Madan Senki Ryukendo

(ended 2006)


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  • Season 1
    • Madan Senki Ryukendo: Special DVD (Madan Senki Ryūkendō: Supesharu Di Bi Di)
      Kenji and Fudou give a history lesson on RyuKenDo, RyuGunOu and the conflict with the Jamanga. Kenji talks about how he first met GekiRyuKen during a demon attack and became RyuKenDo before joining SHOT. He then mentions the JuuOu BraveLion before Fudou talks about BusterWolf. Kenji goes on to talk about Fire RyuKenDo, Aqua RyuKenDo and Thunder RyuKenDo before mentioning FireKong and AquaShark. The Madan Dagger is shown combining with GekiRyuKen to defeat Rock Crimson before JuuOu ThunderEagle is released. The lesson moves on to Lady Gold, Jack Moon and RyuJinOu. Koichi joins Kenji for a speed eating contest, before remembering his parents, who were killed by Count Bloody. Fudou recalls losing GouRyuGun and becoming Magna RyuGunOu. Kenji then talks about God GekiRyuKen and God RyuKenDo's new Modes and JuuOu. All three then agree to continue to protect the city in the future, but Kenji and Koichi collapse from eating too much, before Lady Gold eats Fudou's meal. They tell the viewers to keep on watching their adventures.moreless
    • Clash! RyuKenDo Vs RyuGunOu (Gekitotsu! Ryūkendō tai Ryūgan'ō)
      The members of SHOT recount their various powers and the forces of Jamanga.
    • Madan Gunman (Magna) Ryuguno (Madan Jūshi (Maguna) Ryūgan'ō)
      This is the story of Detective Fudou and how he came to work for SHOT as RyuJunOu.
    • Twin Edge God GekiRyuKen Version (Tsuin Ejji Goddo Gekiryūken Bājon)
    • Farewell, Madan Warriors! (Saraba Madan Senshi!)
      Akebono begins the new year finally free of the Jamanga. Umi and Rin question Kenji as to what he'll do next. GekiRyuKen tells him he must decide for himself as one day, they may not be together. At the Power Spot, demons begin to emerge, landing in the city and attacking the townspeople. Professor Mikurya believes that they actually the memories of the demons given form by magic. The Power Spot must be sealed soon or a magic explosion like the one that occured in Europe will happen again. As Koichi was in Europe the last time, he is questioned about how to stop it, but he says they must evacuate and let it happen. He later admits that there is a way; but it will mean sacrificing GekiRyuKen, GouRyuGun and ZanRyuJin. Kenji cannot bring himself to do it, but Komachi and GekiRyuKen tell him that it is the only way. Kenji and GekiRyuKen spend their last hours together, as do Fudou and GouRyuGun and Koichi and ZanRyuJin. The Madan Warriors transform for the last time and enter the Power Spot, defeating the demons along the way. After saying their final goodbyes, they release their partners into the Power Spot, sealing it for good.moreless
    • The Black Moonlit Night Of Christmas (Kuroi Tsukiyo no Kurisumasu)
      It's Christmas in Akebono as Jack Moon reappears in the forest seeking to learn of Jamanga and RyuKenDo since he was defeated. Rin remembers an old boyfriend who was trying to protect the nearby river from pollution. RyuGunOu fights Jack Moon, who asks to fight RyuKenDo at the last place they did battle. Amachi has Rin keep Kenji out of the way while Fudou and Koichi deal with Jack Moon. However, Kenji senses Jack Moon calling him but gets distracted taking a boy to the gym.This makes Rin realize that Kenji should fight Jack Moon and tells him about his reappearance. God RyuKenDo fights Jack Moon as he wanted, eventually defeating him again. Jack Moon thanks Kenji and vows that they will meet again before dying.moreless
    • The Key That Opens The Future (Mirai o Hiraku Kagi)
      The Madan Warriors fight DaiMaOu but lose with RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu ending up tied to crosses in the desert. Komachi visits Kenji in hospital, but he leaves as DaiMaou begins turning the townspeople into a new army of Tsukaima. Unable to fight them, Kenji finds his way to the florists, where Kaori has become Tsukaima as well. GekiRyuKen remembers his time as a human with Kenji and returns as Master RyuKenDo to tell Kenji that there is one way to destroy DaiMaOu, but it is risky. Kenji transforms into Ultimate RyuKenDo and powers up Fudou and Koichin into Ultimate RyuGunOu and Ultimate RyuJinOu. DaiMaOu enlarges, spreading his power around the world and creating Tsukaima armies in Paris and London. Even Setoyama is transformed. The Ultimate Madan Warriors and JuuOus combine their powers for one massive attack, eventually destroying DaiMaOu and restoring all the peoples of the world.moreless
    • DaiMaOu Revived! Final Battle (DaiMaŌ Fukkatsu! Owarinaki Tatakai)
      Jamanga is defeated, but as the townspeople celebrate and SHOT repairs it's systems, a giant DaiMaOu appears with Dr. Worm and powers up the remaining Tsukaima. SHOT learns that DaiMaOu is still growing, but they eventually find him when Umi helps Rin and Kenji perform a secret family ceremony. RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu attack DaiMaOu but are unable to do any damage. Ultimate RyuKenDo and Raijin Dragon join the battle and destroy DaiMaOu again. However, he revives a third time, his soul combining with Dr. Worm to form a humanoid fusion of both. The Madan Warriors fight him, but are overpowered...moreless
    • Ultimate Armament! Ultimate Ryukendo! (Kyūkyoku Busō! Arutimetto Ryūkendō!)
