Made in Canada - Season 1

CBC (ended 2003)


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Episode Guide

  • Gemini Night
    Gemini Night
    Episode 6
    Alan Roy receives word that he is to receive the Sully (Lifetime Achievment Award) at this years Gemini Awards. He has Richard force the Gemini Producers move his acceptance to a television night from an Industry night, and hires a writer to write his acceptance speech. Six weeks later he is still unable to settle on a speech. Before the group can leave he is struck in the face by Damacles and is forced to stay behind. The group sets out to look for Richard who has excused himself to the boardroom with Siobahan where they are caught having sex on the boardroom table. Raymond, Richard's brother in law, is brought back to Pyramid at Siobahan's urging as she wants a role in his new show.moreless
  • The Mill Show
    The Mill Show
    Episode 5
  • Second in Command
    Second in Command
    Episode 4
    Victor's movie is not going well. Their star "Jeremy Black" is flying off the handle at everything, putting the entire movie into jeopardy. Veronica fires the Vice President of Film Production so that they have a 'fall guy' for the problems on the film. Richard is instructed to hire a new Vice President of Television Development. He hires a non threatening idiot with no education or ambition to fill the post. Alan calls in from LA and asks Richard to start creating a new show about undercover cops that work in prisons to fight organised crime. Alan has an in with the President of NBC's new President of Program Development who loves the idea. Richard works all night on the idea quietly but the information is leaked to a VP at NBC, threatning the project. Richard heads to LA to try and throw off the young exec with a misinformation campaing. The young exec tells him Victor tipped him off to the show. Richard calls someone back home and arranges to have Jeremy Black mugged, and has his knees broken to skrew over Victor's movie. The Program ends with the President of NBC loving the show, and the young exec speaking out against it, effectively ruining his career. He calls someone back at Pyramid to find out what went wrong. It was Veronica that tipped him off, not Victor.moreless
  • A Death in the Family
    Walter Franklin Sr, the star of Beaver Creek dies during hair transplant surgery in Mexico, after Richard suggests he could save money by having it done there as opposed to the States. Pyramid's stock price plummets on the news as the network announces Beaver Creek will not go on. Richard buys 350k worth of stock as he re edits several unaired scenes of Beaver Creek to make it seem as if Walter had filmed a death scene just before he actually died. In the meantime Pyramid quickly orchestrates a show funeral in the Beaver Creek church, utilising the timeslot they had already been alotted. Problems arrise when the head of the Canadian Actors Union finds out they plan on airing the funeral featuring testemonials of the cast. Alan manages to get Beaver Creek renewed for another season when he threatens to hold back the final episode. Richard's quick editing inserts Shiobahn into the show as Walter's sons wife, fufilling a promise he made to her. Pyramid's stock soars and Richard finds himself ninty six thousand dollars richer.moreless
  • Dining Out
    Dining Out
    Episode 2
    Richard settling in to his new job at Pyramid sets his sights on his new threat, Lisa. At the same time Alan promotes Victor and makes him the new head of all departments. A job previously performed by Veronica. Veronica gives a reporter writing a story on Victor's new promotion top secret information so as to make it appear as if Victor leaked it. The person ultimately blamed for the leak is Lisa, Victor's girlfriend, and she is fired. When Victor says nothing she goes home with Richard. The two sleep together promising they will never speak of this to anyone.... but Richard has his own agenda, he has taped it.moreless
  • Pawn to King Four
    Pawn to King Four
    Episode 1
    Canadian television production company Pyramid is hosting a party to celebrate 45 episodes of its popular "Sword of Damacles" and the announcement of 20 more shows. The problem is however that the star of Damacles doesn't want to sign on for another year. Richard Strong is having an affair with Siobhan Roy, the boss' (Alan) daughter. The two conspire to drug Raymond Dodge, Richard's brother-in-law by drugging his drink, and making it appear as if he had groped Siobhan in order to get him fired, allowing Richard to take his Job. The plan works and Richard is promoted to the new head of Television Development.moreless