really picked great jokes and wrote great lines.

    Okay,So now you know that this is my new favorite show next to Fish Hooks.But the rest of the shows like Regular Show and Scooby Doo Mystery Inc. are just retarted.
  • boooooooorrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnng!!!!

    just dumb and boring,none of the jokes are funny and when is hear the title music i wanna joke someone.cartoon network has officially killed themselves by canceling the good shows.
  • Stupid and lame

    I admit I've watched a few episodes when it first came on, and at the time, I didn't really think too much of it, just something to watch while I wait for something good. But then I saw the Scooby sketch where they "busted" kids for trick or treating, which was so lame that the small piece of interest I had in the show was GONE. This is a terrible show, it is not funny and it's disgusting at times. All it is are complete mockeries of good movies (and Twilight), television shows, and often crossover and fuse two shows so they can mock both.

    But to be fair, it isn't as horrible as Incredible Crew.
  • Great and (for the most part) funny sketch comedy but I wouldn't say it's an excellent cartoon

    Okay, unless you are one of those people that get irritated watching shows that make fun of cartoons, movies, and celebrities then I wouldn't recommend it but if you are a person that doesn't mind watching those things than I recommend it. Before I forget, today is my birthday (WOO!!!). My little brother is the reason why I started getting into this show. I thought it looked stupid when I saw the promo and I didn't even both giving it a chance but my brother begged me to give "MAD" a chance so I said to him "Huh, okay, let's watch that stupid show MAD". We watched the show and it turned out to be WAY better than I expected. I would say that this show is kind of like Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken" except that this is show is for kids which is good. Some of the sketches are actually pretty funny and entertaining. The least enjoyable sketch in this show is "Spy vs. Spy". Do we really need to see "Spy vs. Spy" every single episode, they're just pointless and WAY too predictable. It is kind of irritating seeing some of the sketches because they can be stupid and most of them really aren't that bad and I happen to find them entertaining and funny. I won't get offensive if you hate this show though because I do understand why people hate this show. Overall, "MAD" is a great sketch comedy on Cartoon Network but not a sketch comedy that I would call excellent. 8.5/10
  • please stop

    i really love the show and all but STOP MAKING FUN OF MY LITTLE PONY,RAINBOW DASH,AND MY LITTLE really love them all . you can send me a email on yahoo telling me wat u think. ok? thank my email address is .please send me a email
  • why is this Show poking fun at random stuff on Cartoon Network!

    this is a kid's version of Robot Chicken, I was completely shocked when it aired on CN, all the animations and the unfunny jokes are deeply confused how worst it is, all the Parodie's from famous TV shows, Movies etc. This show is due to copyright issue's and work of Animated s#*t, this show is a ripoff of Robot Chicken.

    Robot Chicken is a perfect show for adult's, if you try to make random parodys, go use the Internet instead.

    Vomit 0/10

    Language 2/10

    Explosion's bomb's and action 7/10

    Animation 3/10

    Background 0/10

    Characters 0/10

    Voice acting 5/10

    Sound Effects 6/10

    Too much ideas, thank god it was removed on Cartoon Network

    Go watch an Adult show instead.

  • it was kinda hard to think

    most of the parodys are good but there some parodys that are real bad like the sponge thing one or something ==
  • One positive attitude for this one.

    I'm very mixed about MAD. On the positive side, it's a very funny show that made me laugh on more than one occasion and I like it when it shows characters from other cartoons like Pokemon and MLP:FIM. On the negative side, however, it has poor quality animation, a non-existing plot, and barely any music. This is what happens if a show focuses more on humor than quality. If this show adds a bit more quality, it would be nearly perfect.
  • Cartoon Network is back baby!

    I saw the first episode recently and this show is without a doubt, the greatest thing to air on Cartoon Network since Ed, Edd n Eddy! Sure, it may just be a more tame version of Robot Chicken but you know what, I don't care! It's still freakin funny! I especially loved the bit in the first episode where they poke fun at ICarly, I wonder what Nickelodeon has to say about that? I was starting to think Cartoon Network was about to go under, what with a program line up of crappy live action and humorless Canadian animation (*cough*Total Drama"cough*) but with the latest addition of "Mad" to the line up I still have a small chance of hope for the network.
  • From what I recall..