      DaiMaOu finally speaks to Bloody and Lady Gold as Setoyama learns that he will revive with the next setting sun. Soon enough, DaiMaOu attacks the city as it is evacuated. The defeat DaiMaOu, Kenji, Fudou and Koichi must get the other Ultimate Keys from Bloody and Lady Gold. At Jamanga Castle, RyuGunOu fights Lady Gold as RyuJinOu battles Bloody. RyuKenDo encounters Dr. Worm, who makes him hallucinate that the townspeople are attacking him. Kenji destroys Worm's magic device and joins the others as they retreat. Returning to battle, the Madan Warriors manage to remove the keys from Bloody and Lady Gold's bodies before they can revive, allowing them to be destroyed by RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu. Kenji transform into Ultimate RyuKenDo and summons all the JuuOus, creating the Raijin Dragon. Ultimate RyuKenDo destroys DaiMaOu and Jamanga Castle, but it's not over yet...moreless
    • The Mysterious Dragon Warrior (Nazo no Ryū Senshi)
      Kenji is playing baseball but doesn't do very well and gives up when GekiRyuKen upsets him. meanwhile, the final page of the Kanon of Light opens for Setoyama as he tunes the Ultimate Key. After GekiRyuKen reacts strangely, Kenji finds a man who doesn't know where he is. The man shows a talent for baseball, despite never having heard of it. Setoyama translates the Kanon's words about a 'dragon warrior' from long ago. Kenji notices a similarity between the man and GekiRyuKen, but he won't speak. Kenji tells the man of GekiRyuKen, his partner. A portal opens in the sky but Kenji can't transform. The man fights the Tsukaima himself, making Kenji realize that he is GekiRyuKen, back in his original human form. GekiRyuKen transforms into Master RyuKenDo and defeats Lady Gold. GekiRyuKen returns to the bracelet, allowing Kenji to become God RyuKenDo and defeat Count Bloody. Later, GekiRyuKen remembers nothing of his return as the Kanon warns of DaiMaOu's impending revival...moreless
    • The Fourth-Noticed Target (Yoninme no Hyōteki)
      Dr. Worm mourns Rock Crimson's passing and vows revenge. Meanwhile, everyone at SHOT fights over the gold key as Kenji wants to use it again before it is tuned. Amachi takes it away. In Jamanga, everyone but Dr. Worm learns that their bodies also contain keys. Worms tells them that the Ultimate Keys were used by the ancient Madan Warriors. The keys were won by Jamanga and sealed inside demons for protection. The others turn against Worm as he doesn't have a key. Knocked out, Worm sees Rock Crimson in a meadow and promises him a funeral that the Madan Warriors attend. Worm goes to the city to fulfil his promise. Bloody and Lady Gold come to believe that Worm is going to betray Jamanga and create Gunneroid. The Madan Warriors decide to go to the funeral where Gunneroid attacks them and shoots Dr. Worm, but he is protected by a piece of Rock Crimson he kept in his coat. MechaniMoon also attacks. Magna RyuGunOu destroys Gunneroid as RyuKenDo and RyuJinOu finish MechaniMoon. Dr. Worm manages to convince Bloody that he doesn't want to betray Jamanga.moreless
    • All Jamanga Appear! Ultimate Maneuvers (Jamanga Kanbu Sō Tōjō! Chōjō Sakusen)
      Setoyama works on the magic machine as he feels he is useless when it comes to fighting the demons. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima who are digging up one of the four stone monuments that serve to hide SHOT HQ, leaving it exposed apart from the police station above. Meanwhile, the Jamanga leaders converge on the SHOT base, which they are now able to locate. The three Madan Warriors split up to defend the base. Rock Crimson also appears, but gets caught up fighting Ritsuko and Ichiko. As the fight goes on, Setoyama prepares to move the magic core, thus keeping the base hidden. The core is removed as Rock Crimson arrives at the police station. Amachi orders everyone out; he is staying to await reinforcements. Setoyama takes the magic core with him, luring Rock Crimson away. The Madan Warriors smash the Jamanga's magic homing devices, stopping them from finding SHOT, but Rock Crimson attacks Setoyama and Rin. Rin takes the magic core while Setoyama tries to fight Rock Crimson. The Madan Warriors come to his aid, eventually destroying Rock Crimson, but Kenji gets trapped inside his body when he reforms. He is granted a new power which frees him and finishes Rock Crimson for good.moreless
    • Akebono City Is Closed (Tozasareta Akebono-cho)
      At night, a theatre security guard sees Komachi, who he believes to be a ghost. The next day, God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima but encounter Dr. Worm's magic sleeping gas. Count Bloy suggests that they seal off all of Akebono and release the gas. He creates an air tight bubble around the city. The Tsukaima release the gas, quickly putting GouRyuGun and Koichi's ZanRyuJin to sleep. Setoyama learns that destroying the dome's magic circle will release the city. Komachi tries to help, but Dr. Worm makes her visible to the Tsukaima. Escaping, she manages to make the police officers act as the air begins to run out. Fudou tries to tell Kenji about is happening as he is stuck outside the dome as the police chief pretends to be RyuGunOu to protect the people. Koachi tells Kenji what is happening as the people come to help the chief. Burning RyuKenDo destroys the dome, returning the air and removing the gas.moreless
    • My Hero (Watashi no Hīrō)
      At SHOT, Kenji buys everyone a snack, but eats Rin's, much to her annoyance. Kaori and Kichi arrive at police headquarters. Kaori asks everyone to go to Akobono Tower as Koichi has never been. To get back at Kenji, Rin suggests Kaori and Koichi go alone as a date, but Kenji insists on going and Rin ends up getting roped in too. Count Bloody decides to attack the tower just as Kaori and Rin arrive. Everyone but Rin evacuates as the tower is turned into Mobile Fortress Majuuki. The Madan Warriors attack but don't have any effect. Majuuki continues to rampage, destroying much of the city. God RyuKenDo uses LightningEagle to defeat Majuuki's internal defenses and reach Rin, but they cannot get out without transforming which would attract more defense lasers. He and Rin jump out so he can transform in mid air and save her before they hit the ground. The plan works with RyuGunOu's help allowing RyuKenDo to destroy Majuuki, restoring Akebono Tower. All that remains is to put the tower back where it came from.moreless
    • Recipe Of Magic (Mahō no Reshipi)
      DaiMaOu's day of revival draws near. In the city, strange accidents are occuring despite there being no Jamanga activity for over a week. Fudou is nearly crushed by a metal girder and notices that the construction worker seemed tired, like his Minus Energy had recently been taken. He investigates further and ends up at a bar where a disguised Lady Gold feeds him tempura. She has been using bugs in the food to scare her customers and secretly take their Minus Energy. Th next day, Fudou asks her on a date, but he arrives as Magna RyuGunOu to force her hand. Meanwhile, Rin and Setoyama evacuate the bar as God RyuKenDo fights the Tsukaima waitresses. Lady Gold reveals the Tempura Pot demon which threatens to cover the city in boiling fat until Bliizard RyuKenDo freezes and destroys it. Lady Gold escapes Fudou but she promises to return to settle things...moreless
    • RyuJinOh Becomes A Doll (Ningyō ni Natta Ryūjin'ō)
      After seeing a boy getting bullied, Koichi tells the boy that he should resist if he wants his help. The boy reveals that he had a present for RyuJinOu, which the bullies throw away. Meanwhile, Count Bloody finds a potion which he intends to use on RyuJinOu. Koichi is injected with the potion while fighting Tsukaima. He soon weakens and disappears. He finds himself in a dreamlike state reliving incidents from his past. The boy finds his RyuJinOu present near where Koichi disappeared but is soon attacked by Tsukaima who appear to be defeated by the RyuJinOu doll. The boy comes to believe that RyuJinOu is inside the doll as he runs away from Kenji, Fudou and the Tsukaima. He is saved by God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu but runs into Count Bloody. His courage returns RyuJinOu to normal who then destroys Bloody, finally getting his revenge for his parents deaths.moreless
    • The Worst Maneuvers In History!? (Shijōsai no Sakusen!?)
