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  • why is this Show poking fun at random stuff on Cartoon Network!

    this is a kid's version of Robot Chicken, I was completely shocked when it aired on CN, all the animations and the unfunny jokes are deeply confused how worst it is, all the Parodie's from famous TV shows, Movies etc. This show is due to copyright issue's and work of Animated s#*t, this show is a ripoff of Robot Chicken.

    Robot Chicken is a perfect show for adult's, if you try to make random parodys, go use the Internet instead.

    Vomit 0/10

    Language 2/10

    Explosion's bomb's and action 7/10

    Animation 3/10

    Background 0/10

    Characters 0/10

    Voice acting 5/10

    Sound Effects 6/10

    Too much ideas, thank god it was removed on Cartoon Network

    Go watch an Adult show instead.

  • One positive attitude for this one.

    I'm very mixed about MAD. On the positive side, it's a very funny show that made me laugh on more than one occasion and I like it when it shows characters from other cartoons like Pokemon and MLP:FIM. On the negative side, however, it has poor quality animation, a non-existing plot, and barely any music. This is what happens if a show focuses more on humor than quality. If this show adds a bit more quality, it would be nearly perfect.
  • From what I recall..

    I quite liked it. One of the last shows I watched on Cartoon Network, sigh. Maybe if it upped the rating you'd be pleased? I quite enjoyed its randomness, parodies, and humor.

    ~20 ep (2010) Cartoon Network, UTube
  • Uh, This lasted for the first 2 episodes.

    You needed Seth Green to help you, poor show looks funny but has corny comedy. I mean its over now, but definitely not a good show.
  • I don't understand this show...

    Enough said,show's way too abstract for my brain.
  • One of the absolute worst I've ever seen.

    Oh boy, it's time to talk about one of the absolute worst shows I've ever seen. I've been dreading this day for a long time. It is often considered to be a kids version of Robot Chicken, which is a show that I'm not particulary a fan of. All mad is, is just a bunch of skits that parody popular shows and movies. They've parodied Smurfs, Star Trek, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (as well as Equestria Girls), Winnie the Pooh, Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Toy Story, Sesame Street, Field of Dreams, SpongeBob, Spielberg Movies, various real life celeberties, Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, Batman, Spiderman, Pokemon, Superman, Muppets, Cow and Chicken, Finding Nemo, Bob the Builder, Iron Man, Mario, Cars, Disney Princesses, Care Bears, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, Regular Show, Garfield, Avatar, Bambi, Pinnochio, Peter Pan, Teen Titans, Dora the Explorer, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Peanuts, Pink Panther, Phineas and Ferb, Adventure Time, Mickey Mouse and Friends, Looney Tunes, Thomas the Tank Engine, Dr. Seuss, Shrek, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dragonball Series, Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, The Flintstones, and much much more. They are all broken up into skits. The show also has so many animation styles like traditonal, greenscreen, flash, CGI, and many others. The animation is horrible. Also none of the skits are actually remotely funny. It also likes to make fun of the stuff they spoof. This isn't South Park you know. MAD TV was funny but, this was made for kids, while MAD TV was made for adults.
  • IDIOTC!!!

    stupid this trash went bye bye GOOD!
  • It's MAD funny... Sometimes....

    MAD is just one of those tv shows when there is nothing good on for me. Sometimes it is funny and sometimes it's just boring. Some of the jokes are repetative and all they can come up with is using their old jokes. I do like the MAD news reporter guy in the first few seasons. But then he turned into stuff you have missed. I really prefer the news reporter. Gonna talk about the skits. The only good parts are the mini skits and the commercials. The longer skits feel the same. The voices all sound the same in every episode, but I can't complain they got a few voice actors. I usually like the skits that have other cartoons in it. I just like seeing different styles of animation of the character. Overall, MAD is a good show but needs to pump up some more jokes and stop being repetative with them.
  • i hate mad

    hi mad,

    i hate you
  • Humor over quality.

    I'm very mixed about MAD. On the positive side, it's a very funny show that made me laugh on more than one occasion and I like it when it shows characters from other cartoons like Pokemon and MLP:FIM. On the negative side, however, it has poor quality animation, a non-existing plot, and barely any music. This is what happens if a show focuses more on humor than quality. If this show adds a bit more quality, it would be nearly perfect.
  • Why did CN green light this?

