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  • If you a football fan and fan of Madden NFL like this alot,really.

    this is the greatest show..reality show i seen ever.tho i only seen a few episodes..i dont know what season.but i fell in love fast.i thought it would be horrible but after i watch it awhile i started to like deserves a better rating cause its so's very interesting and if ya watch it you will like it too.i hope it last awhile and go for alot of seasons.i hope it never end.tho some of the contestents are lame they do play good..sometimes.i like to be on the show someday when i get more better with the game.point is this show is it.
  • Where do they find these so called "maddens best" chumps?

    How can these guys be called the "best" at madden? Where do they get these chumps! I'm not that incredible at madden, I hold my own, but I could wipe the floor with these bozos! Every single one of them rolls out of the pocket every play, one of the most easy plays to stop! I say, Madden, branch out and find REAL players! Mos of the players you see on that show are from the east coast. You need to come to the midwest to find the real madden pros! Come to Iowa and find me, I'll be your next madden challenge best! I'd beat any of those chumps!
  • This is an interesting idea, but the players ruin it. They're all painful to watch.

    It would have been cool if this show was more about the actual game. That would mean more time devoted to the games played and football strategy. I was hoping we would get to pick the brains of these guys so I could beat up on all my friends. This show is really disappointing though. All the contestants are idiots. Any time they score they go crazy and give 'props' to everyone on their team. It makes me nuts to see suburban white kids act 'hard' and guys that think they're hot sh*t because they won a game of Madden. G4 had a good Halo show where they just showed the screen while professional gamers played. It would be better if Madden Nation was more about Madden and Football than the morons they feature.
  • The game is based on some of the greatest Madden players in the country playing that year's latest edition of Madden Football! This show is awesome!

    This show is really unique. You don't see many shows that the whole plot is based over a video game. This show contains probably one of my favorite video games. Madden Football. I haven't played Madden 06 yet, but I've started a franchise with the Dallas Cowboys on Madden 07. (4-0 in preseason, 16-0 in regular season; also won Super Bowl over New England Patriots, 59-24) Now I've just gotten Madden 08 and started a franchise with the Cowboys, and won on my first preseason game, over the Indianapolis Colts, 54-28.

    But now about the show, every season, it takes some of the best Madden Football players from around the country (USA) and then they play against each other in that year's latest Madden Football game. This year of 2007, the players will be playing against each other on Madden 08: The Madden Football game with the best graphics yet. Awesome graphics.
  • pro football players play recreationally with the game players that represent them (wears their jersey as a fan) on the Madden show. They compete for the purse.

    I enjoyed seeing the Madden gamers that meet the pro players here. It is another way to see what these professional athletes are like off the field. I thought the show would get boring fast, but one time a guy was talking smack to the other. The one guy couldn't put up with the trash talking and got in a fight with the aggresser on the bus. The incident got him kicked off the bus and out of the tournament. The drama on that one was pretty good. This is reality TV not at its best, but entertaining for us who play the game and are fans of the guest pros appearing.