      God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima when one of them starts filming the battle. Dr. Worm uses the Madan Keys within the camera, which now contain information on the Madan Warriors' attacks, to create a demon, but Lady Gold gets in the way and Niman is made, whoi can duplicate people. Niman starts causing trouble in the city and even Fudou and Kenji start fighting. Umi arrives and stops the fighting. Niman turns into Umi and has Fudou and Kenji fight properly, but GekiRyuKen and GouRyuGun won't allow it. The two Umis meet, but the real one wins and Nimen runs away. It later becomes RyuKenDo to fight the real one. RyuGunOu tries to attack the fake but gets the real Kenji. Eventually Niman is stopped after copying RyuGunOu when Fudou realizes that it only fights with the moves it has seen before. Kenji and Fudou make up, but they get hit by Rin for making her worry.moreless
    • The Wings Of Light Whirl To The Stars (Hikari no Tsubasa ga Hoshi ni Mau)
      Dr. Worm and Count Bloody agree to work together for DaiMaOu and launch the demon Magical Satellite Grenstar into space. Meanwhile, Koichi teaches Kaori and a group of people how to fight with the staff. Grenstar begins attacking the city from orbit. To stop it, Koichi suggests they use Akebono's own magic energy to travel into space as the Jamanga appear in the streets. Fudou distracts Grenstar so Koichi can try to enter orbit. Kenji intends to go with him, but stays to help Fudou as Koichi is shot down. Lightning RyuKenDo goes on the next attempt and destroys the now malfunctioning Grenstar. However, he almost burns up on reentry after being caught in the shockwave of the explosion.moreless
    • Rescue The SHOT Base! (Shotto Kichi o Sukue!)
      God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima, one of which leaves a Madan Key when it is destroyed. Fudou takes the key to Setoyama, but it causes magic activation device to overload when he tests it. This was Count Bloody's plan to destroy SHOT when it explodes. In the city, Kenji sees Tsukaima attacking Professor Mikurya and goes to save him. Kenji and Mikurya head to the base but are attacked again. Ichiko and her shot gun help them as Kenji finds he can't transform. RyuJinou stops the Tsukaima, allowing Kenji and Mikurya to continue to the base. MechaniMoon is sent after them but RyuJinOu fights it. With Kenji's help, RyuJinOu defeats MachaniMoon, but it retreats. They eventually make it to the base, finding Fudou along the way. Mikurya and Setoyama stop the overload just in time.moreless
    • The Yellow Ring Of Happiness (Kōfuku no Kiiroi Ringu)
      At the Power Spot, an energy discharge hits near Ichiko. She finds a yellow crystal and decides to keep it. Dr. Worm senses Rock Crimson and sure that a piece of him survived destruction. At night, Ichiko's crystal revives Rock Crimson who crushes a car and later tries to crush the police chiefs when they suspend Ichiko from duty. Kenji and the others realize that Rock Crimson is back and stalking Ichiko due to her crystal. She hides it from Kenji and Fudou when they find her. Lady Gold appears and tries to take the crystal but Rock Crimson attacks her to protect Ichiko. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu use GodTrike and MagnaBike to chase Rock Crimson, eventually being joined by RyuJinOu on ShadowBike. Ichiko stops Rock Crimson before he reaches the city but it reforms into humanoid form and attacks her. The Madan Warriors give chase again, using their vehicles and weapons to destroy him. However, Dr. Worm retrieves the pieces, intending to revive Rock Crimson once again someday...moreless
    • The Fighting Ghost (Tatakau Yūrei)
      Count Bloody introduces MechaniMoon to Dr. Worm. Meanwhile at SHOT, Kenji and Fudou analyze their data on Jack Moon. Komachi appears to Kenji to help him again. Dr. Worm's new demon, Makoda, attacks the city, but the three Madan Warriors arrive to fight it. However, their attakcs don't work on it. Komachi reappears and makes Makoda retreat, much to Dr. Worm, Fudou and Koichi's confusion. Rin researches a 'Komachi' and learns that she used to be part of Akebono's police. Later, Komachi demonstrates that she has powered up into a poltergeist and can move objects, but Kenji tells her that he doesn't want her to fight. She gets upset and runs away. Watching the battle from earlier, Dr. Worm discovers evidence of Komachi's involvement. Makoda returns but not even RyuGunOu's Dragon Cannon affects it. Komachi returns, but Dr. Worm makes her visible allowing Makoda to trap her. RyuKenDo tries to free her but is attacked until RyuJinOu distracts the demon. Komachi is freed and uses her powers to heal the injured Kenji. He then uses the new Blizzard Key to become Blizzard RyuKenDo. With BlizzardShark, he destroys Makoda.moreless
    • Aiming For The Akebono Stage (Nerawareta Akebono Sutēji)
      Dr. Worm learns of Akebono's 'demon safety workshop' and vows to ruin it. However, Count Bloody summons Jack Moon. At the workshop, Chief Yukimura bores everyone with his long speech. Kenji, playing a demon gets dressed up as Hiroshi, the man Rin went on a date with, helps to build the backdrop. Rin's talk wakes everyone up but Kenji is late as he needs the bathroom and can't get his costume off. Meanwhile, real Tsukaima attack with Fudou fighting them on stage. Dr. Worm also appears and captures everyone before giving his own lecture on Jamanga. However, the people don't care, as SHOT always defeats the demons, until Worm shows them DaiMaOu himself. Fudou slips away and transforms but Kenji has to fight in his costume. Kenji eventually transforms and saves Rin, Hiroshi and the chiefs. Fudou is lured into Bloody's trap so he can fight Jack Moon. RyuGunOu only damages Jack Moon, but Bloody retreats.moreless
