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CBC (ended 2003)


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  • Made in Canada delves into the world of office politics, and weasly corporate dealings. It is based on the supposedly fictional Pyramid productions, one of Canada's most sucessful media production companies. Betrayal, back-stabbing, and sleeping with a

    Made in Canada is by far the greatest television show ever created. With perfect blends of sarcasm, and un-conventional humour, Made in Canada shatters the mold of conventional sitcoms. The interaction of characters and events perfectly fits into well written plots, and an even better sense of humour. It can be appreciated by Canadians and American alike. It was aired on Bravo in the United States under the name "The Industry". Show regulars include, Rick Mercer(This Hour has 22 Minutes, Talking to Americans), Dan Lett(Wind at My Back), Peter Keleghan(The Newsroom), and Leah Pinsent. Guest appearances include: Anne Marie McDonald, Moses Znaimer, and Margot Kidder.