    I hate this show. It ruins the real shows and movies that this show parodies and it is also overboard on some gross jokes. I really hope Cartoon Network does`nt renew this "quality show" for anouther season, because it really smears culture and makes litiure and film look very bad. Please please please please please please please please please please pretty pretty please cancel this CN. PLEASE!!!!!!!
  • Edit to my last review...

    My last review was a 10, but I had to bring it down a bit because of the newer episodes. Season 1 was hilarious, Season 2 was really funny, Season 3 was funny, and the new season's kind of dropping in quality. The nice thing about the older seasons is that they had me consistently laughing. Now the show'll get a few laughs out of me every other skit. Maybe they're just running out of ideas, or they had to cut off on the suggestive dialogue that was primarily in Season 1 because they took note that young kids were watching it. It's just disappointing. If this gets renewed for a 5th Season, I just hope that they can get their shit together before I lose interest completely.
  • It Has It's Chuckle Every Now And Then

    this show isn't all that bad. When i first watched this show i thought it was going to be amazing! but then i found out it was more along the lines of average and a bit mind- numbing. you can definitely get a good laugh out of this show (the title says it all) but a lot of the time, jokes seem to fall a bit short. honestly, i think the best part of Mad is their opening skits which are usually movie-in-minute parodies. a lot of the time they just nail those, but sometimes it's just eh. i've definitely laughed at some skits consistently like the Captain America ripoff. but the skits that most bug me about this show are the advertisements. now when i hear that there's a show with advertising skits, i'll immediately go out of my way to watch it because it is really easy to make a great advertisement parody. but these ones on mad fall really, really flat and dull. some are alright... i guess. overall, this show is really 50% 50% with my liking of the skits, but just the whole style of the show beats the (painfully average style, meaning not always too over the top like fricken Sanjay and Craig)
  • dumb poor show

    i don't get oh this show gets to make fun of other movies/shows well yeah the company that owns the show does which is cartoon network to tell the truth this show is a copy of robot chicken the only different is that robot chicken has bad words as (parents would say) and doesn't really make fun of shows/movies alot like MAD and at it's funny any way back to MAD why can't this so called showed make fun it self oh man that would great or at least cancel it

  • Started Great, Ending Horribly

    Seeing that Adventure Time was successful, I looked forward to a parody sketch show like MAD. When it premiered, I enjoyed it. It was funny, creative, and knew how to talk up to its viewers by using suggestive dialogue. However, after the first season, the quality of the content has started to decrease. I don't know if it is because of executive meddling or just that the writers are having trouble thinking of new skits. Currently, I barely watch the show. The last time I watched it, "The Most Beautiful Voice", really made me sick of the show now. Some of the problems include too much derisive self-referential humor that it is repetitive and unfunny and too much focus on celebrities rather than the plot (or mock plot) of the skit. If I do watch this show again, it will be for Spy vs. Spy, which has also seen better days. Seeing as this could be its final season (since Cartoon Network has been cancelling WB Animation comedies after 52 half-hour episodes), I wish this show would get better. All-in-all, I probably will not be watching it anytime soon.

    I don't know why you bitches are hating on this show. You're taking it way too literal. I fucking love the parodies.
  • F*** THIS SHOW

    It is an abomination of all terrible shows I just can't stand the people who just put in the movie we like and have it eat s*** for breakfast. I'll give out why this is bad.

    Animation: Crappy, just crappy, they just either find people who can draw some thing disturbing and make kids be creeped out. Heck even the 3d animation makes the nostalgia critic's a masterpiece. They can't even lip sync in 100% of the time. That is really bad.

    Humor: of epic movie and Robot chicken and have ing the characters be tortured in what they are putting in. Yeah that is not funny.

    Voice actors: Please Tara strong get out of that abomination of a show.

    What came from: that magazine that I burn them (not really) when I buy one of them.

    Over all avoid avoid this show at all times and the grade.

    G---- yeah I am going to the fairly odd parents joke.
  • HAHAHA!!!!!!

  • it was kinda hard to think

    most of the parodys are good but there some parodys that are real bad like the sponge thing one or something ==
  • entertaning!

    like the animation .i like the parodys.

    Too funny. I love these parodys. and very random.
  • please stop

    i really love the show and all but STOP MAKING FUN OF MY LITTLE PONY,RAINBOW DASH,AND MY LITTLE really love them all . you can send me a email on yahoo telling me wat u think. ok? thank my email address is .please send me a email
  • Stupid and lame

    I admit I've watched a few episodes when it first came on, and at the time, I didn't really think too much of it, just something to watch while I wait for something good. But then I saw the Scooby sketch where they "busted" kids for trick or treating, which was so lame that the small piece of interest I had in the show was GONE. This is a terrible show, it is not funny and it's disgusting at times. All it is are complete mockeries of good movies (and Twilight), television shows, and often crossover and fuse two shows so they can mock both.