    • The World's Largest Umbrella (Sekai Saidai no Anburera)
      Rin is attacked by Tsukaima. Her policeman friend, Kobashiri, comes to help but it takes God RyuKenDo to defeat them. RyuKenDo carries Rin away, chased by Kobashiri. Lady Gold picks up Kobashiri's umbrella which releases Minus Energy from his jealousy. Lady Gold uses it to summon Umbrella, which arrives from space and, attaching itself to Akebono Tower, opens to block out the sun. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu try to destroy it, but the water dripping from it makes Kenji want GouRyuGun and they start fighting. Later, the water makes the townspeople fight over each other's things. Kobashiri realizes that his umbrella was used to cause all this trouble. After Umbrella blows down from the Tower, Kobashiri tries to put things right, but is knocked out. Burning RyuKenDo fights off Lady Gold before destroying Umbrella with BurningKong. Later, Kobashiri reveals he doesn't love Rin, but was jealous of God RyuKenDo's status.moreless
    • Trinity! RyuJinOh's New Power (Sanmiittai! Ryūjin'ō no Arata na Chikara)
      Setoyama attempts to activate a new Madan Key, but it doesn't work. It may be meant for Koichi. Koichi is visiting Kari's flower shop and learns that she is the poster girl for the shopping district sales. ater, while looking into a mirror, Kaori is attacked by the demon FaceCease, who encases her head in a large pot. Other people are soon attacked as well but RyuJinOu comes to fight FaceCease. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu also arrive and end up chasing the demon around the city. Kenji and Fudou realize that mirrors are involved so Setoyama uses his magic to seal off mirrors so FaceCease can't escape. RyuJinOu summons DeltaShadow, which forms the new ShadowBike Mode allowing Koichi to reach FaceCease in time to use the new Key to activate RyuJinOu's Triniy Attack which destroys the demon and releases the trapped people.moreless
    • You Laugh, Shiranami (Shiranami Ōi ni Warau)
      Dr. Worm creates the demon Jamaindo and sends it to collect Minus Energy. It soon attacks the city and in turn is attacked by RyuJinOu. Fudou is hit by Jamaindo's green energy beam but suffers no apparent harm. He and Kenji join the fight with RyuJinOu getting hit by a yellow beam. The effects of the green beam soon become apparent as Fudou becomes upset over the slightest things. Meanwhile in the city, those people hit by blue and red beams become scared and angry. The yellow beam, only included by Worm as a necessity, causes Koichi to smile constantly. He becomes the bodyguard of some children. Jamaindo returns, but Fudou is too upset to fight. God RyuKenDo goes alone but doesn't get very far until Fudou pulls himself together long enough to help. Jamaindo then attacks the children, but they help Koichi fight it. RyuJinOu then drives away the Tsukaima as RyuKenDo destroys the demon.moreless
    • The Great Incident In Akebono! (Akebono-cho Saidai no Jiken!)
      Setoyama shows Kenji that Madan keys they have recovered from defeated demons but cannot get to work. Dr. Worm and Lady Gold plan to get the keys back so they can use them. Setoyama sets off to take the Keys to SHOT's laboratory. At the same time, a bank delivery car leaves. The Jamanga and some bank robbers confuse the two cars and steal the wrong suitcases. God RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu head to the scene but are attacked by Tsukaima. Koichi finds Setoyama, but the robbers take his case, only for Lady Gold to take it off them. RyuJinOu tries to get both cases back, but they are confused with yet another one belonging to a salesman. Koichi is soon arrested as a bank robber as he gets the money case. Setoyama accidently gets another case back. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight off Lady Gold but Setoyama's case only has paint samples. Koichi realizes that the salesman must have the Keys. The robbers try to take it, but are stopped by the SHOT team.moreless
    • Tunnel Of Perplexity (Mayoi no Tonneru)
      A woman is chased into a cave by a demon. Unable to decide on dinner, Kenji also finds himself in the cave, but makes himself leave again without seeing the demon. Ritsuko and Ichiko find a woman in the road as Kenji and Fudou investigate people disappearing and them returning. Fudou realizes that the cave uses indecisiveness to trap people. Fudou is taken to the cave when can't decide what to do next. Magna RyuGunOu fights the Tunnel Demon before returning to the real world. Ichiko, wondering if she should join the police SWAT team, also disappears but is saved from Tunnel Demon by Kenji. God RyuKenDo fights the demon but his indecisive indecisiveness disappears and he leaves the cave. Ichiko is joined by Ritsuko as God RyuKenDo returns as he is unable to decide what JuuOu to use. Ichiko and Ritsuko defeat the demon themselves. God RyuKenDo calls on GodLion to finish the demon, causing the cave to collapse. Everyone makes it out and are picked up by Fudou.moreless
    • Birth! God Ryukendo!! (Tanjō! Goddo Ryūkendō!!)
