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Cartoon Network (ended 2013)



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  • Well MAD isn't the worst thing we've seen from Cartoon Network, but it certainly isn't the best.

    MAD is an animated sketch comedy series produced by Warner Brothers and distributed and shown on Cartoon Network.

    Now your experience of MAD may change depending on the episode you watch. The show has 2 main sketches and several minor sketches. The main sketches: Some of can be a guilty's pleasure at times or they can be just plain cheesy. MAD can sometimes have good minor sketches like Spy Vs. Spy but you can also get ones with a lot of potty humor. An example would be a guy popping a pimple and a load of puss would come out. Fart jokes, etc. They're occasional, yet they can be are really annoying. There is also celebrity humor some people may like it some people may not, but I don't like MAD's tendency to use the same humor about the same celebrities. I know one time they used the same joke about Lady Gaga wearing funny clothes. I don't know if they'd done done this more times. Another thing is the spoof ideas.. Sure there are some a really liked, but some just look like the writers had a bunch of cards and chose two things to put together. They just made a word pun for the title and continued on and combined the two movies/shows/books and kept adding references similar to the subject. I know they could have done better at certain points introducing and executing the humor rather than going overboard.

    MAD can be fun to watch at times but other times it seems like they keep shoveling out spoof ideas without a sense of wittiness or cleverness. The show can also be a little less obnoxious. The writers may need to get a bit more organized and be able to separate the good ideas from the bad ideas. 6/10
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