    But to be fair, it isn't as horrible as Incredible Crew.
  • MAD isn't the worst thing I've seen on Cartoon Network these days, the worst is Incredible Crew

    This show is not bad, but it's not great either. the animations are too creepy for my liking, and like most critics are saying about this show, this is pretty much Robot Chicken for kids. Robot Chicken is funny as hell, but I don't really care for this show. They could have done better with MAD. But I will admit, it's better than Incredible Crew.
  • Waste of a show, absolutely ridiculous

    As soon as I laid eyes on this show, it made me want to blow my brains out. This show is ridiculous. The animation is gross to look at, which is usually celebrity faces with poorly drawn eyes or mouths. The animation is not only half-assed as well, but sometimes it's just awkward with a 3d character added in which just doesn't fit. The humor is stupid, with a pop reference shoved in the crevasse; even if it doesn't deserve a spot in whatever it is, a sketch, skit or segment, it's shoved in anyways. If it comes to the point where it could fit in, then usually it does, but then it gets ruined by it's execution. This show deserves to be forgotten and lost in time. The voice acting is horrid, the animation is horrid, and the humor is a humiliation unless you're 7.
  • Mad TV is freaking awesome!

    When first seeing the commercials for this show, I had a hunch it would be good. I mean, the MAD magazines haven't been selling well recently, so I figured this show would bring MAD and Cartoon Network back to life. Well it certainly is working! The whole show is a basic tamer version of the Adult Swim MA show Robot Chicken. MAD is full of non-stop pop culture references that attack everything popular in the industry nowdays. Avaturd, CSI, iCarly, Justin Bieber, Star Wars, Disney, you name it!

    I just love it when a show has the balls to do this kind of stuff!
  • It wasted its' promise

    This show COULD of been done really well.

    But instead, it decided to flop over and die.

    PLOT: Well basically, it's a Robot Chicken designed for children. There are lots of pop culture references and parody segments.

    HUMOR: Grade-A disgusting. The dialogue makes me want to jump off a cliff because of either how annoying it is, or how gross it is.

    ANIMATION: There are numerous types of animation, like Robot Chicken, but they primarily use the one where they cut out the faces of celebrities and then draw crude-looking mouths on them. and I hate how choppy and stupid it looks.

    Here's something that I just don't understand about MAD: They parody things that teens and young adults primarily like, but they downgrade the humor for 7-year-old boys. Stick to one audience at a time.Plus, they recycle voice-actors constantly to play famous people, yet they make no effort to actually sound like the people that they're playing.

    But here's something I do enjoy about MAD (It isn't the show, it's a segment): Spy VS Spy.

    That provides the ONLY type of entertainment from watching this bull. So if you have to watch MAD, then skip everything and only watch Spy VS Spy.
  • A odd yet even show

    ....the humor is a hit or miss some I adore like Thunder Cats lol or Cowboys versus Alien, Force, Versus Silly bands versus Enquirerains. But most I hate and wouldn't watch it, They butches the shows I came to know and love and there Celebrities are very very very, very very Annoying did I forget to mention the Celebrities were very annoying? Yeah I do? OK just so we get the picture. This show is like a big fat nasty cut away gag..

    They did have awesome quotes like, Ever Trolling
  • its ok

    its ok its Like cartoonetwork version of Robot Chicken
  • Waste of good space for CN.


    This show is disgusting, immature, and lame. It is constantly parodying shows and introducing like a celeb every five seconds kind of crap. It's trying to be too satirical, but it's showing satire can be immature as funk.

    I hate how they try to advertise their own shows like Adventure Time and Regular Show, etc. and then dumb it down. Example of a mad skit: Someone is listening to some music and says, "Yuck! This music sounds too much like a boy!" and then a random celebrity, let's say, Justin Bieber comes in and says "Hi! Do you want your music to sound like a dumb girl? Then try the BIEBERPHONES!" Yaaaay! How many times have we heard people say "Justin Bieber sounds like a girl"? Like a bajillion times.

    It's stupid, inappropriate for children, and should be taken off the air. Thumbs this review up if you agree.