      Dr. Worm creates a new Madan Key which DaiMaOu infuses with a piece of his own body to create a demon, Grim Goblin. RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu fight it, but Grim Goblin captures GekiRyuKen and turns it against Kenji. Soon, Grim Goblin returns, so Magna RyuGunOu fights it again. RyuJinOu join in too, but their attacks only serve to power up GekiRyuKen to the point where it could explode. To stop it and the out of control Grim Goblin, Kenji fights as well, eventually releasing GekiRyuKen's energy and returning control to him. However, a new GekiRyuKen is born, God GekiRyuKen. Kenji transforms into God RyuKenDo and destroys Grim Goblin.moreless
    • Direct To The Heart Of The Machine (Kikai Jikake no Kokoro)
      A man attacks a fairground. He is revealed to be a robot among many, the Demon Droids Jamaroid, who work for Count Bloody. RyuKenDo and Magna RyuGunOu arrive to fight him and his accomplices. They capture a functioning android, who Kenji names Maria. Maria only responds to Fudou's commands, so he is assigned to learn if there are more androids in the city. After he learns that Maria has a strong throwing arm, can easily smash cups and whacks to the head don't hurt her, Rin manages to electrocute her by smiling. However, this makes Maria act more human but Setoyama learns that she will soon cease to function. The Jamaroids return as a collapsing Maria helps Fudou find the source of Bloody's controlling signal. Maria sacrifices herself to save Fudou from an energy barrier, allowing the Jamaroids to be destroyed.moreless
    • Power Up! Magna Ryugunou! (Pawā Appu! Maguna Ryūgan'ō!)
      A young boy named Kiyoshi disappears from his room. His mother finds him trapped inside his computer. In the computer's world, Kiyoshi sees his mother, but she keeps disappearing. In the real world, Kenji and Rin patrol the city. Kiyoshu's mother asks for their help in rescuing him. Kenji falls for the same trap and is taken to the computer's world as well. Rin finds a portal to that world, but is unable to cross it. More children are transported to the computer world as Setoyama analyses Kiyoshi's computer. The kids encounter Bacchal, a demon, before Kenji finds them. RyuKenDo protects them from the Tsukaima, eventually fighting Bacchal as well. In the real world, Fudou appears and breaks into Bacchal's world through a weak spot. Using the now repaired GouRyuGun and Magna RyuGun Key, he transforms into Magna RyuGunOu. He destroys Bacchal, which causes it's world to collapse. Magna RyuGunOu, RyuKenDo and the children just make it out in time. However, Fudou loses his pants in the escape...moreless
    • SHOT Special Course! Who Is The Champion? (Shotto Supesharu Kōshū! Yūshōsha wa Dare da?)
      Amachi announces that there will be a special SHOT training course as Kenji has been getting lax lately. Fudou is even recalled from national defense duty to take part. The winner will receive a new Madan Key. The test involves answering questions about SHOT, Jamanga and the Madan powers. Koichi appears and joins in too so he can win the Key. Eventually, Koichi gets 11 points and wins the competition, but Kenji notices an error with the final question, resulting in his winning instead. Using the 'Prize Key' without transforming or having the key tuned, Kenji blows himself up. Amachi makes him do sit ups while answering more questions...moreless
    • DaiMaOh's Egg (Daimaō no Tamago)
      Dr. Worm uses the Regeneration Key to create an army of revived demons to gather Minus Energy for DaiMaOh. Rin receives a package from Hiroshi Teshigawara, someone she doesn't know, until reminded that she helped save him from a thief. He also happens to be the myor's son. Rin is ordered to meet him for dinner. The demons attack so Kenji goes to fight them along with RyuJinOh. Rin finds that she likes Hiroshi. Hiroshi proposes marriage as Fire RyuKenDo accidentally gets the demons to converge on his and Rin's date. Hiroshi protects Rin from the demons and realizes that she would rather be with RyuKenDo fighting demons. Aqua RyuKenDo freezes the demons, allowing RyuJinOu to destroy them. Lady Gold and Dr. Worm introduce SHOT to DaiMaOh, is almost ready to revive...moreless
    • Great Decisive Aerial Battle! (Kūchū Daikessen!)
      As Setoyama works on GouRyuGun's Ryu Core, Amachi remembers when the Cores were first experimented on by SHOT. While the Core is taken to a special facility in an attempt to restore GouRyuGun, Fudou and Kenji consider the future without it. Bloody's UFO returns and quickly attacks RyuKenDo before creating multiple Angelas who attack the townspeople's homes. An injured Kenji goes back out to find Koichi as he is the only other person who can help. As Bloody searches for GouRyuGun's Madan Ryu Core, Fudou attacks him, but one of the Angelas transforms into Asteroid. RyuKenDo comes to help him, but Koichi decides to fight Bloody directly when he learns the truth about his parent's deaths. Asteroid is destroyed by RyuKenDo. Bloody makes it to Setoyama and the Ryu Core. As he tries to get away, ShadowWing RyuJinOu and ThunderEagle RyuKenDo attack his UFO< eventually recovering the Ryu Core.moreless
    • Visitor From Outer Space (Uchū kara no Hōmonsha)
      Kaori and her friends walk home after visiting the baths. Talk turns to Kenji as the Tsukaima attack. When RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu arrive, a heart shaped UFO appears and takes the Tsukaima away. Kaori reveals that the night before, she was visited by Angela, an alien, who is protecting her. The townspeople prepare a welcome for Angela but Dr. Worm attacks. The UFO returns and destroys the Tsukaima before making Worm retreat. Angela arrives and invites everyone aboard the ship 'to be in peace'. RyuJinOu appears to break up the meeting as he doesn't trust Angela, forcing RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu to fight him. RyuKenDo realizes that he is right and discovers that Angela is actually Count Bloody's Asteroid demon. The three Madan Warriors fight Asteroid and the UFO. GouRyuGun sacrifices itself to save Fudou. RyuKenDo uses BraveLion and GekiRyuKen to destroy Asteroid. Bloody leaves, having destroyed GouRyuGun. The townspeople realize that they are better off with SHOT protecting them.moreless
