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Madan Senki Ryukendo

Season 1 Episode 52

Farewell, Madan Warriors! (Saraba Madan Senshi!)

Aired Sunday 7:00 AM Dec 31, 2006 on
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Episode Summary

Farewell, Madan Warriors! (Saraba Madan Senshi!)
Akebono begins the new year finally free of the Jamanga. Umi and Rin question Kenji as to what he'll do next. GekiRyuKen tells him he must decide for himself as one day, they may not be together. At the Power Spot, demons begin to emerge, landing in the city and attacking the townspeople. Professor Mikurya believes that they actually the memories of the demons given form by magic. The Power Spot must be sealed soon or a magic explosion like the one that occured in Europe will happen again. As Koichi was in Europe the last time, he is questioned about how to stop it, but he says they must evacuate and let it happen. He later admits that there is a way; but it will mean sacrificing GekiRyuKen, GouRyuGun and ZanRyuJin. Kenji cannot bring himself to do it, but Komachi and GekiRyuKen tell him that it is the only way. Kenji and GekiRyuKen spend their last hours together, as do Fudou and GouRyuGun and Koichi and ZanRyuJin. The Madan Warriors transform for the last time and enter the Power Spot, defeating the demons along the way. After saying their final goodbyes, they release their partners into the Power Spot, sealing it for good.moreless

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    Ayano Ookubo

    Ayano Ookubo

    Umi Saionji

    Fumie Hosokawa

    Fumie Hosokawa

    Komachi Kurihara

    Kei Shimizu

    Kei Shimizu

    Yuuya Amachi

    Kumi Imura

    Kumi Imura

    Rin Sakyou



    Juushirou Fudou/RyuGunOu

    Kouhei Kuroda

    Kouhei Kuroda

    Koichi Shiranami/RyuJinOu

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (4)

      • GekiRyuKen: I'm disappointed. Over this year, I've been I this combi, I thought you were a man. Kenji, you have grown up a lot. I thought you were finally an adult.
        Kenji: Does being an adult mean being okay with abandoning one's partner!?
        GekiRyuKen: No! Letting your friends depart on a journey is what being an adult is.
        Kenji: GekiRyuKen. Please accompany the child in me a bit longer.

      • Fudou: (at a bar) GouRyuGun. You have a drink too.
        GouRyuGun: I can't.
        Fudou: I'll never meet another partner like you, right?
        GouRyuGun: I'm blushing.
        Fudou: I don't know how many women I'll fall in love with, but I won't love them more than I love you.
        GouRyuGun: Me neither.
        Fudou: I think you should drink.

      • Koichi: I'm sorry, ZanRyu.
        ZanRyuJin: Why are you apologizing?
        Koichi: For me... you should be number one. But coming to this city... something's changed.
        ZanRyuJin: I'm pleased. Koichi is finally a man.

      • (the Madan Warriors arrive at the Power Spot)
        Kenji: What do we do now?
        ZanRyuJin: Put us in the light's power.
        GekiRyuKen: Kenji, we were revived to fulfil the mission.
        GouRyuGun: We have fully finished the mission.
        ZanRyuJin: It was a fun journey, Koichi. Look forward to continuing the journey with her.
        Koichi: Goodbye, ZanRyu.
        (ZanRyuJin enters the Power Spot)
        Fudou: 'Til I'm in the grave, you're the only one I'll love, GouRyuGun.
        (GouRyuGun enters the Power Spot)
        GekiRyuKen: Now... hurry! Make our power one.
        Kenji: GekiRyuKen...
        GekiRyuKen: Even if alone, you're a full warrior. Today is an anniversary that you activate yourself.
        Kenji: I get it.
        (GekiRyuKen enters the Power Spot. The Madan Warrior detransform)
        GekiRyuKen: You've become an adult Kenji!
        Kenji: (striking the RyuKenDo pose) Kenji Narukami!
        Fudou: (striking the RyuGunOu pose) Juushirou Fudou!
        Koichi: (striking the RyujinOu pose) Koichi Shiranami!
        All: (together) Raijin!

    • NOTES (4)

      • GekiRyuKen, GouRyuGun and ZanRyuJin are sacrificed to seal the Power Spot, resulting in the loss of the Madan Powers and presumably the JuuOus as well, although they are not seen or mentioned.

      • GekiRyuKen mentions that it has been a year since he met Kenji, meaning that the series spans one year.

      • The entire cast performs the RyuKenDo dance moves to the ending theme, followed by shots of them all bowing out.

      • For this final episode, "Madan Senki Ryukendo" by Hiroshi Kitadani, the series original opening theme, is used as the ending theme.

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