    I quite liked it. One of the last shows I watched on Cartoon Network, sigh. Maybe if it upped the rating you'd be pleased? I quite enjoyed its randomness, parodies, and humor.

    ~20 ep (2010) Cartoon Network, UTube
  • Mad TV is freaking awesome!

    When first seeing the commercials for this show, I had a hunch it would be good. I mean, the MAD magazines haven't been selling well recently, so I figured this show would bring MAD and Cartoon Network back to life. Well it certainly is working! The whole show is a basic tamer version of the Adult Swim MA show Robot Chicken. MAD is full of non-stop pop culture references that attack everything popular in the industry nowdays. Avaturd, CSI, iCarly, Justin Bieber, Star Wars, Disney, you name it!

    I just love it when a show has the balls to do this kind of stuff!
  • IDIOTC!!!

    stupid this trash went bye bye GOOD!
  • Why did CN green light this?

    I hate this show. It ruins the real shows and movies that this show parodies and it is also overboard on some gross jokes. I really hope Cartoon Network does`nt renew this "quality show" for anouther season, because it really smears culture and makes litiure and film look very bad. Please please please please please please please please please please pretty pretty please cancel this CN. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • Lamest show ever.

    Parodying is one thing but making fun of our faves is drawing the line into hating it. Cartoon Network better cancel that show as the ratings turn from lame to worst.
  • This show makes fun of other shows

    I wonder if the shows that they make fun of will sue them for spitting on their name. And it is not just that the jokes are horrible. its just not funny.

    And they are constantly making fun of twilight. What do they have against twilight.

    I know this is short but their isnt really much to talk about.

    0 out of 10
  • I remember a time when Cartoon Network was my favorite channel of them all... But Now... we have shows like this.


    Cartoon Network used to have some of the best shows on Television. Now, we have lame shows, such as (People who like Cartoon Network, skip this) Adventure Time, Chowder, Flapjack, Re-Animated, The Amazing World of GumBall, and other lame "Real" shows. And Most recently, this excuse for a show.

    I like to critique things in a certain way, so here goes.

    The Humor: The humor in this is sub-par, and the par is zero. Bland humor runs rampant throughout this show.

    Animation: Two Words: Crap-py.

    Parodies: Some of my favorite things and people have been torn to shreds on this show, in it's strive for what it likes to call "Humor".

    Overall, I think this and the other shows listed above need to be taken out back and put out of their misery.

    1/10= Gag!

    That's all for now.

  • terrible absolutely terrible this is the one show you never want to watch cuz nothings original or funny at all

    adventure time and regular show are way better if cartoon network got rid of mad and brang back flapjack the world would be a better place it suxz sux usx sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux suxz sux sux sux sux suxux x x x x x x x x x sux sux sux sux sux sux sux suxu sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux sux usx xusx i only did that cuz you have to have at least a hundred words a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a z a a a a a a a
  • This was once a great show, but now it's getting very repetitive and stale.

    I enjoyed this show most of the time, but now I don't watch this show too much anymore. The parodies I like were: Mouse M.D., Grey's In Anime, Avaturd, CSiCarly and Toys 4 Brats. Most of the parodies in this show are not funny and are simply disgusting. A lot of people say this show is a kid's version of "Robot Chicken." Robot Chicken though is much funnier than this show will ever be. Most of the jokes in this show are fart jokes, barf jokes, kid freindly celebrity jokes and dumbed down violence. The parodies in this show are from MAD Magazine. I never have really subscribed to MAD Magazine, but I'm sure these parodies should have not come on to TV. I hope that MAD gets better parodies and makes them ACTUALLY FUNNY not stupid and boring.
  • this is what the future of mad tv has come too

    i mean i love mad tv but this show just is not as funny as it predecessor. i mean it's targeted for kid and i'm not even sure kids know whats funny anymore i mean granted that Justin Bieber is the main Target for them to make fun of because i can't stand him.And i mean i think cartoon Network is aware of how stupid Icarly and Victorious and it's about time someone makes fun of these show. this show is funny but still not as funny as madtv was i miss the funny skit that were on that show but i do thank them for dissing on hannah montanna.
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