    • Martial Arts Conference In Town (Gochōnai Budōtaikai)
      Dr. Worm resurrects Rock Crimson using pieces of his shattered body collected by Lady Gold's Tsukaima, despite the efforts of the three Madan Warriors. After the fight, Koichi, Fudou and Kenji almost come to blows until Umi shows up. She has the trio enter the Akebono Martial Arts Tournament. SHOT learns that the competition is to choose the new leader of a vigilante group set up to fight the Jamanga. Kaori enters the competition as well. Lady Gold has Rock Crimson attack the venue. After several rounds, Kenji and Koichi fight as the Tsukaima arrive, but Rock Crimson goes missing. Umi faces the Tsukaima, spurring the other people to help. The Madan Warriors transform in toilet cubicles and eventually join the fight as it finishes. They find Rock Crimson and fight him instead, but each time he is destroyed, he revives. Fire RyuKenDo destroys Rock Crimson's power source, allowing him to be destroyed for good. Kaori wins the competition as the Warriors are almost run out of town for not fighting with the people.moreless
    • Goodbye, Swordsman Of The Moonlight (Saraba Gekkō no Kenshi)
      SHOT prepares for the upcoming solar eclipse. Kenji is reminded of Jack Moon. Jamanga prepares to execute Jack Moon but he escapes to Akebono where he is soon attacked by RyuJinOu. Jack Moon disappears after an explosion but Kenji finds him dying with only three days left to live. He vows to have a rematch with RyuKenDo during the eclipsde when his powers are at their height. Meanwhile, Lady Gold sends her Tsukaima after Jack Moon. As the eclipse starts, RyuKenDo and Jack Moon start their battle while RyuGunOu keeps the Tsukaima at bay. RyuJinOu returns to fight Jack Moon. Kenji transforms into Thunder RyuKenDo and defeats Jack Moon as the eclipse passes. A new demon appears and takes up Jack Moon's sword...moreless
    • Fudou's Day Of Agony (Fudō-san Junan no Nichi)
      RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight Tsukaima as the demon Ruckus begins stealing from people's homes. Fudou is assigned to protect a girl named Sarina from the demon but she insists on playing tricks on him as she is lonely with her father at work. Ruckus attacks the house and takes the RyuGun Key. RyuKenDo arrives to fight but Ruckus gets away. Fudou decides not to tell Kenji about the Key and goes looking for Ruckus himself. Sarina is attacked by Ruckus but a powerless Fudou fights it until RyuKenDo arrives to take over. Sarina has Fudou make Ruckus sneeze with pepper so it will expel all the stolen items. Fudou gets the RyuGun Key back and transforms into RyuGunOu to finish Ruckus off using some of Sarina's tricks.moreless
    • Demon Revived (Fukkatsu no Ma)
      Lady Gold unleashes the reviving demon, Beyonder, on Akebono. Komachi suddenly finds that she is real again and can be seen by everyone. Soon, the city is filled with the revived souls of deceased people, some of whom have been dead for centuries. RyuKenDo fights Beyonder with no effect but the rising sun makes the demon retreat. To defeat Beyonder, Kenji and Rin set out to find what Setoyama needs for his plan. Meanwhile, Koichi is visited by his revived parents who make his realize that he should not fight to avenge them, but for himself and others. Kenji and Komachi search for a special flower. Beyonder returns at dusk and attacks them. Komachi delivers the flower to Setoyama despite not wanting to go back to being a spirit. RyuKenDo is them able to destroy Beyonder. Komachi apologizes to Kenji for not helping sooner before she returns to being a spirit. RyuJinOu and RyuKenDo then help the souls on their way.moreless
    • Sealed Wings! Thunder Eagle! (Fūinsareshi Tsubasa! Sandā Īguru!)
      Mikurya of SHOT's Development section arrives in Akebono. Meanwhile, Dr. Worm and Lady Gold plot to use Koichi's trauma over his parents to destroy him. Koichi is soon attacked by Tsukaima, giving Lady Gold time to infect his heart with her magic. He experiences a flashback to his parents and sees himself as a boy with Amachi before Lady Gold has him attack Amachi in the present. Mikurya suspects that RyuJinOu is preparing to do what he did in England; destroy the Power Spot to stop the Jamanga. RyuGunOu and RyuJinOu fight with RyuKenDo protecting the Power Spot. Thunder RyuKenDo uses the Madan Dagegr to fight RyuJinOu when he arrives at the Power Spot, but is defeated. Amachi tries to make him stop but fails. The Madan Dagger allows Thunder RyuKenDo to summon the JuuOu ThunderEagle. ThunderEagle combined with Thunder RyuKenDo to form ThunderWing RyuKenDo fights RyuJinou, but both are transported back 10 years to witness Koichi's parents die in a SHOT accident. Kenji later receives the ThunderEagle Key.moreless
    • How About A Dream? (Akumu wa Ikaga?)
      Amachi learns that after his parents died, Koichi was thought to have died in a fire. Dr. Worm uses a piece of Rock Crimson to revive him. Amachi returns to Akebono's SHOT base. Kenji and Fudou get tricked into covering Ritsuko and Ichiko's night shift. Lady Gold makes Dr. Worm have a bad dream about Jack Moon, and later uses the technique on Akebono's people. Ritsuko and Ichiko dream that they are trapped in their patrol car, Kaori is attacked by giant plants, and Kenji by his fiancee. Fudou doesn't dream, as he can't sleep for Kenji's snoring. As GekiRyuKen wakes Kenji up, Koichi dreams of being separated from his parents by Amachi. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight Lady Gold until RyuJinOu arrives, angered by the dream and blaming Amachi for killing his parents. He eventually makes Lady Gold retreat, allowing everyone to wake up.moreless
    • Enemy? Friend? (Teki ka? Nakama ka?)
