Maddigan's Quest

BBC (ended 2006)


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Maddigan's Quest

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Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Maddigan’s Quest follows the circus troop ‘Maddigan’s Fantasia’, who come from the only remaining city, Solis. Each year, the Fantasia leave Solis to perform and earn a living, but this year is different: they have been set the task of obtaining a new Solar Converter to replace the existing converter – the only power source in Solis – which is failing.

At the centre is 14-year-old Garland – the final Maddigan. However, as the Fantasia are attacked on their quest, two mysterious boys, Timon and Eden, appear with their baby sister Jewel. They claim to be from the future, from Solis, where the Fantasia have failed in their quest and the evil, revolting Nenog has taken power. They have come back with a Talisman which appears to give Eden extraordinary powers, to help the Fantasia succeed in their quest. But they also bring danger, in the form of Ozul and Maska, two men who will stop at nothing to capture the boys. Can the Fantasia protect Timon and Eden, and succeed in their quest to obtain a new solar converter for Solis

Maddigan’s Quest is a vivid tale of magic, adventure and time-travel, from the internationally renowned children’s author Margaret Mahy.

Currently Airing:

Nowhere, but has been bought by the following channels:

USA: HDNet (HD format - dates unknown)

Middle East: MBC (dates unknown)

Israel: IETV (dates unknown)

Lithuania: LNK (dates unknown)

Bulgaria: Proxima (dates unknown)

Previously Aired:

UK: Mondays to Thursdays, 4:30pm, BBC One (From 26th January to 16th February 2006)

New Zealand: Saturdays, 7:00pm, TV3 (From 11th February to 6th May 2006)

Australia: Fridays, 4:30pm, Nine Network (From 31st March to 23rd June 2006)

Latest News:

08-Jun-2006 DVD Release:

Maddigan's Quest is to be released on DVD in the UK on the 7th August 2006 by 2|Entertain, with an RRP of £14.99.

The disk will be region-2 encoded, in PAL format, and with a PG certificate. The disks will include special features, which are also to be announced.

There will be other versions released in other countries, with different region encoding. Dates are not known at present, though.

• ASIN: B000FZDH14
• Catalogue Number: 2EDVD0011


22-Apr-2006 World Quest (Quoted from the New Zealand Herald):

TV3 Drama Maddigan's Quest has been picked up by TV networks in North America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

The futuristic family series, written by Margaret Mahy and starring Danielle Cormack, Tim Balme and Rose McIver, will screen on HDNet in the US, MBC in the Middle East, IETV Israel, LNK Lithuania and Proxima in Bulgaria.

Britain's 2|Entertain has also bought DVD and video rights to the title.

The show features special New Zealand elements, from rugged West Coast beaches to aspects of Maori culture.

Watch out Lord of the Rings tourists, the next generation is coming!

A huge thank you to both Zane Holmes and Simon Bennett, who have both donated vast amounts of trivia and information, and without whom this guide would be nothing. Thank you also to Mrs. Fox for the same reasons.moreless