      Amachi finds records of RyuJinOu fighing Jamanga in Italy, Greece and England, believing him top have stolen the Madan RyuCore. A large rock crashes in Akebono, but it soon transforming into the demon Rock Crimson. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight it but are overpowered. Trying to come up with a new plan, Setoyama has trouble tuning a Madan Key, a Key that might help them beat Rock Crimson. Fudou takes it to the Power Spot to complete the tuning. Meanwhile, Rock Crimson attacks again, with only an injured RyuKenDo to fight him. RyuGunOu reaches the Power Spot as Koichi comes to help RyuKenDo. With the new Dagger Key ready, Fudou has RyuKenDo use it to summon the Madan Dagger. GekiRyuKen combines with the Madan Dagger to form Twin Edge GekiRyuKen. RyuKenDo defeats Rock Crimson, but his remains aren't finished yet...moreless
    • Fear Squirming In The Darkness (Yami ni Ugomeku Kyōfu)
      A man named Koichi fights a Tsukaima. Amachi announces that with the arrival of the two new enemies, he is leaving for SHOT's headquarters, the Bureau of Planetary Safety. As Ichiko and Ritsuko eat lunch, Ritsuko and others begin to grow metal on their bodies. SHOT suspects Jamanga of releasing a virus but can't find the source. Koichi visit Kaori's florists and tries to pay with British money. Kenji, Rin and Fudou track the source of the virus, but Kenji is attacked by a super strong Ritsuko. Rin also falls victim to the virus. Kenji follows Koichi, GekiRyuKen having felt magic on him. Setoyama discovers that Rin was bitten by something to cause the transformation. Koichi uses the flowers he bought to lure out the biting bug. Fudou and Kenji transform to fight it, with Koichi joining then as RyuJinOu. RyuJinOu uses the JuuOu DeltaShadow to destroy the bug, curing the affected people.moreless
    • The New Enemy (Aratanaru Teki)
      Lady Gold disguises herself as a human to collect Minus Energy. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are soon called out to fight Tsukaima as Lady Gold unleashes her own special Tsukaima servants. Unknown to SHOT, these Tsukaima appear as police officers to Kaori. Word quickly spreads that RyuKenDo is attacking humans and the people lose faith in him, releasing Minus Energy. Lady Gold creates a giant RyuKenDo to attack the city. Seeing the real RyuKenDo fighting the large one, Kaori realizes that he is trying to save the city. Aqua RyuKenDo freezes the clone and then faces Lady Gold and her Tsukaima. During the fight, another Madan warrior appears; RyuJinOu. However, RyuJinOu attacks both sides before Lady Gold retreats. RyuKenDo then destroys his giant clone, restoring the people's faith in him.moreless
    • A Meeting Surpassing Time (Toki o Koeta Meguriai)
      Fudou and Kenji stake out the hideout of Dobunezumi Boy, a thief. Kenji sees the thief and chases him. RyuGunOu fights off the Tsukaima, but doesn't seem to recognize Kenji, being surprised that he knows his real name. Having left GekiRyuKen in the car, Kenji can't prove that he works for SHOT. Believing Fudou has lost his memory, Kenji instead tells him about their exploits since he arrived in Akebono, but it doesn't work. GouRyuGun suggests that Kenji passed through a time slip during the battle to a time before he joined SHOT. Hearing of all RyuKenDo's powers and JuuOu, Fudou fears that his own RyuGunOu will be forgotten by the people. However, Kenji tells him of RyuGunOu's Dragon Cannon, but Fudou passes out from his injuries, having fought all demons up to this point alone. After Kenji bandages him up, Fudou tells him that, finally, with RyuKenDo around, he'll be able to relax a bit. The Tsukaima return and as Fudou fights them, Kenji disappears back through the time slip. Meanwhile, Fudou has captured the thief, but as GouRyuGun explains what happens, he escapes, handcuffing Fudou and Kenji together. Later, two shadowy figures appear...moreless
    • Forbidden Activation! Thunder Ryukendo! (Kindan no Hatsudō! Sandā Ryūkendō!)
      An injured Kenji finds he cannot transform due to GekiRyuKen being shocked by the unmodified Thunder Key. Jack Moon takes his giant fortress to the sky. While everyone takes refuge, Jack Moon opens fire. SHOT comes up with a plan to stop it, but only RyuGunOu is available to make it happen. Meanwhile, a group of retired pilots attack the fortress in their fighters but they have little impact. Kenji realizes his mistakes as RyuKenDo and joins RyuGunOu in battle. Setoyama sends RyuKenDo the modified Thunder Key, which he uses to become Thunder RyuKenDo and destroy Jack Moon's fortress.moreless
    • Power Of The Thunder Key (Sandā Kī no Chikara)
      Dr. Worm reveals his latest plan to use the power of the Thunder Key to allow Jack Moon to become stronger. However, it is too powerful even for him. Meanwhile, Kenji trains with GekiRyuKen. Dr. Worm creates a clone of Jack Moon to send against RyuKenDo. Beremoon attacks the city, causing power outages. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight Beremoon after the police SWAT team is overcome. Eventually, Beremoon is trapped by SHOT. He escapes but the power of the Thunder Key is too much and he is destroyed. Jack Moon gives RyuKenDo the Thunder Key so they fight equally. RyuKenDo uses the key, but it drains his power. An injured Kenji later goes off alone to settle the score with Jack Moon...moreless
    • The Monster From The West (Nishi Kara Kita Kaibutsu)
      At night, a policeman encounters a creature that is biting off the tops of things, including post boxes and signs. It then attacks him, ruining his hat. SHOT's research shows the monster to be the Anamolicarus, a previously extinct creature that has been revived by Jamanga as a demon. Kenji's sister arrives in the city. The locals dress up as monsters so Kenji can impress her by defeating them. However, RyuKenDo is needed, but the 'monsters' are attacked by Umi Saionji, who is actually Kenji's fiancee. As Umi helps to protect the people, RyuGunOu and RyuKenDo soon find that there isn't just one Anamolicarus, but a whole swarm. As RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight the swarm, Umi recognizes RyuKenDo's style. The swarm is finally finished off by Aqua RyuKenDo, but Kenji misses meeting Umi.moreless
    • Ring On, Bell Of Friendship (Hibike, Yūjō no Kane)
      RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu are perplexed by a giant statue that has appeared in the city. RyuKenDo uses FireKong to collect a sample of the statue, after being reminded by GekiRyuKen that he needs to be in Fire Mode first. Soon, a nose appears on the statue. While Kenji argues with GekiRyuKen, the statue begins to emit a strange sound, releasing Minus Energy for Jamanga. GekiRyuKen is injured by the sound but shows Kenji a dream of his discovery. It is found that the Akebono Bell will neutralize the statue's sound waves if rung at the right time. Kenji goes to ring the bell, weakening the sound enough for RyuGunOu to use Dragon Cannon, but the blast is blocked by the now active statue. GekiRyuKen recovers and helps Kenji destroy the statue.moreless
    • The Demon Hidden In The Water (Mizu ni Hisomu Ma)
      Rin and Kenji follow a mysterious signal near a river, but it fades away. Later, Rin learns that all the fireflies near the river have disappeared. The next day at the river, the monster Edenoid appears and pollutes the water. RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight it but it escapes back into the water. Rin realizes that Edenoid changes the temperature of the water around it and uses this to locate it. Kenji saves her from the monster. Aqua RyuKenDo then calls on the Shark JuuOu AquaShark to destroy Edenoid.moreless
    • I Summon You, Gorilla JuuOh! (Shōkan! Gorira Jūō!)
      Kenji visits a shrine where he believes gorillas live in the forest. A Jamanga attack leaves the city's road blocked by crushed cars. Dr. Worm summons MegaNouma. Meanwhile, Tamekichi, a member of a heavy metal band, appears during the crisis. He tell shis father that he wants nothing to do with the family business. MegaNouma attacks but RyuKenDo and RyuGunOu fight it. However, not even Fire RyuKenDo can stop it. Instead, RyuKenDo uses the Kong Key to summon FireKong, the Gorilla JuuOh, but it won't listen to him and runs off. Tamekachi tries to get his father to leave his work, but he won't as it is his life. Seeing his father's commitment, Tamekichi helps him to finish. FireKong also sees Kenji's commitment to fight and helps him to defeat MegaNouma by forming the Fire Cannon with Fire RyuKenDo. Tamekichi starts working with his father again - just in case his music doesn't work out.moreless
    • Single Blow Certain Single Blow Certain Victory! Dragon Cannon! (Ichigeki Hisshō! Doragon Kyanon!)
      Aqua RyuKenDo receives another Madan Key for defeating a Jamanga monster. It turns out to be the Cannon Key for GouRyuGun which will enable the Dragon Cannon but Fudou must undergo extensive training to be able to use it. Dr. Worm summons Balloon Gamma, which attaches itself to a tower in the city and turns people into balloons. Kenji is sent to deal with it while Fudou trains. However, he cannot get close enough to attack as Dr. Worm reveals that the balloon people will explode at noon. Fudou finishes training and heads for the building where he can attack Balloon Gamma. While trying to create a distraction for Fudou, Kenji is turned into a balloon. RyuGunOu is able to use Dragon Cannon to destroy Balloon Gamma and save the people with RyuKenDo preventing the resulting debris from causing more casualties.moreless
    • That Guy's The Rival (Aitsu ga Raibaru da)
      At night, the moon appears to talk to a couple and asks about SHOT. Kenji is getting bored with not having a case and continues to see the ghostly Komachi. GekiRyuKen finally explains that only they can see her. In the city, the talking moon is revealed to be Jack Moon of Jamanga. Komachi warns Kenji about Jack Moon but he is excited at the prospect of fighting him. Jack Moon captures several people, including Nakazaki and Takakura. RyuKenDo battles Jack Moon but is outmatched. Komachi helps him save the people but it takes the added strength of RyuGunOu to push Jack Moon back. Kenji realizes that he can't do everything alone and summons Brave Lion to help RyuGunOu. Jack Moon is eventually defeated, but he promises to return. Kenji later learns that Komachi was a police officer... almost 100 years ago.moreless
    • Freezing Armament! Aqua Ryukendo (Hyōketsu Busō! Akua Ryūkendō!)
      Fire RyuKendo fights in the forest. Setoyama has decyphered the Madan Key from the last battle. It is the Aqua Key with the power of water. RyuGunOu meets Dr. Worm in the woods who explains Jamanga's plan to collect Minus Energy from the people. Worm sends a Tsukaima with the Fire powers he absorbed from RyuKenDo earlier. Kenji is sent to help him, but during the fight, the city is set alight by falling fireballs. RyuKenDo is sent the Aqua Key and becomes Aqua RyuKenDo. He defeats the Fire Tsukaima and the city is saved.moreless
    • Dash! King Of Beasts! (Hashire! Hyakujū no Ō!)
      Kenji and Fudou fight the attacking Tsukaima, but they capture several citizens. Dr. Worm's tank crushes a police car before RyuGunOu summons the Wolf JuuOu to push him back. RyuGunOu summons the Brave Lion JuuOu, but it refuses to obey him. After chasing it around town, RyuKenDo manages to stop Worm's tank and with RyuGunOu's help, it is destroyed, saving the kidnapped citizens.moreless
    • Burn! Become A Flame! (Moero! Honō ni Nare!)
      Jamanga unleashes the Giga Flower on Akebono City, which is found by a young boy named Shigeru. He is encouraged to make it grow by Kaori. Kenji is shown around the secret SHOT headquarters and officially partners with GekiRyuKen. Soon, the Giga Flower grows to giant proportions. RyuGunOu is sent to destroy it while Kenji helps Shigeru. RyuKenDo uses the new Fire Key to become Fire RyuKenDo and quickly destroys the Giga Flower in an inferno.moreless
    • This Is The Hero! (Kore ga Hīrō da!)
      Kenji arrives in Akebono City as the riot police set up. Just then, an army of monsters appear and attack the police. Kenji saves a puppy as Madan Jushi RyuGunOu arrives to defeat the army. As he learns about the demons, Kenji meets florist Kaori but a giant Iron Eater appears to gather the Minus Energy from scared people. SHOT arrives, but Kenji attacks the demon himself. The GekiRyuKen selects Kenji as it's user and transforms him into Madan Kenshi RyuKenDo. They destroy Iron Eater, but SHOT is uncertain if he is suitable for the task ahead...moreless